13 Signs He Truly Loves You — Gestures We Almost Always Miss

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how to know your boyfriend loves you

On the surface, all his actions seem like signs he’s in love with you, yet there is a niggling suspicion underneath that makes you doubt his love. Even though he’s considerate and the sweetest man you’ve ever been with, it’s entirely natural to worry about a mismatch of emotions. Feeling that sense of doubt and wondering how to know your boyfriend loves you is more natural than you think. We understand that it’s this concern that’s brought you here today.

If you’ve started to doubt his commitment just because he spends more time than usual playing video games, this article will soon make you realize that you’re getting worried over nothing. Although, if your suspicion stems from a lack of trust in your dynamic and tidbits of evidence or changed behavior, you might just be onto something here that needs further exploration.

How Do Men Show Their Love For You?

When a man loves you, the way he shows it can be starkly different from how you might expect him to act. Thus, do yourself a favor and forget about all the expectations you have in your head. It’s possible that you’re dating a shy guy. But to put your anxious mind at ease, let’s take a look at the way men show their love to understand the signs your boyfriend loves you.

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1. Fulfilling needs

Men, in accordance with their primal caretaker role, like to fulfill the needs of the household. If he loves you, he will want you to have the best of what he can provide. He might spend quality time with you, get you things you needed but couldn’t buy at the moment, or just give you a backrub after the most exhausting day at work.

2. Words of affirmation

Some men like to show their affection verbally. Instead of painting the town red, he’ll just say, “I love you”. When your partner uses words of affirmation as love language, you’re likely to get long emails about how he felt after your first night together or how beautiful he thinks you look in your pajamas.

3. Body language

While you may show joy by gleefully jumping around, his way of showing affection to you might be a subtle smile and a light grazing of his hand on your lower back. Actions speak louder than words. Body language usually consists of subtle signs, and you will have to keep your eyes peeled to ensure you don’t miss anything.

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13 Signs He Is In Love With You

How to know if your boyfriend loves you? Well, let’s start by thinking about these questions. 

  • Do you have a quiet and introverted partner? 
  • Is he shy about showering you with adoration? 
  • What is an indication that he loves you deeply and cares for you? 

While the answer to these is pretty straightforward, you’ll be stuck on these questions for eternity if you’re looking in all the wrong places. Most men aren’t able to adequately express the love they feel toward their partners, and it may take some reading between the lines to figure out the things a man will do if he really loves you. We’ve got you covered, though, with this list of all the signs he’s in love with you.

1. How to know your boyfriend loves you? Your comfort matters to him

If your discomfort is the last thing on his mind, then it’s one of the signs he loves you more than you think. You can’t remember the last time you carried a heavy bag while traveling or the last time you had to worry about whom to call during an anxiety spiral. You can’t remember the last sick day you spent without multiple check-ins from him. If he loves you, your man will make sure he’s doing all he can to ensure your well-being. This is one of the signs he truly loves you.

  • Of course, he won’t and shouldn’t be making your decisions for you, but if anything were to go wrong, he’s always the first person trying to help you through the circumstances you may be facing. When a guy loves you, he knows where to draw the line. That’s what makes his love stand out 
  • Keep in mind that he’s not going to do these nice things for you because he thinks you’re not able to do them. He’s only doing them out of the kindness of his heart. It’s only because he wants to help you as much as he possibly can, and bringing a smile to your face makes him feel good

2. One of the biggest signs he loves you is if he’s your sounding board

things a man will do if he really loves you
He is your sounding board

When a man is in love with you, you will definitely be able to confide in him. On rough days, he is your shoulder to cry on, a sounding board for your crazy new ideas, and a human diary that keeps your secrets under lock and key. If he loves you, he will truly listen to you and care about what you have to say.

  • One of the biggest signs he really loves you is when he can understand when he just needs to listen to you and not try to solve your problems for you. He understands that you’re looking for someone to talk and vent to, not a Superman who will swoop in to handle your problems for you. Though Superman is great, it’s important to be a good listener 
  • If you’re trying to figure out how to know if he loves you, think about how he reacts when you go on one of your endless rants. Does he patiently listen, paying attention to what you’re saying, or does he interrupt you and start talking about that time Fred got too drunk at the sports bar?
  • He really listens. By that, we mean, he listens and remembers that you hate an unmade bed. And so he gets up and does it the first thing in the morning. He doesn’t just pretend to listen so he can get sex later but listens actively and supports the relationship equally

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3. When a man truly loves you, he trusts you

One of the signs he truly loves you, which is absolutely unmissable, is his blatant display of trust in you. Mutual trust is one of the fundamentals of any healthy relationship. Without it, you might end up doubting your partner’s intentions every step of the way. But one of the signs he loves you without saying it is when he lets you be, without trying to control every part of your life or getting insecure at the drop of a hat. 

  • He’ll understand that any guy you meet is just a friend and nothing more than that and that wanting to go out with friends on a Saturday night doesn’t mean you’re cheating on him
  • Asking for your advice in matters of his life, because he trusts your judgment, is another sign he’s in love with you but in denial. Men rarely ask advice from someone unless they value their perspective. It’s one of the biggest signs he’s in love with you
  • He is secure enough to know that this is not a game or a chase, where you get points for making the other person more dependent on you

4. You will be his top priority

How to know your boyfriend loves you? One of the signs he loves you more than you think is when you see that he will drop anything and everything if you need him in times of distress. He will buy you the headphones you’ve been eyeing, instead of buying himself the watch he has had on his wish list for the longest time. Seems like a small sacrifice but it is a big indication that a man truly loves you.

  • However, be careful with this one. Don’t expect him to disregard his own wants and needs, since that would just be unfair to him. Even though you’re his top priority, there are some things you should never compromise on in a relationship. And as someone who loves him back, make sure he is your top priority too
  • He keeps his word and hates to disappoint you. It’s not like him to get your hopes up for something and not do it later or pretend that it’s not a big deal. Though it’s one of the signs he already loves you, it isn’t something that must be expected from a loving partner all the time. Just because he said he’ll be a little late to your place since he’s watching a football match doesn’t mean he has fallen out of love
  • He’s constantly reminded of you all the time, he sends you memes on your relationships, you have inside jokes. In fact, you’re the first person he calls whenever he gets a good news

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5. With him, you can be your own woman

One of the biggest signs he really loves you is when he shows that personal space is important for any relationship. Being joined at the hip doesn’t mean your dynamic has an abundance of love, it might just feature a lack of trust instead. Once you have sufficient personal space, you’ll be able to grow individually as well.

  • Your opinions are important to him, whether they are about politics, holiday plans, relatives, or even his own career
  • When a man truly loves you, he understands that he is dating an independent woman and knows you have your own life and does not try to micromanage it. That’s the best thing about dating a guy who is truly in love with you
  • He appreciates that you have a support group in the form of family and friends and doesn’t try to isolate you from them. He’s interested in meeting them and wants them to like him
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6. He’s there for the good and the bad

Any person would want to be with you, but only the one who truly loves you would want to be with you when you’re at your lowest. It’s easier for someone who just wants a casual fling and not a real relationship to walk away without any strong feelings. When he loves you more than anything in the world, he will fight for you, even when you’re pushing him away.

  • You have arguments but empathetically. You go over what irks either of you and come up with a solution. He doesn’t just shrug it off or says what you want just to get it over with. If you’re both having some serious issues, he’ll fight for the relationship. He will not just call it quits
  • When guys fall for a girl, their hero instinct is activated, i.e., they feel protective toward their partner, want to be in the provider role, and want to take care of them. From the smallest gestures such as blowing on your hot coffee for you, to relocating to a new apartment because it’s closer to yours — these are signs that shows he loves you more than anything else in the world
  • He likes to spend time with you and not just because he didn’t want to be alone or had nothing better to do. He believes time with you is a gift

7. He shares personal stories and fears with you

One of the signs your bf loves you is when he opens up to you like he opens up to nobody else. Not all expressions of love lie in how a man pampers you or treats you like a queen. Sometimes, one expresses love by confiding in another. So when he calls you at the end of his long day at work just to call you popsicle or chooses to tell you all about his argument with his mom from when he was five years old, these are also some weird signs he’s in love with you. 

  • If you’ve just spent last night sitting at the kitchen counter where he told you about a high-school bullying incident or shared with you that he’s never been close to his sister, take that as a big indication that he loves you deeply. He gets out of his comfort zone for you. Having emotional intimacy is a lot more special since men have been conditioned to not be vulnerable with a woman, as they’ve been told that that signifies weakness
  • But it’s not just limited to sharing personal stories. Look for the conversation quality. It will suggest a sense of security, trust, and the idea of the two of you as a team. For example, he’ll keep you in loop on whatever is happening around him. He will ask you to do small things like reminding him of something, or sending you a text to see if his phone is working
  • When a guy is serious about you, he’s secure enough to lean on you for support. And this support could be either emotional support at a closed one’s funeral or asking you to get rid of spiders in the bathroom
How to Tell if You Love Someone

8. His friends and family know all about you

If you’re struggling with understanding how to know if your boyfriend loves you, note this one closely, for this is a big giveaway. So you met his mom over Christmas break, and she pulled out the perfect green scarf for you as a present — the one you’ve been looking for all over town but couldn’t find. Or you two went ice-skating and bumped into his friends, who already know all about you. They know where you work and where you grew up. 

  • If you were searching for hints when a man truly loves you, search no further because this is it! A man avoiding a pocketing relationship is one of the signs he loves you, so put all your worries away
  • But this is not true for everyone. If he has a bad relationship with his family, he’s likely to seek very little approval from them about you. If he has a good relationship with them, he’s likely to try to get you in their good books

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9. He considers you a part of his future plans and works as a team with you

How to know the signs a man is in love with you? He is visualizing the two of you being together in the future. Either short-term or long-term, but his future decisions, like getting that job abroad or the house in the suburbs, do have room for you. He will want to try to spend time with you doing things you like so you can have some common ground. And while you’re together, he doesn’t get FOMO about having a drink with his buddies.

  • He takes responsibility in the relationship. He contributes emotionally and tries to learn what you like, participates by sharing the load, even plans your dates. He takes care of your sexual needs and doesn’t just start snoring the moment he has climaxed. He meets you in the middle
  • Try asking him if he wants to go exclusive. If he loves you, he will agree and even start recording cute voicemail messages that have “we” instead of “I”
  • If you’ve invited him for drinks late at night, a hike in the morning, or suggest that you skip town for a weekend, then a guy is serious about you if he says yes and makes no excuse at all. Well, if he has a meeting in the morning and doesn’t want to go to a bar the night before that, it’s understandable. But on most days, he’s always a “Yes, let’s do it!” kinda guy and is never complacent in the relationship

10. How to know your boyfriend loves you? He knows every tiny detail about you

The fact that you only take sugar with your coffee when you’re having a rough day or that you secretly enjoy eating burritos in the Taco Bell parking lot after work, are cute habits of yours that he already knows. This is a sign he already loves you deeply. And he doesn’t need to ask you to tell him about these things. He’s just picked up on them because he notices you so closely every time you two spend time together.

  • He gets you thoughtful gifts. So when he suddenly drops by and brings you that detergent you’ve needed for a week but have been too lazy to get, or asks you to drive the car because he knows that driving calms you down when you’re frustrated, it’s not because he’s a special angel who knows it all. It’s because he’s made the effort to really see you 
  • You’ll see some weird signs he’s in love with you through uncommon romantic gestures. It’s when he brings you your favorite frozen yogurt on the way back from work or gets your Subway sandwich with exactly the right amount of mayo and barbeque sauce and with no onions because you hate them
  • You’ll also observe signs a guy loves you when you realize that he remembers important details about you, like you have anxiety or any allergies, and ensures that no harm befalls you
Infographic on signs he truly loves you
The signs he truly loves you aren’t hard to spot

11. Your boyfriend really loves you in a long-distance relationship if he picks up on your low energies even over a call

The thing with dating someone long-distance is that you are compelled to master the art of knowing and understanding a person online. You’ve been texting back and forth so much that you even know the exact emojis reflecting your mood that day. So then, how to know your boyfriend loves you in an LDR?

If he values your place in his life, he’s going to make sure he pays attention to the way you speak. He’s not going to take you for granted, and your dull tone is immediately going to be picked up by him. This is definitely one of the ways to tell if your boyfriend really loves you in a long-distance relationship.

  • He’s not scared of your emotions. Even if he doesn’t know how to handle tears, he stays with you, instead of leaving you to deal with it all alone and then seek you out when you are all perky

He tries to spend time with you whenever possible, even if you’re time zones apart. And if he can’t, he will definitely make up for the lost time. How to know your boyfriend loves you more than anything in the world? He values spending quality time with you virtually and will always make room for you even if he has a long to-do list for the evening

12. He helps you grow

One of the signs a guy loves you is that he encourages you to step outside of your comfort zone and pursue your dreams because he believes in you. He will be your biggest supporter and cheerleader. He will not be insecure about your achievements, but will feel proud of you. Notice how he treats you whenever you succeed or fail. Does he plan a celebration party for you when you get that promotion? Does he treat you with empathy when you are reeling from self-doubt?

  • He gives you suggestions, and offers help or criticism wherever you need it. But he doesn’t toe the line that lies between your relationship and your individuality

Even when he’s away from you, he doesn’t want to curb your growth or put restrictions on you. From a distance too, he’s happy to watch you grow and excel in each and everything that you do. This shows he really loves you and that he’s a total keeper! So do not let this one go

13. His body language will tell you

Eating cream cheese with cucumbers because he’s seen you do it a couple of times or even imitating shopping habits when you two head to the mall together — if your man is mirroring your actions, it’s definitely one of the good signs your bf loves you. Body language is a great indicator of someone’s feelings toward you. So next time you chuckle because he sounded exactly like you during a fight, know that it’s that moment when your ‘how to know your boyfriend loves you’ dilemma has been solved and shelved.

  • Sometimes, you notice him getting in a protective stance. For example, he likes to place his hand at the small of your back while crossing a street. Also, he likes to hold your hands or kiss you in public
  • Notice if your words are slipping into his vocabulary. If you’re looking for signs he loves you through texts, notice how he may start using the same words, emojis, or even GIFs as you
  • You find him staring and smiling at you like an idiot. He likes to maintain eye contact, or bends his body slightly toward you. You also find him making an effort to look good. It’s obvious he wants to impress you
  • Most importantly, listen to your gut. It will always tell you what it feels about a person. You may or may not recognize red flags, but notice if your body is giving you signs like anxiety or a feeling of being overwhelmed. Learn to recognize them

From whether your boyfriend really loves you in a long-distance relationship to things a man will do if he really loves you, with this list, we have tried to cover it all. We hope that you found the answers you were looking for and saw a mirror image of your relationship in some of these points.

Key Pointers

  • A man will show his romantic love through his love language
  • He will make you his priority. He will also be willing to get vulnerable with you and lean on you for support
  • He will like displaying his love for you, either in acknowledgment of your relationship to his loved ones or through acts of love
  • His body language often displays signs he loves you without saying it
  • He will support you to grow in all areas of your life

From whether your boyfriend really loves you in a long-distance relationship to things a man will do if he really loves you, with this list, we have tried to cover it all. We hope that you found the answers you were looking for and saw a mirror image of your relationship in some of these points.


1. How do you know if he is deeply in love with you?

If he is deeply in love with you, his actions will show it. He will strive to make you as happy as you can be and your relationship will feature mutual trust, respect, and honest and open communication. He’ll make sure he does everything he’s capable of to help you through trying times and will never willingly do anything to harm you. But sometimes, men pull away before they commit, so do not always be disheartened if you see those signs too. It’s just a sign he’s in love with you but in denial.

2. How do you know someone is secretly in love with you?

If you have a fleeting suspicion that someone is secretly in love with you, try to notice the difference between how they behave with you and how they behave around other people. If they’re making more of an effort with you, there’s a chance you might be onto something here.

3. How do you tell if a guy is slowly falling for you?

If a guy is slowly falling for you, he’ll increase the frequency of his communication with you. He’ll put his best foot forward and showcase the best aspects of his personality. He’ll try to make you laugh and make you feel comfortable in his presence. Most importantly, he’ll probably tell you.

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