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Cultural differences…cute while dating, controversial in marriage

Are cultural differences getting the better of your relationship? Is it taking a lot of effort to adjust to your partner’s value system? Explore with us.

Jamshed V Rajan (Jammy) and Rekha Rajan

Keeping the marriage intact and exciting…Tete-a-tete with Jammy and Rekha

From hands-on fatherhood, keeping aspects of their individuality alive in the marriage, to even role reversal, Jammy and Rekha share advice on keeping the marriage intact and exciting

A Letter that Grabbed his Attention

Ignored and overlooked, this homemaker got her husband to notice her only after she wrote him a letter…

Give me space!

Personal space within a relationship is a complex combination of freedom and choice

What the Obamas teach us about love

We usually hear from the media about romance and early love. What about love that endures through immense pressure?

Humour in Relationships