140+ Cute Nicknames To Call Your Boyfriend

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Updated On: December 21, 2023
cute nicknames to call your boyfriend
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Looking for cute nicknames to call your boyfriend? Good call. If you’re both receptive to it, it’s guaranteed to make your relationship more romantic. You see, everyone calls him by his name but when you come up with endearing things to call your guy, it holds a special place in his heart.

Giving unique nicknames to your boyfriend with meaning personalizes your relationship. After all, “Max, you are doing the dishes today?” doesn’t sound quite as sweet as “Honey Boo, please do the dishes today?” A survey shows that 87% of American couples use girlfriend and boyfriend nicknames. The couples who opt for pet names are more likely to be happy and satisfied in their relationships.

But the trick to picking a perfect pet name for your favorite person is to know what he likes. From Rockstar to Dimples, we have compiled a list of 140+ cute nicknames to call your boyfriend, so you can watch him melt into a puddle.

Cute Nicknames To Call Your Boyfriend

Unlike the name of your boyfriend, the nickname does not have to remain permanent. You can pick and choose nicknames for a boyfriend depending on the different stages of your relationship. Those who have just started to date a guy would look for endearing pet names for boyfriend like Love Bunny or Sweet Pea while comparatively mature couples will probably pick a simple yet intimate Honey or Sweetheart.

An older yet extremely relevant study led by Carol J. Bruess – and let’s all pause to marvel at its title –`Sweet Pea’ and `Pussy Cat’: An Examination of Idiom Use and Marital Satisfaction Over the Life Cycle confirms the hypothesis of a correlation between marital satisfaction and idiomatic pet names. And what about romantic baby talk? It “appears to be a normal, healthy thing for couples who are very into each other, and satisfied and passionate toward each other,” says Amanda Gesselman, postdoctoral research fellow at The Kinsey Institute.

If you are still viewing the world through rose-tinted glasses and hear violins playing in the background every time your boyfriend walks by, then stick to the more adorable nicknames for boyfriend. These won’t make him think that the relationship is moving too fast. Here is a list of cute nicknames to call your boyfriend:

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  1. Honey boo 

2. Honey bear

3. Baby boo

4. Babe-a-licious

5. Love bunny

6. Starlight

7. Sweet cheeks

8. Precious 

9. Snuggle buggle

10. Sweetie pie

11. Pumpkin

12. Mi amor

13. Bae 

14. Mon ange (my angel in French)

15. Sugar pie 

16. Pooh bear

17. Cookie monster

18. Cutie pie

19. Cutie patootie

20. Dumpling

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These are also perfect as contact names for your man. Every time his name flashes on your phone screen, it will put a smile on your face and will also show him how much you adore him. It is a tiny but significant thing that makes for a romantic relationship.

Lisa is finally dating her high school crush and she is excited beyond words. She says, “Looking up this list of heart-melting names to call your boyfriend really paid off. I surprise him with a new one every week and the warm hugs I get! I save his contact number with cute boyfriend nicknames with a little smiley and flirty emoji. Probably sounds silly but it’s just our way of showing love.”

Romantic Nicknames To Call Your Boyfriend

Want to take your romantic life to the next level? Start calling your boyfriend by a nickname with which you have a personal connection. You can make them sexy too! There are plenty of cute names you can choose for your sweetheart but when personalized, the romance quotient instantly shoots up.

Some loving nicknames for guys can’t be used in public, but you can use them when you are alone and in the mood to get naughty. You may not realize this but coming up with romantic and flirty nicknames to call your boyfriend, such as Love Genie or Beast, can truly help you connect with your partner on a different level. Here is a list of romantic pet names for him that will help you get extra lucky … if you know what I mean.

endearing things to call your guy
Romantic nicknames will truly bring you two closer

21. Loverboy 

22. Chocolate drop

23. Loverrrrr (pronounced lovaaahhh)

24. Hungry bae 

25. Sexy beast 

26. Hunkster

27. Captain Hottie 

28. Tigerrrrrr

29. You sexy thang

30. My heartbeat

31. Mr. Sunshine

32. Bedroom eyes

33. Gorgeous

34. Stud muffin

35. Romeo 

36. Teddy bear

37. Kissy face

38. Sex machine

39. Cowboy

40. Dream boat

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Did you pick any cute nicknames to call your boyfriend from this list yet? The next time you and your lover boy are alone in the house, whisper romantic pet names like “Hey, lover” in his ears and watch him melt in the palm of your hands. Jane, my college roommate, recalls her vacation with her boyfriend: “We both gave each other sexy nicknames, which were also code for us being in the mood to get hot and steamy.

“This helped us feel closer to each other as the names were extremely romantic and personalized just for us. I really recommend that every couple give each other romantic nicknames, especially if you are trying to keep the spark alive in a long-term relationship.” 

Unique Nicknames To Call Your Boyfriend

Gender should not come in the way of making a list of cute nicknames to call your boyfriend. “We would hope (pet names) are there to build intimacy and not to reinforce gender power dynamics. That’s probably the slight dark side of something that’s otherwise fun and cute,” says Justin Garcia of The Kinsey Institute in the Scientific American article mentioned above.

If you don’t like the generic cheesy nicknames, you can choose something personalized. How about creating some nicknames according to his quirks and trademark mannerisms? You could call him something funny like Sleeping Beauty or Sleepy Sleeperson if he is a typical sleepyhead.

Or if your boy gives the best snuggles in the world, Sir-hugs-a-lot would be one of the most adorable nicknames to call a boyfriend. If you both like being funky, maybe your special nickname for your man should also reflect that. For instance, Jazzy or Cadillac. Pop culture fans can add names like He-Man, Hercules, and Trailblazer to their list. Or you could go that extra mile by curating names from different languages. Here is a list of unique nicknames for boyfriends that will help you all stand apart from other couples.

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41. Amore mio (my love in Italian)

42. Mo chuisle (my darling in Irish)

43. Mi rey (my king in Spanish)

44. Ke aloha (the loved one in Hawaiian)

45. Superstud

46. Mr. Darcy

47. Hayati (my life in Arabic)

48. Poochie-pie

49. Mr. Incredible 

50. Captain America

51. Magic Mate

52. Treasure Island

53. Pudding 

54. Mi alma (my soul in Spanish)

55. Querido (darling in Spanish)

56. Yobo (honey in Korean)

57. Iron Man

58. Braveheart

59. Mr. Hollywood

60. My forever

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When you come up with unique nicknames to call your boyfriend, it not only makes the experience more personal but also shows him that you have made the effort to go beyond the ordinary. That you’ve come up with something that is special to your relationship and also expresses your feelings for him. Select one of these cute names for boyfriend for his name on your phone, and it will surely win his heart to see his call ringing as Fortune Cookie.

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Funny Nicknames To Call Your Boyfriend

Your boyfriend’s Charlie Chaplin-esque personality deserves a nickname that is witty and funny. If cheesy nicknames like Love Bug are not your thing, then a playful nickname based on one of your own inside jokes might be a winner on this front. Do you keep pranking each other? Or do you both think that playing paintball is a great first date idea? If yes, then we have a list of funny nicknames for boyfriend that will leave him chuckling merrily while puzzling those around him: 

61. Fish breath

62. Soda pop

63. Bad boy

64. Cracked cookie

65. Hunk-a-roo

66. Fuzzy butt

67. Goober

68. Ashy knees

69. Chapstick

70. Big daddy

71. Boy toy

72. Stud monkey

73. Tater tot

74. Partner in crime

78. Hunk-a-lunk

79. Tight pants (or Hot pants)

80. Playboy

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Some of these funny nicknames for boyfriends are perfect for PDA since they are not dripping in cheese. It could be a playful way of addressing him while also maintaining that subtle sense of romance. Only the two of you can understand the meaning behind these nicknames. They work perfectly as contact names for your man too, especially if you are in a secret relationship

Affectionate Nicknames To Call Your Boyfriend 

Sometimes, you don’t want to be either funny or romantic. You simply want to communicate how grateful you are for their presence in your life. And is there a better way to do that than coming up with affectionate heart-melting names to call your boyfriend? These nicknames do not need to have a meaning or a personal significance.

Something as simple as Honeypie shows that you are feeling affectionate or romantic toward your boyfriend. Maybe they gave you a surprise when you were least expecting it or got you some ice cream when Lady Flo was in town. Either way, these endearing pet names for boyfriend are perfect for when you need more ways to show affection to your partner

81. Baby boy 

82. Gummy bear

83. Huggy bear

84. Mister Man

85. Dream boy 

86. Cheesecake

87. Cuddle cakes

88. Rohi (soulmate in Arabic)

89. Habibi (My love/beloved in Arabic)

90. Goose

91. Rockstar

92. Sugar plum

93. Dimples

94. Yoda

95. My love

96. Mr. Big

97. My True North

98. Chocolate kiss

99. Love dove

100. Bubbie boo

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The next time you think of great nicknames for your boyfriend, think of an affectionate one that will show him that you truly appreciate his presence in your life. After all, he does so much to make you feel like the most special person in the world. You must put some thought before settling on the most adorable nickname for him.

classic nicknames for boyfriend

On your journey to finding endearing things to call your guy, you will come across some adorable names that express eternal love. These names never go out of style and for good reasons too. Maybe your grandparents called each other with a sweet nickname some forty years ago and till today, that name sticks with you. There is a certain lovable ring to these romantic pet names for him that’s hard to ignore.

We are all for personalized, quirky nicknames but some of us still lean toward the old school. For years on end, these names represent a strong sense of belongingness toward each other, intimacy, and faith. So, if you want to put yourself in your grandparents’ shoes and get a taste of the timelessness that’s rare in today’s hookup culture, pick a classic romantic nickname from the list coming up ahead:

great nicknames for boyfriend
If you are confused about choosing nicknames for your guy, just stick to the classics

101. Prince Charming

102. My man

103. Boo

104. Sweetums

105. Handsome

106. Baby

107. Mon chéri (my dear in French)

108. Sweetheart

109. Honey Bunny/Honeybun

110. Munchkin

111. Babe

112. Darling

113. Hun

114. Other half

115. Cuddles

116. Hotshot

117. McDreamy

118. Love of my life

119. Mr. Right

120. Dear

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There are so many ways to make him feel loved and cherished. However, finding great nicknames for boyfriends that are choosy is like searching for the pirate’s treasure – near impossible. He might not appreciate you calling him Sugar Pants in front of his family, but he will definitely go weak in the knees when you whisper Prince Charming in his ears when you are both alone. If you are dating a shy guy or if he’s not comfortable with your wordplay, stick to the classics and he will wait to hear you call him “mon chou.”

Bonus Nicknames To Call Your Boyfriend

We told you we have a list of 140+ cute nicknames for your boyfriend. And just like he does in bed, we deliver what we promise too. Here is a list of some bonus nicknames for your boyfriend which you can use in any situation or mood and watch his cheeks turn red. (Not ‘those’ cheeks!) If you want to assign cute names for boyfriend in your phone, grab one from here:

121. Ace 

122. Hunk 

123. Superstar 

124. Captain

125. Lionheart

126. Bubba 

127. Blue eyes

128. Lollipop

129. King 

130. Pooki/Pookums

131. Rabbit 

132. Mr. Purrrrfect 

133. Tim Tam 

134. Apple cheeks 

135. Snookums

136. Zeus 

137. Wolfie

138. Valentine 

139. Chicken nuggets

140. Sailor boy

141. Wonderboy

It’s not mandatory that every couple has to do nicknames to flaunt their mushy love in front of others. Calling each other cute pet names comes spontaneously, especially when there is a certain level of trust, intimacy, and vulnerability in a relationship. Also, never highlight his negative attributes when you are exploring nicknames for your boyfriend, and slide those off the table that he is not comfortable with.

Love is simple. It does not need big gestures or larger-than-life gifts to be special. So go ahead, use this list of 140+ cute nicknames to call your boyfriend all sorts of wholesome and naughty things, and make him feel the love he deserves. Remember, the more personalized the name, the better.


1. What name can I call my lover?  

There are many things to call your boyfriend. Analyze where your relationship is at and what kind of a person he is, before you choose a nickname. You can play it safe and stick to loving nicknames for guys like “darling” and “honey” in the beginning. 

2. What funny names can you call your boyfriend?

“If we can’t laugh at ourselves and with each other in the relationship, we’re less likely to sustain that relationship in a positive way over time,” says Carol J. Bruess who led the earlier-mentioned famous study on pet names. A funny name is usually very personalized. It stems from an inside joke the two of you share. You can call your special person Egghead or Sleepyhead, which will be funny, but not offensive.

3. What do you call your boyfriend instead of cute?

There are many cute nicknames you can pick for your boyfriend. You can call him Sexy, Hunk, Beast, or Sweetie instead of just calling him cute.

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