How to Fall In Love Again – This Time In The Small Things Of Life

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Updated On: October 27, 2023
How to fall in love again

We live in a time when things once they’re broken or lose their charm are tossed aside. How to fall in love again is a question that doesn’t even strike us. We start looking for something new without even making an attempt to mend what is broken, to renew the lost charm.

Sadly, the same goes for our relationships and married lives. Once monotony settles in, we don’t find our partners attractive for the same qualities we once went crazy about. There is no fun in cooking, talking and hanging out together.

We start questioning, “Is love is meant to be like this – two people just doing the same things over and over again?” Precisely. Love has always been there with you, all this while. Only you had taken it for granted. Love isn’t a grand, dreamy and chivalrous affair! Love is in the small things you do together, with each other and for each other. And if love is lost to you, here’s how to get your wife to love you again, or your husband to do the same.

How To Fall Back In Love With A Partner

How to fall in love again when neither parties put in any time or effort to fix what was broken? If falling in love made you a better person, falling back in love is an even better feeling. We’re going to help you in figuring out how to make your husband love you again, and your wife fall for you just like the first time.

So here are 10 things you can do if you want to experience the feeling of falling in love again with your partner, who you once thought to be your ‘forever’ person.

1. Simple hug

Yes. Never underestimate the soothing effect of a tight hug after a hell of a day at work. When you don’t have any words to calm your partner, a hug does wonders. If you want to know the secret of how to fall back in love, just remember that a long, warm hug goes way beyond materialistic gifts.

Men, if you want to know how to get your wife to love you again, this point is especially important for you. Don’t treat your woman like she is an object that you can just cheer up with an expensive gift. Give her a hug after a long day, and you’ve made her think that all her hard work was worth it.

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2. Ditch everything and start date-talking

Remember the good old days, when you were always hungry for the tiniest piece of information about each other’s life? You knew everything and would have scored 100 in a couple quiz! But do you think in all these years you have gathered everything you need to know about them?

Sit down and simply talk (not about groceries, bills or work deadlines). You can talk about anything, from the pettiest of things like the romance in the weather, to more serious things about the philosophies of life. Communication is key to relationships.

How to fall back in love
Do you think you know everything there is to know about your partner?

3. Who said eating together is not fun?

You simply have to enter into your silly teen avatars! Do you know the easiest way to falling back in love with your spouse? Food. When in doubt, the answer is always food. Cook a delicious meal, or order their favourite takeaway, put on a movie, and just enjoy these simple moments of life.

4. Once you get tired of talking, find that lap!

No one can ever steal the warmth from this act. Sleeping on your partner’s lap while he or she strokes your hair? Direct entry into another zone of bliss. If you want to know how to fall in love again, without any words or promises, snuggle up, and bask in these priceless moments of cuddling with your partner.

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5. Give that surprise call just to say “I love you and I miss you”.

How to make him fall in love with you again after you have been feeling a drift in the relationship? Call him up. Yes, out of the blue. It will do the magic. A random call in the middle of the day asking them if they ate lunch or need anything, will show them that you still care about them.

6. Become the fools again. Just turn the music on and dance!

There is no greater way of falling in love again than with music playing in the background, while you’re in the arms of your lover. You know when you’re dancing like no one’s watching, and everything seems to slow down as if you’re in a movie, that you can feel the spark re-ignite.

Even the most awkward person and worst dancer in the world will never say no to the sound of music. This is your chance to scream and have all that laughter for free. Get in the mood with some dirty dancing!

How to fall in love again
Dance with your partner like nobody else is watching

7. Appreciate the presence of your partner in life

Tell them how much they mean to you. Tell them about how you can’t picture a life without them and you don’t want to visualize such a world. It may sound cheesy, but unless you let them know what an impact they have had on your life, they’re not going to bother putting in any more effort into the relationship.

8. A kiss on the forehead is so much sexier and meaningful

Yes, kisses on the lips are romantic and sexy, but kisses on the forehead are intimate and more meaningful. A kiss on the forehead is the purest way to express love, and make someone feel special. So before they’re heading off to work amidst the morning rush, don’t forget to give them this special kiss.

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Be it summer or winter, cuddle always!

You know how to make your husband love you again, you know the dirty little trick – cuddling. Grab the thickest blanket, put on some light music, light some scented candles, and cuddle up to your partner. The feeling of being wrapped around by your partner’s firm embrace will relieve you of all your stress.

10. Be children and do all sorts crazy stuff together!

How to make him falling in love with you again

Piggyback rides, post weird selfies together, play indoor games, read comic books. Pick your own crazy! Go back to the honeymoon phase of your relationship and do all the weird things couples do together in that period. It’s a bit of light-hearted fun and soon enough you’ll find yourself falling back in love again.

What did you think of these tips on how to fall in love again when you feel like something in the relationship is missing and you can see the signs you’re drifting apart? Do you think once you’re out of love you can fall back in love with the same person? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


1. Is it possible to fall back in love?

If you’re willing to put in the time and effort the relationship requires after you’ve both drifted apart, then yes, it is possible to love someone again.

2. How do I get the spark back?

Talk to them and tell them how you’re feeling. Make sure you’re on the same page. Make a list of all the things you want as a couple, and see whether you both are still compatible.

3. How do you get feelings back for someone?

Go back to the honeymoon phase and do weird things together. Ask them about their day, and do little things like cuddle, buy cute gifts, and so on, to show that you still care.

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