foreplay games

21 Kinky Foreplay Games To Turn Up The Heat

Foreplay is a very important part of sexual relationships. Often times, the monotony of the same kind of foreplay can put you and your partner in a rut. Here are 21 ways to spice up the foreplay and turn up the heat in the bedroom.

how to get rid of a hickey

How To Get Rid Of A Hickey

Like any other bruising, hickeys resolve on their own. All you need is some patience to wait for them to fade away. However, if for some reason you can’t wear your hickey like a badge of honor, flaunting your recent exploits, there are ways to speed along the process of making it disappear.

Role of Consent

Role of Consent: Can No Mean Something Else?

Complaints of sexual harassment at the workplace are not always a result of sexually explicit behavior. More often than not, they stem from misunderstanding what consent is not


What Happens When Neither Of You Asks For Consent?

But what happens when neither of you asks for consent? Is it okay to continue? Do non-verbal cues count as consent? 
Let’s find out all we need to know about consent with expert inputs from Elsa Marie D’Silva, the founder of the Red Dot Foundation and Safecity, a platform that empowers people to break the silence around sexual and gender-based violence, and Supreme Court lawyer Siddhart Mishra.