Anukriti S

Strategist, content creator, and writer, I grew up learning about love from Bollywood movies. One decade, and multiple reality checks later, here I am, a practical and optimistic person who thinks there is no recipe to a perfect relationship. My tryst with a degree in Literature helped me realize my love for writing and telling stories. An advertising professional by day and, a passionate writer by night, I now translate my experiences into tales of wisdom served with a side of humor.

Kindest Zodiac Signs

The 10 Kindest Zodiac Signs – Ranked

Are you the kindest person? It might be your zodiac. Here are the kindest zodiac signs ranked, which explains why some people are angels and why others are directly from hell.

Flirty Conversation Starters

50 Flirty Conversation Starters With A Girl

In today’s day and age, apart from a cute smile and sexy eyes, guys also need to bring their best texting game on the table. Don’t know how to start a conversation with your crush? Here are 50 flirty conversation starters to help you begin your romantic journey.