Which Sign Is The Best Match For A Scorpio Woman (Top 5 Ranked)

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Relationships by themselves are not a cakewalk. And when you include zodiac signs into the equation, finding someone compatible becomes a humongous task. Of all the zodiac signs, one of the most controversial ones is Scorpio which makes finding the best match for a Scorpio woman all the more difficult.

Intense and passionate, Scorpio women are a force to reckon with, and managing a relationship with them takes a lot. They would need a partner who could catch up to their vigorous ideas and not tie them down. And while a lot of (if not all) the signs are attracted to Scorpio women, mutual compatibility stands to be an issue. This is why we at Bonobology, along with relationship coach and expert astrologer Avantika Tripathi, bring to you the top 5 signs that are the best match for a Scorpio woman. Consider this a foolproof guide if you’re looking to woo a Scorpio soulmate.

What Are The Characteristics Of Scorpio Women?

A lot depends on the stars, but there are inherent zodiac sign characteristics of a Scorpio that you should be aware of in order to gauge your compatibility with her. Scorpio is a unique star sign.  They are magnetic, confident, and possess a strong sense of self, which makes them attractive partners for many zodiac signs. They are confident and independent but can come across as intimidating to those who are not familiar with their nature. 

According to a Reddit user, a few characteristics of Scorpio women are:

  • They prefer partners with strong beliefs who can be accepting of their opinions too 
  • They like partners who are expressive with their emotions, compassionate, and respectful while also challenging them
  • A dark side of Scorpio women could be their jealousy and possessiveness, leading to friction in their relationships. However, when they find the right match, they are fiercely loyal and passionate partners

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According to Avantika, “One of the unique qualities of Scorpio women is that they are often passionate about what they are willing to do. Since Scorpio is ruled by Mars and is a fixed water sign, it fills her with the desire and motivation to pursue various things in life. A Scorpio woman is a go-getter and can be very open to new experiences. This combination makes her desirable and enterprising, and her experiences make her more aware, informed, and lively, thereby giving her the title of “Woman of Variety.”

One of the Scorpio woman secrets is that she is multifaceted. The several types of Scorpio women are:

  • There is the passionate and romantic Scorpio, deeply in touch with her emotions and unafraid to show her love and affection
  • There is the confident and independent Scorpio, highly driven and ambitious
  • We have the mysterious and elusive Scorpio who is guarded but has a strong intuition and understanding of others 
  • The nurturing and caring Scorpio is highly compassionate and empathetic and is always there for people in need

But with so many facets, how to know which zodiac sign is the best match for a Scorpio woman? Let’s find out.

Which Sign Is The Best Match For A Scorpio Woman (Top 5 Ranked)

You are dating someone you really like. The two of you get to know each other and you find out she’s a Scorpio. The thought “Am I a good match for a Scorpio woman?” has definitely crossed your mind if you believe in the power of stars. When it comes to Scorpio women, finding the perfect match could be a hit-or-miss. That is why we bring to you the top 5 zodiac signs that would be most compatible with the versatile Scorpio woman. Read on to find more out! But also, remember to give it your best shot even if your zodiac sign is not a part of this list.

1. Pisces and Scorpio

The best zodiac sign match for a Scorpio woman would probably be a Pisces partner. Both of them are water signs, leading to an emotional and intuitive nature. Both signs share a deep need for intimacy and crave a sense of security in their relationships. This is why they are capable of creating a strong emotional connection with each other.

Avantika describes the Scorpio–Pisces pair:

  • Pisces, being the sign of planet Jupiter and known for its healing properties, offers a very balanced relationship to a Scorpio woman
  • They are great at staying emotionally connected
  • A Pisces partner helps stabilize a Scorpio woman’s emotions and helps her channel them productively. Together, they can transform into their better versions, making Pisces one of the most compatible signs with a Scorpio woman
  • Scorpio women can get intense and might desire to control everything around them, while Pisces partners tend to be more sensitive and empathetic and may struggle to assert themselves. However, if both the signs work through these challenges, their relationship will be deeply satisfying and fulfilling

A Reddit user agrees with this, saying, “I’ve been with my Pisces for 6 years and we have an extremely healthy, amazing connection. Took a lot of work to get where we are but he is absolutely amazing.”

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2. Libra and Scorpio

Second on the ‘what star sign is the best match for a Scorpio woman’ question is Libra. Libras are known for their love for balance, beauty, peace, and harmony, and they always strive to create a sense of equilibrium in every aspect of their lives. Their sense of fairness and justice makes them a little different from the Scorpio woman who tends to be intense, passionate, and prone to deep emotions. 

Avantika describes the Scorpio–Libra pair:

  • Scorpio women tend to look at things in a black-and-white manner. Dating a Libra can help her handle stress and accept the good and the bad in all kinds of situations
  • The compatibility between a Scorpio woman and a Libra partner lies in their ability to find a common ground and learn to appreciate each other’s strengths and weaknesses
  • A little conflict in their relationship can be observed when the Libra feels overwhelmed by the Scorpio’s intensity and depth, and the Scorpio finds their Libra partner detached and superficial. However, being ruled by Venus, Libras look toward fixing things and restoring balance 

A Reddit user describes her relationship with a Libra as the “first healthy romantic relationship I’ve ever had in my life.” Libras find it easier to keep their patience and emotions in check which makes the relationship intellectually stimulating and emotionally satisfying. 

3. Capricorn and Scorpio

When it comes to a Scorpio, the best match for marriage or relationships would be Capricorn. An Earth sign, Capricorns are grounded and often bring a sense of stability to all their relationships. Coupled with the Scorpio women’s intense loyalty and passion, these two form a bond that could last a lifetime.

Avantika talks about the Scorpio–Capricorn compatibility:

  • The reason that Capricorns are one of the best matches for a Scorpio woman is that they can mesh with the Scorpio’s energy and ambitious nature
  • They can make a great pair if they put in the effort to understand each other, leading to a good life and a long-term relationship
  • They are extremely  compatible when it comes to sex
  • Scorpio women are wonderful at demonstrating their love intuitively whereas Capricorns like to take things slow and steady. This is a good balance

A Reddit user is of the opinion that not only can Scorpios and Capricorns love each other deeply, they always try to help each other. This creates a balanced relationship where both signs fill in the gap that the other leaves, making Capricorn one of the best zodiac sign matches for the Scorpio woman.

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4. Cancer and Scorpio

What star sign is the best match for a Scorpio woman apart from the ones above? It’s Cancer. Two of the most emotionally sensitive zodiac signs, Scorpio women with Cancer partners form a powerful and passionate bond, each partner understanding the other’s need for emotional closeness. 

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When it comes to Scorpio and Cancer compatibility, Avantika has some interesting insights:

  • Cancerian partners easily match with a Scorpio woman when it comes to creating close bonds and familial relationships
  • Cancer is known for its nurturing qualities and, coming in the Fourth House of Comfort and Nurture in astrology, forms a greater emotional bond with Scorpio, which comes in the Eighth House in astrology, which indicates instability, sudden losses, and troubles
  • Their compatibility offers comfort and affection. This lets Scorpio women overcome the factor of instability and troubles in the relationship
  • A Cancerian partner is welcoming of every dark side of a Scorpio woman, making her feel emotionally secure

A Reddit user adds to this, “The greatest loves of my life came from Cancerians. I am an intense force so it is easy for me to lay out boundaries. If I start giving too much, I walk away and they come with loving/caring energy. You’ll have to be more emotionally patient than ever but you’ll get a lifelong partner or friend. Someone who will understand your hidden emotional vulnerability more than you might.”

5. Taurus and Scorpio

The final sign, which makes for one of the best matches for a Scorpio woman, is Taurus. Both are fixed signs which makes the relationship between them steadfast and reliable. A Scorpio woman with a Taurean partner makes a great team as both share similar values and respect each other’s differences.

Here are some Scorpio–Taurus traits according to Avantika:

  • A Taurus partner enhances the natural abilities of the Scorpio woman
  • Dating a Taurus is often a good match for a Scorpio woman, as they leave space for her to be more experimenting, adventurous, and full of desires
  • The Taurus finds ways to make her feel things that she is not used to, like making her feel at ease and more stable
  • Taurean partners can be great listeners and trustworthy 
  • There are times when both signs clash due to their innate qualities like a Scorpio woman’s mysteriousness and mood swings and a Taurus partner’s unfailing practicality. However, they have the ability to diffuse any negative situation, making the idea of ‘opposites attract’ work for them

A Reddit user agrees with this, saying, “Something that is truly beautiful is how differently my Taurus partner and I see the world, we truly are opposites. But as long as we are open and honest, it helps both of us see a whole other side of reality.”

Key Pointers

  • Most signs are attracted to Scorpio women, primarily because of their mysteriousness and confident attitude
  • Usually, water and Earth signs have a great amount of compatibility with Scorpio women
  • When looking for the most compatible sign for a Scorpio woman, make sure you take into account the many types of Scorpio women that are listed in this article
  • Online cheating (or cyber infidelity) doesn’t involve physical intimacy in most cases, but the lies, secrecy, and betrayal that come with cyber affairs can ruin a relationship

There you go! These were the top 5 zodiac signs that are the best match for a Scorpio woman. Of course, every relationship you create with anyone is a combination of love and effort. Still, a little help from the stars never hurts.


1. Who should a Scorpion not marry?

For a Scorpio, the best match for marriage is one of the other water signs (Pisces and Cancer) or the Earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, or Virgo). Typically, Scorpio women should steer clear of fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) due to the intense clash of contrasting ideologies.

2. Who is the perfect match for a Scorpio woman?

The perfect match for a Scorpio woman can only be determined by the amount of time and effort she puts into a relationship with someone, and vice-versa. However, any of the above-mentioned five signs can prove to be a good match for a Scorpio woman.

3. What sign is a soulmate for a Scorpio woman?

If the reserved Scorpio woman can open up completely to her partner, that’s quite an accomplishment. Keeping this in mind, other water signs like Pisces and Cancer can be really good matches for Scorpio women, making them the best zodiac pairs for marriage or soulmates.

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