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10 crazy things people do when they’re in love

People in love do the wildest things that seem normal on the surface but upon closer inspection seem quite mad
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Crazy Stupid Love is the best description of love

‘Crazy Stupid Love’ might be the best title of a romantic comedy that tells the story of people who are in love, and not falling in love. If you look at most romantic comedies, you’ll find that they are about two people who fall in love with each other through the course of the film, but not this film. It tells the story of people who are already in love and are trying their best to keep it alive. The title is the most appropriate because love really is crazy and sometimes stupid. I mean the idea of willingly spending a long amount of time, calling a person yours is weird if you look at how rest of the biological relationships work, and yet, it is the most important relationship for everyone. People do the craziest of things in love, here are some of them.

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People in love give each other their bodies and I don’t mean just sexually. Yes, sex is an important part of it, but the intimacy gets really real, really quickly in relationships. Whether it is shaving your partner’s back, nursing them back to health, changing their clothes when they’re drunk. Partners treat each other’s bodies the way a mother would a child’s when it’s sick. This kind of physical intimacy which is non-sexual is rarely found in other relationships…

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Merging of assets

This might sound logical or tame, but it is crazy if you put it in perspective. Couples merge their assets, so any money or anything that they accumulate together is owned jointly. Where else do you see that happening in the world? This idea of merging each other’s financial identities is completely bonkers if you look at it in comparison with the rest of the world.

Moving base

As the famous quote says ‘We were together, I forget the rest’. This becomes real when one partner moves to another place to be with their love. It seems logical to look at, but it is crazy to uproot yourself, quit your job and move to another part of the world for another person. But in such places love is reason enough to make people do it.

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Change friendships

Not all things that people do in love are positive. Sometimes in the course of loving someone, people lose friends. Maybe they become so engrossed in the other person that it doesn’t occur to them that they’re losing people or they choose to let people go because their partner wants them to. Whether this is a correct thing or not can be debated, but people do do this when they’re in love.

Quit their job

While this may be debated, we have all seen logical, rational people, mostly women, quit their job and take on the domestic world while the other partner becomes the breadwinner, for love. Some couples think this balances things out, and in cases where this decision is being made as a legitimate choice and not as a dictum, it is worth respecting.

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Blinders on

While trust is the cornerstone of any good relationship, trusting someone blindly and ignoring signs of wrongdoing isn’t. Some people become oblivious to the negative qualities in their partner and don’t notice them until someone points it out. Sometimes even after the pointing out, they are in denial and they defend the negative things.

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Give things away

While some couples merge their assets, some take on the responsibility of the other person to the point where they end up spending all their money according to the whims of their partner. You need only Google the names of the celebrities who lost all their fortune to the whims of their husbands. Debbie Reynolds the Hollywood icon went broke because her husband gambled away all her money. Putting the blinders on can sometimes have very real consequences.

Tell all

For people who’re in love for the first time or after a long time, they turn the relationship into a badge of honour and it tends to be the only thing they talk about at any given time. They give out unnecessary details to anyone that is willing to hear and while initially cute this can be rather annoying eventually.

Songs make sense

This one’s not negative but it is crazy. The rosy, almost saccharine love songs suddenly start making sense when you’re in love. The change is so apparent that it can boggle your mind. One day after falling in love you’ll start humming along with a love song and start meaning the words instead of just singing it. This moment, if you notice it, can be wonderful and yet completely bonkers.

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The one constant and crazy thing that people do in love is that they change. It is unavoidable really, suddenly your priorities change, your world includes an extra person who takes on more important, everything shifts just a little bit and yet enough that you can notice the change. You start thinking about your future a lot more than you used to, you start planning things for the future. Your activities and time tend to be ruled by this other person’s existence and you find yourself to be a different person out of the blue.

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  1. It’s insane. And yes people do go insane when in love. I think part of it owns to the emotional immaturity and the lack of understanding of the true essence of love. But that comes only with time.

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