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Here’s how my father’s money bought me a happy marriage

Everyone says she's lucky to have got her husband, but she knows it was her father's money that secured him for her
woman on wedding day

How my father bought a loving husband for me

Babuji, my father, is quite a successful businessman in my hometown of Bikaner. He owns three silver shops, one hosiery factory and a chain of sweet shops. That’s what bought me a degree in cooking from France and a very good-looking husband. Babuji opened a branch each of the silver shop and the sweet shop in Howrah when I got married. Babuji proudly proclaimed my wedding cost 1 crore. He also gave Prakash a Honda City car and bought us a flat very near my in-laws’ ancestral house. My father’s wealth ensured that I have a good life and that I’m well loved and regarded…

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A boy with no prospects

Prakash, my husband, failed class 12 and had zero prospects of making it big in life. He was into body building and a struggling actor when Buaji, my aunt, spoke to him about me. He had laughed and had vehemently rejected me on seeing my photograph. Prakash called me a chudail, a witch. But his father, who had a small saree shop in Burrabazar, had slapped him. Not for disrespecting a woman, but for refusing a wealthy proposal.

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  1. You are one of the most weak insecure and self esteem less girl I have seen in my life. You were dark and ugly(according to you) but I was not fat but obese around 150kgs when I got married. I had an affair for 8years and am married past 5 years. I had and still have innumerous great friends in guys. N even had flings. Not bcoz I was conventionally beautiful but because I loved myself and I knew my strengths. Ur write up is totally honest but a true example of how weak girls still are in our society. Grow up and do the right if not for urself but for your kids. Your husband always was n will remain a selfish coward.

  2. No, not the face of the girl is a problem. The real problem lies in the fact that she is so much under the confidence and she has no one to boost the confidence and I do not think boys are after beauty and if they are then who wants them. I think she is unnecessarily victimizing herself.

  3. Don’t do this to yourself. Nobody loves someone who can’t love themselves. Please start to work on your confidence and self esteem. You are a beautiful woman. If you allow yourself to be a punching bag then no one in this world can help you.

  4. This proves money can buy you happiness and also love!!! But, somehow I don’t feel this right. It’s an actual case of dowry and here when we are trying to stop dowry, we see how dowry is helping to get a girl married. Now, I am not able to decide whether this is right or wrong.

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