A love story of two men…what he gifts him will make your heart go aww!

A video that urges us to look at love differently

Let’s begin to start thinking differently about love, reinforces the video conceived by Kasbah Digital that has got over a lakh views since its release.

“Stereotypes were getting too claustrophobic,” shares the director of the video, Puja Banerji. “LGBT community has mostly been associated with sex when it comes to portraying them on screen. We wanted to focus on love instead. And I guess, that is what helped the audience connect.”

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Kasbah Digital’s co-founder Mihir Desai says, “We are not trying to raise eyebrows or make a statement.”

“We just want to make sure people understand that love as an emotion stays same for all, even if the individuals happen to be of the same sex.”

It’s important to learn to accept love for what it is, even if it doesn’t seem mainstream, popular or politically correct. For love is universal and it’s we who have to start thinking differently!

Watch this viral video here!

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