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10 Ways a Guy Reacts When He Thinks a Girl Is Out of His League

The funniest thing a guy ends up doing when a girl is out of his league
She is out of his league but he pretends to ignore her

Love can come in all shapes and sizes. And sometimes they can be too good to be true. Hey…wait! What if the girl is way out of his league? Check out the following 10 reactions to what a guy thinks when a girl is out of his league.

10 Ways a guy reacts when he thinks a girl is out of his league

A girl could be out of his league but most often he refuses to accept that and reacts like he isn’t affected by her presence. But isn’t he? We tell you the reactions a guy comes up with when a girl is out of his league.

1. Doubts his own love

Is this love? He starts doubting if this is love or a crush. Because he does not want to get invested much only to be rejected later.

2. Her perfume makes him crazy

Clean bowled! Whenever she passes through the hallway, he catches a whiff of her perfume! He is completely clean bowled by her despite knowing the girl is out of his league.

3. Maybe, she is not the one

Ah, yes there’s a category of men who live in denial of their feelings. They try to convince themselves that ‘She’ is not good enough for him refusing to admit she is not in his league. Or she is not the one, he says.

4. Please she shouldn’t bro-zone me

You know the girl is out of your league, so what is it you do? You literally do nothing but live in the fear of getting bro-zoned.

5. One look at her and you are gone

Uff! Teri ada! You are completely taken by even the littlest things that she does. It might be the flick of her hair or the way she rolls her eyes.

she is out of his league but he is crazy for her

6. Admire her from a distance

“Oh well! She is way out of my league.” You know she is out of your league. So you admire her from afar. You ask her friends about her or stalk her on social media. But you yourself never make an attempt to woo her.

She is out of his league but he is determined to get her attention

7. Heart skips a beat

My Dil Goes mmm…mmm. Your heartbeat stops. You start sweating. You don’t know where to look or not.

8. Try to be better

I can be a better man. And there’s also this category of men who try to do better in something that he knows she loves.

9. Too busy to be with her

And lastly, here’s the man who pretends to be busy 24*7 when the girl out-of-his league approaches him for a bit of help.

10. You plain ignore her

Because you have to pretend you are not affected that she is out of your league. It’s all a show, right?

Those were the 10 reactions guys give when the girl is out of their league. Mister, make a little move and maybe just tell her that you like her, will you? Spread love and see what happens.



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