Affair and Cheating

A letter to my lover who cheated on me

Now that the cheating has been discovered and admitted, it's time to move on. How does one fall in love with a cheater again?
lady writing a letter

(As told to Joie Bose)

Dear You,

I admit you had cheated, and you admit that too. And when I call you my Cheater and not my Lover, you know it pains. It shatters the silence between us. And then the silence fills in again. I can’t breathe. Nor can you. And we part our ways…

But don’t you realise that an act however grave it is, can’t burn to ashes a relationship? A relationship can’t die, for it is not bound by physical boundaries. It feeds on love. It breathes on happiness. It thrives on love. And all I want from you is a little more of love for love, a balm. It calms. It soothes the heartaches. It is a warm hug on a winter night.

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