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I have a huge crush on my married boss

Power is like a catnip for me. Like a bait. I never thought that after I hooked myself onto the bait, everything would get so damn ugly.
arjun and chitrangada

I have been the class representative and college secretary when I was growing up. Naturally, when I came into a new job, I felt lost among all the experienced people who knew so much more than I did. Am not saying that I was a proud lion who could not stand to take orders from people but truth be told, I felt weird taking orders from people. I was fresh out of law school and I stood like a meek sheep in a pack of lions.

My job included going through appraisals, sometimes a number of them at the same time. Though it was not much, I was new and it was too big a weight on my shoulder. It took me hours to get through one, sometimes even a day.

I was impressed with my boss

The group of people I was put to work with, helped me get into the flow of things. My first time at a serious legal matter was to observe how things were getting done. The deposition was between two companies. And that was perhaps the first time I saw my boss in a new light.

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Breached lines, broken hearts: An office romance

Here’s how to deal with office romance

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  1. I think it is a bad to justify everything and also that two wrongs never make a right. So, basically I find the man as well as the woman equally guilty. PEACE

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