Crazy Things Couples Do When No One Is Watching

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Updated On: December 27, 2023
crazy things couples do when they are in love

Ernest Hemingway knew what real, flawed, stupid love feels like and we love him for that. He knew all the crazy things couples do and he wrote about it in his books.

When we fall in love with the best person we know and reach a certain comfort level, our world goes crazy. In the best possible way though. After all there is nothing more awesome than living with our best friend, whom we can also have sex with.

For those of you who think you are weird as a couple, let me assure you, you are not alone. We all do crazy couple-y stuff when nobody is around. Here are some of the ‘eww’ things couples do when nobody’s around.

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10 Crazy Things Couples Do When No One Is Watching

There are crazy things couples do that are really quirky and funny. There are adorable things couples do that can range from hilarious to obnoxious. Couples share inside jokes and they do things that can make you go “eek” but let us warn you most couples actually end up doing these things.

1. Check their hard-to-reach places for abnormalities

If the bum is itching or if the nostril feels weird or if one is too lazy to clean the ear wax even though it’s causing discomfort, the other one takes charge and checks what’s wrong.

This could sound really “eww” but this is what happens in couple relationships. This is one of the crazy things that couples do when they get comfortable in a relationship.

2. Smell armpits to check if they need a wash

Quirky couples can end up doing really funny things. Living as a couple is hard work. Sometimes they have to smell each other’s armpits to make sure if the other one really needs to take bath.

It’s also a good way to fake the amount of stink one is giving out just to annoy them to take shower in winter. And sometimes it ends up being a good pretext to get into the shower together. 

what are the cray things couples do?
They smell each other’s armpits

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3. Help with the morning gunk

It’s not gross, its pure love, baby. By cleaning each other’s morning gunk we take a mental picture of their perfect morning eyes. Whatever comes out of our partner’s body is a human thing and we love them enough to get that.

4. Share the same towel

When no one is around, there is no judgement. Plus sharing the same towel means we get to wear each other’s smell all day long. Say, ‘aww’!

And by the way most couples share the towel and they also don’t end up washing it that frequently. So there you go.

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5. Scrap hairballs out of the shower drain

Because it has both of your pubic hair in it. When we love a person with all our heart, we even love every strand of hair they have on their body.

It’s gross we know but if the shower drain has to be kept clean the job has to be done. And giving one person the responsibility is unfair. So couples get down to doing it and it’s indeed one of the crazy things couples do when in love.

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6. Pop each other’s zits

They make each other sit and pop every zit off the face, armpits, back and bums. The pus doesn’t gross them out either. If that’s not pure love, we don’t know what is.

If you are thinking that’s “Yuck” then do read the next point.

7. Kiss with morning breath

kissing in the morning is something quirky couples do
Brush before you kiss in the morning

Loving a person in and out makes even the morning breath beautiful. There is no need to brush first. We no longer need to frantically take out the mouth spray every time we kiss or feel apologetic about the bad breath.

This is a quirky thing couples do in the morning but it is kind of cute. It’s adorable to be accepted the way you smell and look in the morning. There is something really loving about it.

8. Shave pubic hair in front of each other

We know who is getting the only peek in there except ourselves, so no biggie there too. Being in love also means helping each other shave the most delicate pubic hair zones.

This is one of the crazy things couples do. They could shave or cut each other’s pubic hair too.

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9. Unashamedly show naked bloated bellies

Being comfortable with the one you love also means belly flab is no more a turn off. After a heavy meal or when we have put on weight it’s okay to show each other our bloated bellies for argument sake. Or sometimes for the sheer pleasure of it.

These are things couples can relate to because these are the quirky things most couples end up doing. And it’s kind of fun to not bother about your belly fat and be loved just the way you are.

10. Cuddle in smelly old clothes, unwashed hair and stinky underpants

The most amazing part of living with your best friend is about being in a ‘non-judgmental and always loving’ zone. Cuddling on the couch in unwashed clothes and smelly body and watching Netflix is about realising Hemingway’s view on love was spot-on.

Throw in unwaxed legs and unshaved chin and you have the perfect concoction called love. Do you do these quirky couples things when no one is watching? Shhhh…we are not telling anyone.

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