Your bedroom turn-offs as per your zodiac signs

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Updated On: October 25, 2023
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Having a major turn-off in the bedroom can be a part of the elements we are associated with, which play a major part in who we are. Believe it or not, our signs play a pivotal role in the things we find sexy.

In case you are not aware of the things that dampen your spirit unknowingly, read on. Also, read on to know what the major turn-offs are for each Zodiac sign.

Aries: Turn off – Planned intimacy

Aries can get excited fast but planned intimacy is not their thing. Spontaneous outbursts of fun are what they are looking for. Since they are quick to get mad and quick to cool down as well, if you are the kind of person who holds on to a grudge, you can shut an Arian down. Holding a grudge is a planned thing to do and it won’t fly well around an Arian and will turn them off.

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Taurus – Turn off – Feelings of discomfort

So, Taurus does not like doing anything if they are not comfortable with it. As an Earth sign, they need to feel grounded in a relationship and be comfortable in it. So before things proceed in the bedroom, make sure they have intimacy, a nice romantic meal and a heartfelt conversation. If you are planning to spring something on them at a short notice, chances are they won’t like it one bit.

Gemini: Turn off – A different mind-set

They like people who are mentally at par with them. Having to tell their partners about every little thing might turn them off. They need a mental connection and a person who will know better not to steal their thunder. Honestly, they are on the lookout for someone who is exactly like them. Also, mundane activities are not welcome.

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Cancer: Turn off – Quickies

Cancerians are extremely sensitive and attached beings. Their biggest turn off is a quick intimacy session, planned or unplanned, that gets over even before they can invest their emotions deeply with the act. They want longevity which they won’t find in a quickie.

asking his opinion before making any major decisions will make him feel important

Leo: Turn off – Being told what to do

By now we all know, Leo is the mighty Lion under the element of fire. Leos do not like being manipulated and dominated in or out of bed. Complete devotion is what they seek. If they do not feel your appreciation and love for them, their trust can be broken too easily. A break of trust means a chink in their pride, something that they will never tolerate.

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Virgo: Turn off – Messy living

They don’t like tardiness or slacking off. Sweeping things off the table to have sex on it is not the way Virgo likes it. They need everything to be taken care of. They will not stand by a careless attitude and will probably be turned off by you if you are a careless dweeb.

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Libra: Turn off – Passionless intimacy

They like a build-up of romance in the bedroom- all their senses must be stimulated. They must be mentally, emotionally and physically titillated to be into the act. They thrive on sexual energy and the passion of a romantic build-up. Anything short will leave them cold and unexcited.

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Scorpio: Turn off – Being quick at everything

So they might come across as a person who will have sex with anyone but in reality, they have a very careful screening process. Too much emotional attachment might scare them. Attempting to kiss is a bad idea until they tell you to do so.

Sagittarius: Turn off – Rigidity

They are the ever-flowing sign. Rigidity to them is unacceptable. Adventurous and spirited, they don’t want to be held down to any norms or customs. They might get turned off if the sex is too common and the partner is never willing to try newer things. Newer kinks, newer positions get them going well.

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Capricorn: Turn off – Superficiality

Playing mind games with a Capricorn is a bad, bad idea. It will not only be repulsive for them, but they might also actually dump you out of their lives. They desire stability. Passive aggression is not something they are looking for. There will be no angry love-making if they are pissed. They need a solid ground to base their relationship on.

Aquarius: Turn Off – Too many emotions

They don’t need emotional baggage to carry around. A traditional, conservative approach to anything might ruin their outlook towards you.

Pisces: Turn off – Restriction

If your Piscean lover wants to go out and you want to watch Netflix and chill, the choice is clear. The lover would go out with or without you. Restricting a free-flowing Piscean might make them cranky and lash out. They need to have fun to have a great love life where they can breathe.

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