18 Ways To Show Someone You Care

ways to show someone you care

Love and concern are often best expressed in our actions and not in mere words. How to show someone you care about them becomes important when you want to reassure them, support them and become their confidante. To tell someone you care for them deeply is one thing. But to show them that you do can have a longer lasting impact on your relationship.

To show someone you love them with actions might take a little effort, but that effort certainly goes a long way. It is much easier to remember what people do for us rather than what they say to us. Whoever said actions speak louder than words knew what they were talking about.

Maria had been having a rough week at work. Robbie, her co-worker, did not exactly know what to say to her because she had been so aloof and distant. To bring a smile to her face, he bought Maria coffee every day for a week and brought it over to her desk with a little inspirational note on the cup. Maria’s day was made and she knew that Robbie was one person in the office she could trust and rely on. Thus began their office romance. 

Why Is It Important To Show Someone You Care?

Whether you think it’s important to show someone you care after hurting them or merely want to shower some affection on the people you cherish in life, celebrating love and relationships is all about the neat little things we do to express how much someone means to us.

And acts of caring do not have to be in the form of expensive gifts or lavish vacations. On most days, just spending good quality time with them, being thoughtful, remembering their favorite things, or even giving them an endearing kiss on the forehead can do the job. Big or small, there are many gestures and ways to tell someone you care for them deeply.

Life is short and there are enough distractions and problems for us to be riddled with while on this roller-coaster. But holding the hands of those we love through it all is what makes the ride bearable and worthwhile. This is why it’s important to show those people your appreciation every once in a while.

So, now that you know the answer to the question, “Why is it important to show someone you care?”, let’s take a look at how exactly you can do that. You don’t want to get your partner a bar of chocolate when they’re lactose intolerant. Pick the things that apply to you and you’re bound to bring a smile to your partner’s face.

18 Ways To Show Someone You Care – Express Your Love

How to show someone you care comes down to how you want to make that special person feel. Not everything has to be a grand gesture, but neither can everything be conveyed via a simple text message. Showing someone you care about them consistently is key to having a strong and healthy relationship.

If you care about someone deeply and are fumbling with how to correctly express those feelings, do not worry. We give you 18 ways on how to show someone you care about them. 

1. Spontaneous hugs to show care and concern

How to show care and concern? Well, it can be as simple as a warm embrace. There is honestly nothing more comforting than a warm hug that one did not see coming. Make it extra long to really make that special someone feel amazing. A good hug can cure the world and certainly show your boyfriend you care about him. 

Just go up to him randomly, smile at him warmly and bring him into a nice long romantic hug. Tell him that you missed him all day or that you are grateful for him, to really make him feel extra special.

2. Bring back their favorite take out 

There is nothing better than coming home to your boyfriend and having takeout from your favorite Chinese restaurant waiting for you at the kitchen counter. This is the nicest way to say, “I thought of you on the way home” without really saying it out loud. So, if you want to show someone you love them without words, this is a super way to do it.

Even if you two have had a fight or an argument, do this to make up with your partner. To show someone you care after hurting them in a fight, this little gesture can go a long way in saying sorry. Besides, good Chinese food does the trick pretty well on its own. 

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3. Read them poetry 

A romantic gesture and a little French can be super hot too. When you care for someone, it really is about spending time with them and making all your little moments feel like something bigger, which is why this is a great way to show someone you care in a relationship.

Robbie is a fan of poetry, everything from low-key Instagram writers to John Keats. Maria likes this indulgence of his and they sometimes curl up on the couch together to read poetry. This dazzles their evenings together like nothing else does.

4. Send a care package to show someone you love them without words

To show someone you care in a long-distance relationship, you might have to be a little bit more creative. Long-distance relationship problems are many and reassuring them that you love them becomes really important in such a case.  

You have to constantly be on your feet if you’re wondering how to show someone you care through all the distance. Send a care package to your love with their favorite goodies. From cookies to sweaters, send a personalized hamper to really let them know that you care deeply. 

5. Really listen to show someone you care after hurting them

Plain and simple. Listening, by itself, can do wonders for a person who is in need of some support. When someone feels heard, it’s like a load is lifted off their shoulders. They feel more validated and automatically all their loneliness is tossed aside. Even after a big fight, all your partner needs to know is that you are understanding of them and are open to hearing them out.

A lot of times when Robbie needs to vent, Maria tries to let him talk without saying anything really. Especially after their arguments, once Maria has had a chance to cool down, she makes it a point to just hear Robbie out and let him say his piece. This works wonders because then, Robbie always realizes how much Maria actually loves him.  

listening to show someone you care
Lend them an ear and be there for them

6. A forehead kiss 

While kissing itself is a very comforting experience and can convey a lot of feelings, forehead kisses are a little special. There are many types of kisses but forehead kisses are especially comforting. They have a way of saying “I’m here for you”, or “I got you” without actually saying those words. 

Pop a peck on his forehead to show your boyfriend you care about him. He will smile and you know it will have made his day.

7. A movie on the couch

One of the ways to just let someone know you care is by being lazy with them. Yes, you heard that right. If you can just enjoy some peace together, there is no greater way to know that that person is there for you. 

Throw on a feel-good movie like Bridesmaids or The Holiday, cozy up under some blankets on the couch, and voila! Just spending simple moments together can speak volumes and tell that special person how much you care about them.  

8. How to show care and concern? Cook them a meal 

Dining at home, especially when the food is cooked by you, is a beautiful and personal experience. When you care for someone, you put your heart into creating something lovely for them. 

Everyone remembers a meal cooked with love. It does not have to be too fancy or too difficult. Even throwing some cheeseburgers on the grill can be a great experience when your heart is in the right place. 

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9. To tell someone you care for them deeply, write them a cute note 

When you don’t want to say things out loud, just let your pen get to it for you. When you want to show someone you care in a relationship, these little things always count and turn into big things. 

If your girlfriend and you are fighting or she is upset with you in some way, a funny little note will wash over any harm that has been done. To show someone you care after hurting them, a heartfelt note can do the job. 

10. Put on their favorite music 

Music can cure any situation and make any moment feel lighter. Whether they like old rock or hip hop, simply putting on their favorite music can say things to them that your words cannot. This is also one of the cute things to do with your girlfriend at home.

One of the ways to let someone know you care is by putting on their favorite song as soon as they enter your car or simply playing it when you’re hanging out together. The tiniest of things like this gesture can really mean the world to them. 

11. To show someone you love them without words, save them the last piece of chocolate  

If this doesn’t make her blush in glee, I don’t know what will. How to show someone you care lies in the details. While the last piece of chocolate is no mountain to fight over, leaving it for them will still make them feel like they are cared for. 

Maria knows how much Robbie loves peanut butter cups. If she ever has any lying around at work, she will drop a few extra pieces on Robbie’s desk during lunch. This mini surprise makes Robbie’s day a whole lot better instantly. 

And if you want to go the extra mile while figuring out what to say to show you care, take a page out of Maria’s book and leave a little note with the mini surprise.

12. Sending memes when they’re down 

To show someone you care over text is not that difficult anymore. With the sea of memes and funny reels at your disposal, how to show someone you care has gotten so much simpler. Online dating is super fun and memes only add to that. So, to show someone you care in a relationship is literally at your fingertips.

Personally, a funny Instagram reel with cute dogs can make my whole day! Share relatable content, music and some laughs, and you are doing your job perfectly. Robbie knows all of Maria’s favorite YouTube creators and always sends her videos by them when he knows she’s having a rough day. 

And if you two are currently in different cities and you want to show someone you care from a distance, sending them something humorous that you know they will like can put a smile on their face instantly. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

13. To show someone you care after hurting them, buy them a plant

A little offbeat but this is definitely one of the sweetest ways to let someone know that you care. A beautiful houseplant or a tiny cactus that could even fit on your work desk makes for a truly heartfelt present. After you’ve hurt someone or after a major fight, this peace offering might just put things right things between you two.

Maria once received a lemongrass plant as a gift from Robbie after he skipped dinner with Maria’s parents, because he got caught up at work. Maria was visibly upset which is why Robbie brought her this thoughtful present. Now, not only has she forgiven Robbie, but she also thinks of him every morning when she makes her tea from the plant and begins her day on a beautiful note. Giving gifts to your girlfriend can be a great way of showing you care.

art of wooing

14. To show someone you care in a relationship, plan a surprise getaway 

If they’ve had a long week at work and could use some R&R, a surprise trip planned by you will wipe away all their blues. Drive to a nearby location for the weekend and give them the pampering that they need and deserve. 

It could be some time spent off at a nearby resort or if your schedule does not allow it, a long drive will also do. Just make sure you know that you are not messing with their plans. Pack their suitcase beforehand to make the surprise element even better. 

If you’ve been wondering, “Why is it important to show someone you care?”, the smile you see on their faces when you surprise them with a small getaway will give you the answer you are looking for. When you realize you’re responsible for putting that smile on someone’s face, you’ll want to do everything you can to show someone you care from a distance.

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15. Finish a chore for them 

How to show care and concern for someone that you worry for deeply? One of the ways to show someone you love them with actions is by making life a little bit easier for them. Mowing their lawn, walking their dog, or washing the dishes, these random acts speak for you more than you think. 

Doing these little chores is almost like a way of saying, “I love you and you do so much. You deserve that I do a little something for you.” When they come home to something as mundane as you having changed their bedsheets, it will let them know that you care about them. 

And if you want to show someone you care through text, do a chore for them while they’re away and send them a cute text with a picture saying, “You’ve been so busy lately, thought I’d help you out.” Adding any kiss emojis is an added bonus.

16. Share food with them to show care and concern

Sharing food is probably one of the most underrated ways of sharing intimacy. We hardly ever talk about the importance of this, but we know it always makes us feel much closer to the other person. Food makes everything better. From handling mood swings to distracting yourself and having a good time.

If your friend is going through a rough patch, simply sharing food with them without even having to say something can just do the job. With plain silence, a pizza and a friend by one’s side, one can really sail through a tough day. So instead of racking your brain over figuring out what to say to show that you care, just show up with a pizza box and a soda.

17. Celebrate their achievements 

We all crave validation, acceptance and appreciation. If your partner has just taken on a new project at work, is killing it at her yoga class, or has learned a new recipe — make sure you celebrate these small things.

To show someone you love them with actions, you have to be all about making them realize that they mean more to you than they know. Even taking your girlfriend out for a little milkshake for attending her yoga class all week will let her know that you care. 

18. Lend them your favorite book 

Really want to show someone you love them without words? Then buy them a whole book of words. This old-fashioned romance advice is a hit with millennials today. “This is my favorite book of all time. I’d love for you to read it and tell me what you think,” will make them feel like an important part in your life. 

Maria’s favorite book is Eat, Pray, Love, and Robbie has made sure to read it and watch the movie as well. It’s not about doing your partner a favor, but rather about creating a different sense of intimacy. If you want to show someone you care through texts, just send them a picture of you reading their favorite book.  

Clearly, how to show someone you care does not lie in grand gestures, but in the little things. As long as they are heartfelt, thoughtful and show effort, it does not matter how big or how small. From leaving an inspiring sticky note on their desk to giving them an old book, everyone deserves small tokens of love. 

And if you’re still wondering something like, “Why is it important to show someone you care?”, try to use any of the ways we listed out. The happiness that you see on your partner’s face will give you all the answers you are looking for. Just by showing someone you care through the sweetest little acts, you’ll be telling them how much they matter to you.

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