5 habits that enhance the couple relationship experience manifold

Ankita Banerjee
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Ways to connect on a deeper level with your partner

If your relationship is anything like mine then you too have been grown used to ogling at the beautiful romantic vacation pictures on the internet, making plans, having day dreams about sun bathing with margarita in hand and then cancelling the whole trip last minute. The reason for this unfortunate reality is same for most of us – money, babies and no-time. So without having romantic vacations from time to time, how can we still have an enjoyable shared experience and keep the spark alive?

Well, to start with, stop putting your relationship on the back burner no matter how busy you are in your daily life and focus on bonding with your partner on a daily basis. And second, no matter how solid you think you are as a couple, remember, there is always room for improvement. The happy couples that you see around you understand the value of making their bond even stronger because they make the relationship their priority. So if you focus on developing a few daily habits and small rituals for your relationship you will no longer have to look forward to taking exotic vacations to connect on a deeper and more romantic level with your partner.

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1. Dedicate time to chill out together

Of all the ways to bond with your partner, the simplest and yet the most effective one is focusing on the companionship. If you two love couch surfing then do it together by binge-watching your favourite TV series together on Netflix. If your partner is reading a book grab two mugs of coffee and a book for you, and read together. If he is cleaning the car grab him a soda or beer and have a chat standing by his side to give him company.

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2. Learn to give compliments

Do you love getting compliments? I’m sure you are mentally nodding; so remember that he loves it too! Giving sincere compliments to each other goes a long way in making your relationship a happy one. Tell your partner how hot they are looking in the new jeans, or how yummy they smell. Or if your partner is an excellent driver or an amazing cook, never forget to let them know that. It is the quickest way to bring a smile on their face.

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3. Go to bed at the same time

This doesn’t mean you have to fall asleep at the same time, but wrapping up the day together and getting into the bed at the same time gives you an opportunity to spend some quality time together by discussing about the day ahead and maybe have a quickie before bed! By developing this habit you will not just have a more trusting relationship, but can also manage to find more time to spend together.

4. Don’t forget to say I love you and Thank you

These are the two most valuable and powerful phrases in English language, yet we don’t say it enough to our partners. Say ‘I love you’ to your partner after waking up, during lunch-time phone calls, when you come back home, before going to bed at night. Slip in these three magical words in your regular conversation as often as you can, but say it genuinely.

To make your partner feel extra-special say ‘Thank you’ even for the trivial things they do. Like when they take out the trash, pick up the kids from school, grab grocery when coming from work and everything else they do to make your life easier. Showing graciousness is the best way to make your partner feel loved.

5. Show some PDA

Who doesn’t like to feel like teenagers all over again? You don’t have to make-out all the way in public, but gentle touching, holding hands in the shopping malls, snuggling in the movie theatre etc. are great ways to feel intimate even when you are in public. It fosters a strong and healthy relationship and you will no longer have to feel the need to take a beach holiday to connect romantically with your partner.

Remember your relationship needs everyday nurturing. That’s the only way to make sure you grow old together happy and strong, without feeling the coldness of your grown-up relationship.

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