Why Did My Ex Unblock Me? 9 Possible Reasons And What Should You Do

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Updated On: May 4, 2024
why did my ex unblock me
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When two people block each other, it’s usually because things weren’t all too civil. Just as you were beginning to cope with this new reality you reluctantly (at least initially) found yourself in, you see a notification on your phone with your ex’s name all over it. “Wait, why did my ex unblock me?” is then bound to eat away at you.

This has to mean that they want you back, they’re pining for you and yearning to be a part of your life again, right? Well, not really. Try to calm yourself. It could just as well be because they’re trying to mess with you. 

So, don’t start dreaming up scenarios in your head just yet. Don’t open their chat, waiting for it to say “typing…”, hoping for the best. Take a look at the possible reasons why your ex decided it’d be a good idea to complicate each other’s lives again, and what you should do about it. 

Why Did My Ex Unblock Me? 9 Possible Reasons And What You Should Do

“Why did my ex unblock me? I was finally starting to make my peace with it,” you might text a friend, who’s probably already tired of you talking about this whole thing in the first place. Hell, the hours you spent trying to wrap your head around high school math seem easier than what you’re going through right now.

Let’s face it. The minute you realized you are not blocked anymore, you know what instantly went through your mind. Even though you’ve told all your friends you don’t want him/her back, there’s a part of your brain that’s probably asking stuff like “Why did my ex unblock me on WhatsApp?” only because you want to get back with your ex

Regardless of what’s going through your head, it’s probably not in the best state right now. Before it gets to the point when you’re compulsively checking your ex’s social media every few minutes, let’s try and put your mind at ease. 

1. Your ex is curious about what’s going on in your life

Yes, it’s possible that the answer to “Why did my ex-girlfriend unblock me?” is simply that she wanted to see what you were up to. Especially when you get unblocked but don’t receive a text or even a like from your ex. You’ve probably asked a few mutual friends how your ex has been doing after you two blocked each other, right? Your ex just decided to take it a step further and see for themselves instead of asking around.

What you should do about it: Live your best life

When an ex rolls around to try and see what’s going on in your life with their judgmental eyes, we say focus on living your best life. No, don’t suddenly whip out all your jewelry and start flaunting it on your stories, but try to be unbothered by your ex and do what you normally would.

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2. They want to see if you’re dating someone or not

If you decided that leaving the past behind by dating after a breakup was the best course of action for you, it’s possible your ex might’ve heard murmurs of it. Of all the possible answers to “Why did my ex unblock me on Instagram?”, there’s a chance they did so only to be able to judge your new partner.

What you should do about it: Forget about your ex

If you’re in a relationship, “Why did my ex unblock me?” is something you really shouldn’t even be worried about. Your current partner wouldn’t appreciate your obsession with trying to answer this question.

Even if this new thing is a temporary casual dynamic, spending time pondering over what’s going on in your ex’s mind probably isn’t a good idea. Especially when you have already decided to move on.

3. They want to flaunt their new partner

If your ex is the one who has jumped ship and started a new romance, them unblocking you could also be for showing off. It’s no surprise that ex-lovers aren’t really the nicest people on earth, and it’s entirely possible that your ex is the spawn of Satan.

If you’ve asked yourself “My ex unblocked me after months, what does it mean?” and you see them posting pictures with their new partner, it’s very likely they just did it to rub it in your face.

What you should do about it: Treat the no-contact rule as your best friend

If your ex really is the kind of person who’d be involved in petty tactics, be thankful that you can call them an “ex” and discontinue all contact immediately. Employ the no-contact rule, block them and forget about them.

4. They’re bored

Why Did My Ex Unblock Me?
Your ex might’ve unblocked you just because they’re bored

Ever scroll through your social media, wonder about what an old friend from high school is up to, and look them up? We’ve all done it. And it probably happens because you have nothing better to do. We know this is anticlimactic, but the answer to “Why did my ex unblock me on Instagram” could very well be that they’re bored.

If you see them viewing all your stories without reaching out to you, it’s a sign they probably wanted to see what you’re up to, nothing else.

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What you should do about it: Block them

You don’t need us to tell you that you’re not a circus clown, waiting to entertain people as and when they please. If you see your ex unblock you without contacting you, but still religiously viewing every story you put up, go ahead and block them back.

5. They want to clear their conscience

If you two broke up because your ex messed up and wronged you, them unblocking you out of the blue could also be an attempt at closure. You think you can live without it, but the emptiness from not getting closure eats away at you.

If it’s closure your ex is after, they’ll probably text you as well. You might be left asking yourself things like “Why did my ex unblock me on WhatsApp?” since those messages will start flooding in, but try not to let it get to you too much. Before you read too much into every message they send, tell them to get to the point and tell you why they’re here.

What you should do about it: Remind yourself that closure comes from within

Depending on your dynamic, you can choose to forgive your ex for whatever they did or you can also choose to not reply. You don’t owe them anything, and sometimes, not texting this person to avoid any drama might just be your best bet.

6. They don’t hate you anymore

Inversely, if you messed up and got blocked because of it, the reason behind “Why did my ex unblock me?” could be because they don’t hate you anymore. You know what they say, just because two people break up doesn’t mean they stop caring about each other.

If you wronged them and they’re texting you after a period of no contact, they’ve probably just forgotten how much you hurt them. Yes, it’s possible you haven’t truly been forgiven yet and only the pain has subsided.

What you should do about it: You probably shouldn’t fall for them again

Even if you miss your ex, it’s important to realize your relationship ended for a reason. Things going back to normal after a long period of no contact isn’t the most likely thing in the world. Unless you two make an absolute commitment to make things better, don’t let yourself slip by falling for this person again.

7. Their rebound relationship didn’t work out

Perhaps you heard through the grapevine that your ex had started a new relationship soon after your breakup. If you find yourself unblocked, it could be because that didn’t pan out too well for them. When a rebound fails quickly, anyone is bound to miss the all-too-familiar comfort and safety they felt with a previous partner.

If you start seeing stories or posts of your ex and start thinking “why did my ex unblock me on Instagram?” It’s probably because they wanted you to see all the sad stories they’re now posting.

What you should do about it: Tread carefully, you’re on thin ice

If this truly is the case, your ex will probably shoot a message or two across about the “good old days”. Don’t be fooled and don’t let your guard down, you know it isn’t going to work.

Repeat after me, “I know why my ex unblocked me after months; his/her relationship failed and now they miss what we had with me. It’s temporary.”

8. They miss the relationship

Even if your ex didn’t get into a rebound relationship, they may have decided to try to reconnect just because they miss the relationship. Notice how we’re saying they miss the relationship, and not you because that’s probably what’s going on.

“My ex unblocked me after 2 years out of the blue,” it’s probably because they’ve formed a perfect image of your toxic dynamic in their mind. They probably don’t yearn for you as much as they do for comfort. It’ll be apparent if they hit you with a “Remember when…” message as soon as they unblock you.

on ex

What you should do about it: Understand that your ex is lonely

And that’s probably all there is to it. If they start talking highly of the time you spent together when it was actually toxic, they’ve probably idealized the whole thing.

If you’re wondering “Why did my ex unblock and start talking about the past?” go ahead and ask your ex how lonely they currently are. That should give you the answer.

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9. They want to rekindle the romance

You thought we just wouldn’t get to it, didn’t you? Okay fine, let’s admit it. There’s a slight possibility that your ex has unblocked you with the sole purpose of trying to get back together with you.

If this really is the case, you’ll notice them talk about the future right off the bat. Their conversation will make it pretty apparent and they’re probably going to want to act on it soon.

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What you should do about it: Introspect, assess, and take action

Getting back together with an ex is always messy. More often than not, the reason why you two broke up in the first place will come back to haunt you again. If you really want to try and rekindle the romance, make sure you work on all your issues before you jump in. 

The answer to “Why did my ex unblock me” can, unfortunately, be as crass as them trying to piss you off. Or, it can be as naive as missing the relationship you had with them. No matter what the reason turns out to be, don’t let the confusion eat away at your days. As a woke Gen-Zer would say: Keep your chin up, king. You do you!

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