30 Compliments For Men That Make Them Happy

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Are compliments and praise just meant for woman? No! Men also like to be appreciated for their efforts. Complimenting a man on the way he looks, his personality or his skills will go a long way. If you can naturally compliment a man, you can easily win him over. There are many easy, direct compliments for men and you do not have to stick to generic compliments like ‘handsome’ to appreciate your man. Perhaps, if we were more generous in complimenting guys, we’d also get more compliments in return. Read this hilarious article about what a man’s compliments actually mean. What a man says Vs. what he means. 

So, why is that women are at a loss for words and do not really know how to compliment a man? Because, it has become a social norm of sorts that women receive compliments while men give them. But why should the girls have all the fun and attention? Don’t you think your man also deserves to receive compliments from you as and when required? He is your person and always there for you so let him know how much you appreciate him. This is a beautiful story of a woman who looked within herself and realized the most important thing her husband does for her.

So you must make him feel special, just like he takes the initiative to make you feel loved.

Whether you compliment him on his fashion, or his choice of movies, or maybe simply his new beard, compliments are bound to make his day better.  Heartfelt and honest compliments from you can truly help nourish your relationship with your guy in ways unimaginable. But are you left wondering how to compliment a man often? Read on.

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30 Compliments For Men To Make Them Happy And Love You More

Obviously, since you spend a lot of time with your boyfriend or husband on a daily basis, you might have started taking his good qualities for granted. You may no longer think it is important to acknowledge and compliment him for the small things he does for you. However, do not underestimate the encouragement that your sincere words of appreciation can give your guy. Despite the fact that you love him with all of your heart, will it not be a good idea to express that love through compliments and praise in a more direct manner? Click here to see 15 things that men appreciate their wives or girlfriends doing for them.

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Let us take a quick look at 30 compliments for men that make them happy and satisfied.

1. You make me feel cherished and safe

It is natural for your man to be protective of you and cherish you, as you are the most important person in his life. So make sure you remind him that you love being in his protective presence and truly appreciate the way he looks out for you. Men love to know that they are doing enough for their loved ones.

We got a submission recently where a divorcee share the many things she misses about her now ex-husband. She spoke of how she felt so confident about freely speaking her mind at parties or amongst friends because her husband would never let anyone belittle her point of view or put her down. He was always there to make sure her flight landed on time or that she made it home safely after a late night out. She claimed that of all the things she misses about her married life, she misses her husband’s protectiveness the most. Click here to read this article about the things women regret after losing their partner.

2. The way you dealt with this situation is highly admirable

Sometimes in high stress situations or complicated situations, it is difficult to make a decision. You can praise your man’s decision-making abilities, his astute judgement and integrity through this self-esteem boosting compliment. Letting him know you appreciate his ability to deal with difficult situations is a way of  praising his personality and will make him feel powerful.

3. You are the luck and love of my life

Well, if you think that you have hit the jackpot when it comes to your love life, then share it with your man. Tell him that you value his contribution to your blissful life. Let him know how grateful you are about having met him and how much you value your time spent together. Read this interesting and witty story about a couple who’s love was tested during the time of demonetization. It is a story of how proposal plans were ruined and through an interesting way they found a way to love each other with no money!

4. Your sense of humour is amazing

Men love making their loved ones laugh. In fact, it has been proven that women feel more attracted to men who can make them laugh. They say laughter is the medicine and humour is god’s gift to mankind. Life would be dull without humorous banter. So if your man takes the effort of making you laugh and you appreciate how funny he is, then do not avoid complimenting his sense of humour.

5. You are a man of character

All of us have unique traits that make us special. Whether it is his geeky nature, his sincerity or maybe the way he helps those in need. Think back to the qualities that attracted you to him initially and let him him know how much you adore him for his unique characteristics. Compliment a guy on his personality and character in a truthful and heart-warming manner to win his heart and boost his morale.

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6. Your friends or relatives are really fun-loving and entertaining

This is not a direct compliment for the guy but we all know that dealing with your man’s relatives and friends can be quite a task. We get thousands of complaints from women who find it impossible to deal with their in-laws. Read this story about how this woman’s in-laws ruined her marriage. So, if you are one of the lucky ones that has been blessed by a good set of in-laws, then let your husband know. When you compliment his friends and relatives, you are actually indirectly praising him as well.

7. Your professional skills inspire me to work hard

Acknowledging your man’s professional success will make him feel more confident and encourage him to perform even better. When he is satisfied with his work life, this happiness will show in his personal relationships as well. Thus, complimenting men about their accomplishments at work should be prioritized by women. Not only will this boost his ego but he will also actively talk to you about work and it will increase the intimacy between you guys. Read this story of a woman who was married because of her husband’s job and not love.

8. You are an extremely dexterous person

Just like how men love to protect you, they also like to do ‘manly’ tasks around the house. If your man helps fix a broken door or change the bulbs in the house, make sure that you appreciate his dexterity. Sometimes his help is as simple as opening a tight jar or killing an insect you are scared of. Let him know you appreciate him helping out.

9. Your dress sense is awe-inspiring

So how do you compliment a man on his dressing? Simple, just like you want him to compliment you. Men put as much effort in selecting their attire and styling their hair as women. Okay, maybe not as much but definitely a fair amount. Make sure you appreciate the effort, specially when he goes out of his way to groom himself and dress up for dates.

10. Your workout regime is working wonders

Why not shut down any insecurity that your man may be feeling about his body by complimenting his workout regime and how it is working effectively on him? Experts say that when men are married for a long period or time or are working crazy hours at work, their fitness takes a backseat. If your man is making an effort to work on maintaining his figure, why not let him know how much you appreciate this by letting him know through a compliment. Read this article to see common reasons why women gain weight after marriage.

11. Other girls can’t get enough of you

Does your man have the ability to have all eyes on him when he enters a room? Is his personality so magnanimous that girls can’t help but become puppy-eyed around him? If yes, then let him know how proud you are to have him as a life partner or boyfriend. This will also make you seem secure in your relationship and not come across as a jealous girlfriend or wife.

12. My friends and relatives adore you

Once he knows your friends and relatives adore him as much as you adore him, he will become more confident around them and will begin to build a rapport with them. Your man getting along with the other important people in your life is always a huge plus and will make your relationship happy in the long run.

13. Thanks! Or better still, thank you very much

This simple word might seem trivial to you but it might mean a lot to them. Thank him for the little things he does and this will encourage him to be even more helpful and caring. Who knows, with little compliments you might even work your way up to grand romantic gestures.

14. Your hairdo/beard style looks perfect on you

Girls, we all know how much time and money we spend on making sure our hair looks good. Men are not so different! They also love taking care of their hair and grooming their beard. Just like you would want him to notice the effort you make, do the same for him. Be observant and notice the changes he makes and compliment him on his facial hair or new haircut.

15. You cook so well

Cooking is no longer a task only meant for women. Even men cook for their partners on special occasions or during their free time. In fact, there are many modern couples that divide household chores equally and due to this the man in the relationship cooks pretty frequently. So if your man makes the effort to cook for you, then make sure you appreciate the food and his cooking skills. Make sure you encourage your man by complimenting his culinary skills and who knows, you might soon be getting served delicious meals. Read this story about a woman who’s man took her to a vegetable market.

16. Your strength amazes me every time

As gender stereotypical as it may sound, men like to hear about how physically strong they are. So the next time he lifts your bag off the conveyor belt after a long flight, let him know you appreciate him pulling out the big ‘guns’.

17. You are a worthwhile and splendid son/brother/friend, etc.

This compliment will show your guy that you are observant of all that he does for the people close to him. It will also convey to him that you appreciate his ability to build and maintain strong relationships with his family members. Not only is this a commendable quality, it is often overlooked amongst men. Let him know how much you like this about him.

18. You are the best confidant I have

By complimenting your man in this manner, you will be able to build a strong foundation for a trustful and truthful relationship with him. It will make him realise that you turn to him for helpful advice and soon he will start doing the same. As an added bonus, you will also be able to share all your juicy gossip with him because you know he won’t betray your trust and spread it. Read this story of a woman who’s husband loves to gossip and read about some of the secrets.

19. You make me feel comfortable and confident

If you feel like you can be your true authentic self in front of your man, then why not let him know that? He will be extremely happy with the fact that you are comfortable around him and will soon begin to ease up around you too.

20. Spending time with you is the best part of my day

Let him know how much you love being around him and how much you love spending time with him. This is a simple compliment but it will convey to him how important he is in your life and it will make him feel special. This will also ensure that he takes time out of his busy day for you because he knows how much your time together means to you. If you feel undervalued in your relationship, read these tips to make him realize your worth.

21. You are a great communicator

In any relationship there are bound to be misunderstandings and communication gaps. If you notice that your man takes initiative and tries to talk things out, then let him know how much you appreciate this characteristic. Additionally, if he is vocal about his feelings and has open honest conversations with you then make sure you let him know you appreciate this too! This article explains why Indian men do not communicate their feelings.

22. You are more good looking than (add your favourite actor’s name)

Comparing him to the actor you like and stating the fact that he looks better than your favourite actor can help bolster your man’s mood and confidence. Even if it’s a white lie, it is harmless. It will also let him know that you find him irresistible and good lead to great chemistry in the bedroom. After many years of marriage we often forget how sexy we find our partner and these cute compliments will remind them.

23. You make me feel proud

Keep letting your man know that you are proud of him and his achievements. Let him know how much better your life is with him in it and use relevant examples. Tell him how he has helped you achieve your own goals with his encouragement and support and also tell him how much you appreciate the help he provides you with. This will also give you a time to evaluate the life that you have built together and the role each of you play in this.

24. You smell tempting

Every man has a unique smell and as women we know how amazing some of those colognes for men smell. Complimenting the amazing blend of soap, deodorant, cologne and pheromones that make your man sexier and tempting should be done often both with your words and your nose! Read this article on why smell is so important.

25. Your intelligence is super attractive

Let your man know how fascinated you are by his mind. Tell him how much you love discussing science and politics with him or how much you value his opinions and point of view. Let him know how intellectually stimulating you find your conversations and how much you look forward to talking to him.

26. You surprise me with your ability in bed

Praising your guy’s ability in bed will encourage him to be sexier and more adventurous in bed, which is going to be a good way to make your sex life exciting again. This is an interesting article on tips and tricks you can use to spice up your sex life. 

27. Your voice is mesmerising

The voice of men can be comforting and warm, so let your man know. When he is on the phone with you get naughty and tell him how sexy he sounds. Complimenting a man on his voice will instantly turn him on.

28. You complete me

When you make him feel like you are incomplete without him and that he makes you feel whole, he will have a huge smile on his face. Of course this is an exaggeration but the romance lives on.

29. Your taste in (insert anything like movies, food, clothing) is praiseworthy

Whether you are impressed by something as small as his music collection or maybe his shoes, let him know. Men are passionate about their hobbies and interests and he will appreciate you complimenting his interest.

30. You are my ideal man

Let him know that you hold no other man above him. Make it clear that you love him the way he is, because he is the ideal man for you and you are happy that he is in your life. Read this story about a woman who had the perfect marriage until she found out a shocking truth about her husband.

Why Is It Important To Compliment Men Often?

Men, just like women, are sensitive human beings who like to feel wanted and needed. When they are putting in effort in their appearance or other aspects of their personality, they like to feel complimented. In a relationship, men are always expected to be the ones complimenting their wives or girlfriends and making sure all their needs are satisfied. But in today’s time, there should be equality and complimenting should happen both ways.

Socialisation of men has taken place in such a way that they communicate in a very different way than women communicate. Women are often receiving compliments not only from men but also female relatives and friends. That is how women interact with others. While men, on the other hand, rarely compliment other men.
Here are the reasons which make compliments important for men:

  • Praise that genuinely appreciates the character and inner spirit of men helps in boosting their confidence and self-esteem.
  • Compliments from their partners show men that they are being admired for their efforts and gestures in a relationship
  • Men can stay away from feelings of insecurity due to the praise the receive from their loved ones
  • Praises from their partners can help men maintain a long-lasting, healthy and prosperous relationship with them
  • Men are as conscious of their physical appearance. Therefore, complimenting men on their looks allows them to be more courageous and creative in terms of how they dress or do their hairstyle
  • Compliments remind men of why they were chosen by their partners and why their partners were attracted to them

Sure enough, men like to be complimented, – they are ego boosters and instantly lift the mood. Plus they make your man feel appreciated and he feels like doing more.

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