12 Best Zodiac Pairs For Marriage

Best Zodiac Pairs For Marriage
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If you are one of those people who immediately google the zodiac sign of their latest crush, then this article is for you. People who are into astrology constantly search for the best sun signs to be best friends with or the best zodiac pairs for marriage. While it seems fun and exciting, there is an underlying truth in all of this. 

Compatibility is an integral factor that contributes to the success of a relationship. Whether you are in a budding romance or are about to tie the knot, knowing the level of compatibility with your partner can save you from the turbulences while onboarding the flight of love. 

In the spectrum of astrology, certain signs qualify as the best zodiac couples while some would be better off staying away from each other. It is better to know where you and your SO fall before you take the plunge and make the promise of “until death does us apart.” Here is a list of the 12 best zodiac pairs for marriage to give you an insight into your level of compatibility. 

12 Best Zodiac Pairs For Marriage 

Have you ever come across a couple who is so perfect that you feel this sense of jealousy against them and pity for your loveless marriage? You might not believe it, but certain zodiac pairs are made for each other because of how they balance each other out. They compliment each other’s personalities, understand the quirks of the partner. So let’s have a look at the 12 best zodiac pairs for marriage which can help you determine who your ideal partner can be: 

1. Aries and Libra is a zodiac pair made for each other 

Hot-headed ram is a born leader. The first sign in the zodiac, Aries is a dominating sign who likes to call the shots in a romantic relationship. The easy-going, good-natured Libra is the ideal partner for them. Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of sex and passion while Venus, the planet of love, rules the Libra. 

Due to the influence of their planets, the two signs have instant compatibility- both, physically and emotionally. The impulsive, bold, and unapologetic personality of Aries is balanced by the diplomatic, indecisive, open-minded nature of Libra. This makes Aries and a Libra one of the most compatible zodiac signs who should tie the knot.

One of my colleagues once mentioned while discussing secrets to a successful marriage that, “Librans are peaceful while Aries are seekers of adventure. While a Libra would like to enjoy a cozy Sunday afternoon in their bed, the Aries would be making impromptu plans for a trek. In a marriage, this zodiac couple is highly successful because they adapt to the personality of their partner. The Aries will teach the Libra to be more adventurous and impulsive while the Libra will show Aries the beauty of being lazy sometimes.” 

2. Taurus and Cancer are the best zodiac couple

Taurus and Cancer is a zodiac pair made for each other. That is a love that can be read about in books, witnessed in stories, but is hard to come by in real life. Earth and water zodiac pair, Taurus and Cancer understand each other on a deep level. It is a classic sugar and spice relationship. The Cancer brings the sugar on the table with their good humor and calm nature. Taurus spices up the relationship with passion and determination. 

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There is an underlying sense of appreciation and harmony. Both the zodiacs are commitment-oriented and value intimacy, family, and loyalty. This zodiac pair should marry each other because Taurus can complement the Cancer with ease, opening them up to new experiences. Cuddles on a weekend, pajama dates, and endless romance are the core of a Taurus-Cancer marriage. Their emotional maturity and fierce loyalty in a relationship make this zodiac pair the frontrunners for a power couple. 

3. Gemini and Aquarius is a zodiac pair that are soulmates 

The mental and emotional connection of this zodiac pair is off the charts. When a Gemini has a chance encounter with an Aquarius, it feels like they have known each other for years (even though it might be their first tinder date). Both the zodiacs crave excitement, creativity, and a sense of freedom in the relationship. What makes them the best zodiac pair for marriage is their understanding because of similar needs. 

One of my cousins (An Aquarius married to a Gemini) narrated an interesting incident when she was newly married. She said, “It was a normal Sunday afternoon and both of us were bored to death. As we picked our brains for activities to do, both of us thought of building a fort out of our pillows at the same time. It’s like we have the same mind. There we were, two adults building a fort in our hall in the middle of the afternoon. This is what makes me love my marriage. It’s amazing because he is always up for my weird shenanigans and there is never a dull moment between us.” 

4. Saggitarius and Aries are the ideal zodiac pair for marriage

Here is a zodiac sign that should marry each other. When these two fire signs connect, sparks of intense passion explode everywhere. Both the signs bring an insane amount of energy to the relationship and are prepared to overcome anything life throws their way. They are both incredibly curious as well as lively, talkative, and playful people. 

An Aries-Saggitarius pair is like Batman and Robin (If Batman were romantically interested in Robin). There is never a dull moment in the relationship. They support each other’s dreams, understand their goals, and motivate their partner to shoot for the stars. Both Aries and Saggitarius are methodical in their ways, making them one of the best zodiac couples.

According to Laura, a preschool teacher married to an Aries man, “ Aries energy is a natural envelope pusher and trendsetter who enjoys things that are unique and ahead of their time. When the Sagittarius isn’t being pushy, preachy, or bothersome, the Aries finds the refinement and sophisticated approach of the Sagittarius appealing. Even better, if you’re the underdog, Aries energy will want to play the role of hero, which is a role that is both comforting and reassuring to this sign.”

 5. Scorpio and Pisces are the best zodiac pair for marriage 

I once asked a friend, “which zodiac signs should marry each other?” Her immediate response was that the best zodiac pair that should tie the knot is Scorpio and Pisces. The charismatic and emotional Pisces know perfectly well how to deal with the tough-looking exterior of a Scorpio. Because Pisces and Scorpio are both dominated by the same element (water), they have a natural affinity for one another. Both are aware of the views and ideals that each represents, and they respect each other as a result. 

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The Scorpion’s strong and secretive attitude draws the Fish, while the latter’s kind and caring behavior attracts the former. When it comes to physical intimacy, Scorpio-Pisces pairing has an almost unrealistic attraction and passion for each other.

One of my best friends is married to a Scorpio woman. A Pisces man, he always says that it was the best decision of his life. I once asked him what’s special about a Pisces-Scorpio marriage and he said:
“ Scorpio and Pisces are the only signs that can comprehend the depth and intensity of each other’s feelings. My marriage with her has been the most effortless relationship I’ve ever had. We communicate a lot, but when someone needs space and goes into hermit mode for a while, we instinctively know to give it to them and to return it whenever they need it. It’s been nothing but ebb and flow, which is incredible. We don’t even bother to try. She “guides” me in yoga and shares the poems she writes. I share my playlists and my writing with her. So, yes, it’s fantastic.”

zodiac pair that should tie the knot

6. Capricorn and Virgo is a zodiac pair that should tie the knot 

Dominated by ambitions, Capricorn searches for someone who shares their dream and dedication. The methodical and disciplined Virgo helps the Capricorn in achieving their goals. Thus this is a zodiac pair that is made for each other. When a Virgo and Capricorn forge a bond, it can last a lifetime.

 Capricorn and Virgo both take their time in relationships and prefer not to rush into something without giving it enough thought. They are, however, among the most loyal and devoted zodiac signs in a relationship once they have decided to commit to a spouse.

They are both rational people who base their arguments on the merits of anything and everything. As a result, they are less prone to participate in pettiness and pointless debates. Because of the adult heads, they carry on their shoulders, they are both level-headed people that can readily handle difficult situations, whether individually or collectively. Their sense of maturity makes them the best zodiac pair for marriage.

Virgo men are also one of the best husbands according to the zodiac because of their compassion and their desire to be the care provider for their partner. Marrying a Virgo leads to a lifetime of excel sheets, lists, and 5-year plans, which for a Capricorn is convenient as it saves them from doing any planning.

7. Libra and Gemini is a zodiac pair made for each other 

A Libra and Gemini relationship is built on a strong intellectual connection. Both are air signs that indicate a high level of mental stimulation. They find the mind to be a fascinating and seductive subject, and they like knowing more about it as time passes, making them a zodiac pair that are soulmates.

When asked why a Libra-Gemini marriage works, one of my colleagues said, “ Libra is a Cardinal Sign, while Gemini is a Mutable Sign. Gemini will embrace new ideas as long as they are changeable, as Libra is the starter of new projects and ideas. They won’t dispute about who gets to take credit for their accomplishments when they spend time together. Libra is better at beginnings than endings, and Gemini is adaptable, so if one partner becomes bored, the other won’t mind switching things up.”

Librans and Geminis show a high level of understanding and appreciation for one another, making them a terrific fit. When it comes to harmony, they know how to work it, making them one of the best zodiac pairs for marriage. This pair maintains their relationship’s harmony by offering each other friendship, education, and understanding.

8. Pisces and Capricorn is a zodiac pair who should marry each other

The best example of ‘opposites attracts each other‘ is a Pisces and Capricorn pair. The practical outlook of the Capricorn compliments the dreamy nature of the Pisces. The mutual regard they have for each other is the most hopeful evidence of this relationship’s compatibility, as it reflects a strong feeling of loyalty and honesty in both brains. Capricorn’s thorough and tolerant demeanor will be crucial in dealing with Pisces’ mood swings. This will attract the Goat’s kind and sympathetic fish.

The Pisces spouse, who is ruled by the mutable sign is laid-back and willing to adjust to changing situations. This complements Capricorns’ cardinal behavior and allows them to feel free in their relationships without feeling lonely.

When in a romantic relationship, they make for the ideal zodiac pair that should tie the knot.

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9. Leo and Saggitarius make the perfect zodiac couple for marriage

This is one of those intoxicating pairs who become the cause of every other couple’s envy. Between Leo man and Sagittarius woman or vice versa, there is a lot of passion, as both signs enjoy life and appreciate others. They are both passionate about what they want out of life and are incredibly supportive of each other in achieving whatever goal or desire they may have. This sense of understanding makes them the zodiac pairs who are soulmates.

Everyone wants to be around this couple because they are so much fun. You recognize the couple: it’s the one you’ve wished to be for years. The fervor with which these two signs approach life, love, and each other is enthralling. If there was one zodiac couple who should tie the knot immediately, it would be Leo and Sagittarius. 

10. Scorpio and Cancer is a zodiac pair who are soulmates

zodiac pair who are soulmates

Both water signs, Scorpio and Cancer might seem like a disaster in making but are a zodiac pair that is made for each other. The intense passion that the two signs share helps them understand each other better in a marriage. This pair shares similar morals inspires each other and has deep emotional understanding.

They dig deep into each other’s hearts and build the foundation of an emotional relationship. Cancer provides balance and empathy when Scorpio enters an obsessive cycle, which occurs frequently. As a result, Scorpio is able to return to its natural fixed, steady-state.

Scorpio, on the other hand, utilizes its claws to pull Cancer back from the edge and make space for rejuvenation when it becomes overwhelmed by the emotions of others. If you and your SO are a Scorpio-Cancer sign, yours is a zodiac pair that should tie the knot without a second thought.

11. Leo and Aries are the best zodiac pair for a passionate marriage

It is hard to match the intense, unapologetic nature of a Leo. The only zodiac that can keep up with their narcissistic personality is Aries. Equally passionate and bold, Aries compliments a Leo and brings the excitement that a Leo craves in a relationship. One of the best zodiac pairs for marriage, Leo and Aries can be a fierce couple. Leos also make for the best husbands according to the zodiac. Their passionate nature can lead to an explosive and interesting sex life, which is what the Aries desires.

My best friend who is married to a Leo man often boasts of her exciting life. She says, ” He finds the most unique ways to show romance and I never get bored of him, which is saying something given that I am an Aries. From sensual surprises to hilarious pranks, that man always keeps me on my feet.” 

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12. Virgo and Scorpio is a zodiac pair made for each other 

Google “Which zodiac signs should marry each other?” and the most popular answer will be Virgo and Scorpio. You might not believe in astrology but you will definitely believe in Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. Yes, Reynolds, a Scorpio, and Lively, a Libran, are couple goals. Their marriage is the ideal example of what you can expect from a Virgo-Scorpio zodiac pair.

The perfectionist of the zodiacs, Virgos finds it hard to be attracted to someone. However, the passion of the Scorpio makes them one of the zodiacs who are made for each other. When in a relationship. they have an emotional and intellectual understanding but the foundation of their bond is their friendship. This makes room for banters, pranks, and the occasional pulling of a leg, something which both Virgo and Scorpio enjoy! 

If you and your SO were not on the list, it doesn’t mean that you are not soulmates. The answer to the question “Which zodiac signs should marry each other?” cannot be limited to the 12 pairs mentioned above. Marriage is about compatibility. If you and your partner share an emotional, mental and physical connection, then don’t worry about which is the best zodiac pair for marriage. Take the plunge and listen to your heart. Be open to communication and understanding and you will have a beautiful marriage regardless of your zodiacs. 

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