Can a Libra Woman Make a Perfect Soulmate?

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Updated On: July 25, 2023
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With the ongoing Libra season (September 23 to October 23), a Libra woman might feel an innate longing to sort things around in a proper manner and there is a deep feeling that comes from within, to set everything in order. The Zodiac sign Libra represents balance and harmony, and making everything right comes from accurate judgement. For a Libra woman it is a continuous process of cleansing herself, making all the wrong things right.

A Libra woman can be an amazing lover and do everything in her power to make things work perfectly for their partner.

However, she is also emotionally a very strong person from her past life lessons or present karmic lessons, she knows very well when to let him go when she needs to, for she believes that true love lies in the act of letting go as well.

She is vibrant, dynamic and has all the ingredients needed that makes her the ideal soulmate for you. The question is, are you strong enough to keep her in your life?

Compatibility of Libra woman

A Libra woman is compatible with air signs like Gemini and Aquarius. Libra women also gel well with Pisces, Taurus, Leo and Sagittarius. With Aries there might be some tension but that also makes the mutual attraction magnetic.

Libra woman personality – Positive Traits

The Libra woman might seem to be quiet, poised and classy at first meeting, which she truly is. But as you become closer, you will see that she is a champion flirt and there is a sultry, sexy seductress inside this woman. Though not fitting to the standards or norms of conventional beauty, she has a certain radiance characteristic of her.

She is diplomatic

She can be a great mediator and always has a diplomatic approach, even when she is having an intense, heated conversation with the people close to her. She rarely loses her cool even during arguments and usually uses certain methods and tactics in order to get her own way because of this she is a woman who is highly intelligent. She is born with analytical abilities, someone who is able to see the pros and cons of a situation easily and take the right decisions.

This is why we often see Libra women in authoritative positions who know exactly what they want out of anything they encounter. No one usually has to coerce them or force them to take the initial step.

The Libra woman can let someone go fairly easily if she feels suffocated or the person is being way too controlling and overbearing while being in a relationship with them.

She has conflict resolution skills

If there is conflict or any kind of issues that keep bugging you, the Libra woman will help you out as your closest friend and confidante, simply because she is born with great conflict resolution skills. She is a socialite, popular in almost all social circles at her college or place of work and leaves a hopeful, positive impact on almost everyone she comes across. One wonders how someone can have so much of an optimistic approach towards life, given that all the negative things that happen to us.

Fret not, the Libra woman is no exception and certainly not a stranger to negative experiences in life. She is just strong enough to bounce back after everything and has the capacity to move on faster and stronger than most others. And she does learn her lessons well, from her experiences in the past. She will never repeat her past mistakes again, she will learn from it, and make others learn as well.

She is adventurous in bed

Couple during sex
Libra woman is adventurous in bed

A Libra woman can be fairly adventurous in bed, although mostly she sticks to conventional positions while having sex with her lover or friend, and sometimes she exhibits her wild side as well, flaunting it and displaying it to the fullest. She is unapologetic about her physical needs and will satisfy her own desires as well as her partner’s when it comes to activities in the bedroom.

Libra is all about balance and this woman is a supporter and aide when it comes to the LGBTQ community. Chances are, even if she claims to be a “straight” person to the core, she might have had flings or experimented with women sexually as well in her early days.

The negative traits of a Libra woman

A Libra woman is sometimes unreliable and flaky, being an air sign and this trait becomes even more prominent when the moon is some Air Sign as well and these people then come across as extremely uncaring and detached, sometimes paying no heed to the needs and demands of their partner.

Woman cheating
A Libra woman can cheat without guilt

If she has been broken emotionally in the past, she might resort to multiple casual relationships and not take love very seriously in her life. This way, she might just end up hurting those people in her life who actually care about her.

She could be uncaring

Chances are that they might have a lot of sexual encounters and cheat on their partner without his knowledge, and they do this without feeling much remorse or resentment.

The chilled out vibes that the Libra woman gives off makes her a great friend, but this is one of her most negative traits as well.

Girl lost in her own world
She could be uncaring

She is obsessive

She is someone who is always obsessed with doing what is right, and this obsession can be her ruin because she can lose a great many opportunities like this and even lose a prospective lover or a partner.

She is a cleanliness freak, wants order always and harps on the right decisions. This trait might put off some people.

But Libra woman has more good than bad and if you find a soul mate in a Libra then you could be sure that your life is sorted. She would always be taking the right decisions, be it about your investments or just your wardrobe, she will maintain great relationships with your family and your nights would be something to look forward to.

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