Relationship Goals For Me And Bae When We Turn 80

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Updated On: November 8, 2023
What are going to be your old couple relationship goals?

Bae could mean a boyfriend or a girlfriend or even a life partner but if we have to expand the acronym then bae means “before anyone else”. Your bae is the one you share a relationship with and the bae relationship goals could be there when you are young, in middle age and even when you are old. But there is something called old couple relationship goals that can be worked upon to stay happy, healthy and fulfilled even at the at the age of 80.

Before we get into old couple relationship goals we can just stop by on what we mean by the purpose of life, incidentally a topic best explained by old couples who have lived maybe more than 50 years of partnership. Well! what do you feel is the purpose of life? Is it success? Truth? Peace? Many have claimed that the ultimate purpose of life is the pursuit of happiness. And what is happiness when it is not shared with a loved one? What is success when you can’t call your bae and tell her that you have got your dream job?

What is fame when everyone sees you but no one truly does? In life, we look for many things. We look for jobs, cars, good food and homes. But all of these fall short in bringing us true happiness when we don’t have someone to share it with. Perhaps that is the goal of human existence. That’s what we really mean by bae relationship goals. To be able to share, be it pain, rage or delight. Everything becomes real and more meaningful when shared. And if you can share it in old age then nothing like it. 

10 Old Couple Relationship Goals You Could Follow

So, what is it truly like to find that one companion and share with them your entire life? They will tell you love changes with years. Lust fades. Patience settles in. And we wonder if, sitting on an armchair as an eighty something year old, how will we feel about the wrinkly-yet-grinning person sitting next to us. What is it we truly want from our relationship at that age? I asked myself exactly that and here’s what I realised I wanted. This is going to be the relationship goals for me and my bae when I turn 80. 

1. Laugh at each other’s jokes

It doesn’t matter if their humour hasn’t improved over the years. You still find them funny and they appreciate being able to make you laugh even after all those years.

Now your insides hurt more when you go into peals as your bae delivers the punch lines with a straight face. But those tears that come are indeed happy tears. 

2. Appreciate and embrace the changes

Their hair may have greyed and they look more tired and worn than when you met. But all those wrinkles you have now, you have gathered together. Beauty is a fleeting concept but true love eternal.

Your bae could have become more finicky about the food they eat, the corner seat by the window has to be vacated when they are in the room and they can’t do without their dentures. But you appreciate the fact that they make bed tea for you after their retirement and pamper you by making a salad once in a while. Guess that’s what old couple relationship goals are all about. 

3. Value each other’s company and the space

As you spend years together, things like belongings and concepts of privacy get tangled up. But if even in your old age you know when not to cross a line and give each other some space, you do indeed share a beautiful relationship.

You could have turned 80 just now but you still can’t imagine evesdropping into your partner’s phone calls, checking their texts or get upset if they have a plan with the cousins because you will have to eat your lunch alone.

But when you watch that serial or series on TV you can’t imagine doing it without your bae sitting next to you on the couch. 

4. Make impulsive decisions

happy old couple
Old couple posing and smiling together outdoors

Old age does nothing to bring you down. You still enjoy each other’s company and taking terrible decisions together. Even at that age, you still have a partner-in-crime in them.

So you could land up in a foreign country for a holiday and surprise your adult kids over a phone call and you both could end up buying that humongous fridge because you always wanted it and it doesn’t really matter it’s going to be for the two of you now. You could also end up spending lakhs from that pension to get your bae a diamond necklace on your 55th anniversary. Being impulsive means keeping the zing alive even when you are an old couple.   

5. Tease each other like crazy kids

You give each other space and respect but you also tease each other like you are kids. You keep making jokes at their expense and they keep throwing plates full of pastries at your grinning face.

Having the sense of humour alive and being able to pull each other’s legs is a great way of achieving old couple goals. 

6. Make up stories about each other

Maybe tell them to your kids and grandkids. Or your friends who have no idea you’re lying. The funnier and more believable the stories, the more fun you will have telling them.

Storytelling is something you both enjoy and it’s amazing how you can weave fiction out of facts and present it together like master storytellers without blinking an eyelid. Guess that’s what a perfect bae relationship goal is all about. 

7. Pull pranks on each other

On each other and on your friends and kids. Hide each other’s walking stick or fake teeth. Invite your kids for dinner and yourself take off for dinner at a fancy restaurant or something.

The possibilities are endless. The point is to not to forget to have fun with each other and at each other’s expense.

quick bite

8. Fight vehemently then behave nothing happened

To be still able to fight like mad alley cats and then come back to each other at the end of the day is a blessing indeed. Because even when you are still mad at them, you are still too much in love to stay away from them.

Old couple relationship goals are about expressing love through war of words. That’s what makes it so special. Old couples perfect the art of war so well that they can forget in a jiffy what they were fighting about. That’s definitely a bae relationship goal.  

9. Respect each other

In your five or six decade old relationship you have seen them lose their fake teeth more than once and make some very ungodly noises while in the bathroom. You have seen them mistake mustard for ketchup.

You have also seen them make the stupidest of mistakes. But you respect each other in spite of so many years of stupidity and that indeed is true love.

10. Feel good about waking up next to them 

You appreciate seeing their face each morning when you wake up, even if they sleep toothless and drool onto their pillow. Beauty is ever changing and your definition of it has changed just as your lover has. And as time goes by, you appreciate having them in your life more and more.

Today, it has become fairly hard to find someone you can date for more than a few months. So if you have been truly lucky enough to find someone you want to spend your life with, I hope you cherish every moment you spend with each other, even when you are 80 and withering. Life is too short to live without love. Perhaps that is the one truth and need of human existence. To love and be loved even as we fade away. That is the one thing that lives on forever.

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  1. What do we look for in a relationship? Honesty? Trust? Fun? Accountability? Pure Romance? Isn’t it? And we wish to continue this forever. So, yes, the above-mentioned goals truly should be the actual goals for all the couples to cherish and live each and every moment.

    “When two people are under the influence of the most violent, most insane, most delusive, and most transient of passions, they are required to swear that they will remain in that excited, abnormal, and exhausting condition continuously until death do them part.” – George Bernard Shaw

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