8 Habits Of Couples In Strong And Healthy Relationships

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habits of couples in strong and healthy relationships
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Ever see those couples who just seem perfect for each other. Maybe they’re very different from each other, but they’re still a healthy couple in a strong relationship. These don’t come easy; there are certain habits of couples in strong and healthy relationships that make them grow together and create a beautiful and steady bond. Unfortunately, creating a good relationship often takes both money and time.

If your relationship is anything like mine, then you too have been grown used to ogling romantic vacation pictures on the internet, making plans for some quality time, having daydreams about sunbathing with a margarita in hand, and then canceling, the whole trip last minute.

This reality is unfortunate, but not uncommon. Romantic getaways are certainly great for a healthy relationship, but again, finances, babies and lack of time get in the away. So, without a Maldives vacay, how can we still have an enjoyable shared experience and keep the spark alive? We’re here to crack the code and share some habits of couples in strong, healthy relationships.

8 Habits of Couples In Strong And Healthy Relationships

To start with, stop putting your relationship on the back burner no matter how busy you are in your daily life. Focus on bonding with your partner on a daily basis.

Secondly, no matter how solid you think you are as a couple, remember, there is always room for improvement to have a strong and healthy relationship. The happy couples that you see around you understand the value of making their bond even stronger because they make the relationship their priority.  They wouldn’t allow any kind of bitterness to creep in.

If you focus on developing a few healthy relationship habits and small rituals to practice each day, you will no longer have to look forward to taking exotic vacations to connect on a deeper and more romantic level with your partner. These are the habits of couples in strong and healthy relationships that we have followed and it has helped us immensely:

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1. Dedicate time to chill out together

Of all the ways to bond with your partner, the simplest and yet the most effective one is focusing on companionship. If you’re both couch potatoes, be French fries together. Cuddle up on your couch and binge-watch your favorite series together on Netflix.

If your partner is reading a book, grab two mugs of coffee and a book for you and read together. If he is cleaning the car, grab him a soda or beer and have a chat standing by his side to give him company. I’ve been doing this for a while, and my partner and I have ended up having great conversations around the books we’re reading.

Communication is key to any good bond and a major habit of couples in strong and healthy relationships that you must learn to cultivate.

2. Learn to give compliments to be a healthy couple

Ladies, do you love getting compliments? I’m sure you’re nodding emphatically, so remember that your man loves it too! Giving sincere compliments to each other goes a long way in making your relationship a happy one. Here are some compliments for men that you can try that will sweep him off his feet.

Tell your partner how hot they look in their new jeans, or how yummy they smell. Or if your partner is an excellent driver or an amazing cook, never forget to let them know that. It is the quickest way to bring a smile on their face and eventually build a healthy relationship.

Healthy relationship habits - give compliments
If your partner is an excellent driver or an amazing cook compliment them

3. Go to bed at the same time for a healthy relationship

This doesn’t mean you have to fall asleep at the same time, but wrapping up the day together and getting into bed at the same time gives you an opportunity to spend some quality time together by discussing the day ahead and maybe have a quickie before bed!

Not spending enough time together is a complaint many partners have. By developing this habit, you will not just have a more trusting relationship, but can also manage to find more time to spend together. Spending some time together before retiring for the night is the secret to a good relationship.

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4. Don’t forget to say I love you and thank you

These are the two most valuable and powerful phrases in the English language, yet we don’t say them enough to our partners. Say ‘I love you’ to your partner after waking up, during lunch-time phone calls, when you come back home, before going to bed at night.

Slip in these three magical words in your regular conversation as often as you can, but say it genuinely. A good relationship is one where partners appreciate each other.

To make your partner feel extra-special say ‘Thank you’ even for the trivial things they do. Like when they take out the trash, pick up the kids from school, grab groceries when coming home from work and everything else they do to make your life easier. Showing graciousness and gratitude is the best way to show someone you care and that you appreciate them.

5. Indulge in some PDA

A major habit of couples in strong and healthy relationships is showing affection often. Who doesn’t like to feel like teenagers all over again? You don’t have to make out all the way in public, but gentle touching, holding hands in the shopping malls, snuggling in the movie theatre etc are great ways to feel intimate even when you are in public.

happy couples

PDA fosters a strong and healthy relationship and you will no longer have to feel the need to take a beach holiday to connect romantically with your partner. This is a great way to cement a couple’s relationship. In my case, it works wonderfully and I still blush like a new bride.

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6. Help each other out for a good relationship

One of the greatest habits of couples in strong and healthy relationships is helping each other out. We are not only talking about household chores or sharing financial responsibilities. It could be a work project one partner is stuck with or a serious career decision another partner is trying to make.

Helping each other out is a sign of a strong and healthy relationship. On days I am too tired, my husband puts the kids to bed. Yesterday when he urgently needed an email address to send a work email, I used my contacts to get it for him. These are absolutely the habits of a healthy couple. They are there for each other from the smallest to the biggest things.

7. Show care and concern

Happy couples show care and concern through actions as well as words. If I have a headache, I do not have to tell him to get me medicine or massage my temples. If he comes back home looking really tired, I fix a drink for him, make some snacks and join him with a glass of wine. This is one of the most important habits of couples in strong and healthy relationships.

Care and concern for each other should come naturally and that is one of the habits of happy relationships. Doing these small things never feel like an effort and there is no question of ignoring a partner’s feelings. 

Strong and healthy relationship - care and concern
Always show care and concern to be a healthy couple

 8. Always resolve conflict quickly

Difference of opinion and conflict is inevitable in a relationship. But how a couple resolves conflict says a lot about what kind of relationship they have. Shouting, screaming or giving each other the silent treatment for days are negative habits in a relationship that should be avoided.

We always resolve conflicts quickly. I am short-tempered, but he is not. So it’s rare that both of us get into a shouting match. I flare up as quickly as I cool down and then mostly I apologize.

But if he is wrong, he apologizes too. Sometimes we both end up apologizing and laughing about the whole thing. Blame shifting and using hurtful words is the last thing we would do. We never go to bed with a conflict festering and this I know is one of the habits of couples in strong and healthy relationships.

Remember your relationship needs everyday nurturing. That’s the only way to make sure you grow old together happy and strong, without letting your relationship grow cold.


1. What is a healthy couple relationship?

A healthy couple relationship is basically where one both partners are working towards the relationship everyday. It is one where a couple practices commitment, communication and understanding towards one another. In a healthy relationship, couples spend time together and be there for each other always.

2. What are the things that makes relationship strong?

There are many habits of couples in strong and healthy relationships that make their relationship better. Some are giving each other compliments, showing gratitude, spending time caring for one another, discussing your innermost feelings and being good listeners.

3. What is the golden rule in relationships?

The golden rule in relationships for a good relationship is to simply make your partner feel cherished. Whether you take them to an impromptu spa day, give them a forehead kiss at the end of the day or send them sweet texts when they are at work. Making them feel loved and understood is the key to a strong relationship.

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