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why did my ex unblock me

Why Did My Ex Unblock Me? 9 Possible Reasons And What Should You Do

Your ex unblocking you has to mean that they want you back, they’re pining for you and yearning to be a part of your life again, right? Well, not really. Try to calm yourself. It could just as well be because they’re trying to mess with you. Let’s take a look at the possible reasons they might’ve unblocked you.

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12 Signs You Are Walking On Eggshells In Your Relationship

When you’re overtly and covertly careful around someone because they’re too sensitive, you’re walking on eggshells, meaning you watch your words, how you behave, how you interact, even what you wear, and what you think.

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It’s Complicated

Vinay was sobbing inconsolably in front of goddess Kali. He was completely broken and disturbed. His yelling could be heard at distance. It was 11 PM Friday. Kali temple was situated at the outskirt of a village, Shivpuri. There was no sign of a human presence at approaching midnight. It’s the time when the temple …

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