How to get over the married man I am attracted to

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Updated On: March 16, 2023

Attraction, attachment and falling in love – all of this seems inevitable. But what if you end up being attracted to a married man? Sounds problematic right? Now in your head, you can weigh in the pros and cons of an affair with a married man but the truth is it will end up being a disaster more often than not. Simply because, it’s highly unlikely that a married man would desert his wife and family to be with you, no matter how much he promises doing so. But it will be hard for you to get over the married man.

How to get over an attraction to a married man

Getting over an attraction to married man seems difficult because somehow in our minds, we desire the forbidden fruits more than anything. This particular young woman had a query to ask from her counsellor on the same lines.

She had known him as a family friend for all her life. Their friendship had significantly increased for a while and something romantic was sprouting but then he got married and had kids. Sometimes, he still comes to meet her even though he is married.

Although there was no affair between the two, the girl admits that she is addicted to his texts and is attracted to his presence around her. Even though he is going through a turbulent time in his marriage, the woman wants to put an end to this. She doesn’t want to get deeper in this than she already is. If anything, she is trying hard to get over the married man.

Our counsellor advises her on how to get over a married man. See the video to know more…

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