10 Signs A Man Is Ready For Marriage And Wants To Marry You Right Now

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Updated On: December 30, 2023
signs a man is ready for marriage

Dating is fun. You could be dating for years and may feel that it’s the right time to settle down but does the guy you are dating feel the same way? How do you identify the signs a man is ready for marriage?

To tell the truth, there is no easy way to know your partner’s readiness for marriage. He could be committed to you, love you madly yet develop cold feet when it comes to marriage. This is usually a sign that he needs more time to prepare himself for a commitment as huge as marriage. Which begs the question – how much time?

But how long does it take a man to know he wants to marry you? And is there a way for you to know that he is ready before broaching the topic (again). Apart from trusting your gut feeling, you could look for signs that he sees himself marrying you.

10 Signs He Wants To Marry You Right Now

The signs he is thinking of marriage are always there, you just need to keep a lookout for those. He could be taking a little bit of time in proposing to you, but eventually, he will. You can be sure of that.

And when the time comes, he will leave subtle signs he wants to marry you. Now it’s up to you to figure out and decode these signs. To make that task easier for you, here is a lowdown on 10 signs he wants to marry you right now:

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1. He’s involved in everything you do

This is a classic sign that a guy is serious about marrying you. He cares about your achievements and he is totally involved in whatever you do. He would keep his fingers crossed for that promotion you are waiting for, know all your colleagues, and encourage you to take a leap of faith in making any big life decisions.

Being supportive of your career, hopes and dreams is a clear sign that he is a part of your life and wants to remain so in the future.

When he wants to marry you
If he’s supportive of your career and dreams, he is serious about marrying you

2. Takes your advice

When a man wants to marry you, he will involve you in the decision-making process about his career and life. Your opinion on their career and life trajectory is important to them and they want your support during a career change or other major decisions. From getting a pet to buying a car or a job switch, he values your views in his life and you are already like a team doing everything together.

3. Plans finances and investments

signs a man is ready for marriage
When he involves you in financial planning, he trusts your opinion

How do you know the signs he wants to wife you? When he loops you in planning his finances and investments, it is a classic sign that he plans to marry you. And if you are aware of his salary, savings and debts, then this shows that he wants you to be a part of his life. Men usually don’t disclose their financial standing easily.

If he has done that he already feels that special connection with you that will inevitably lead to tying the knot. Once he’s involved you in discussions about money, you know he trusts you and values your opinion.

4. He’s involved with your family

He’s the one who insists that he would drive your father to the doctor, comes home often to interact with your parents and wants to know your relatives better. He is genuinely concerned about the well-being of your family and wants to share your parents’ responsibilities with you. This is a sign that this man wants to settle down with you.

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5. He takes you home often

He will make you meet his parents when he wants to marry you
He wants you to interact with his parents

He wants you to interact with his parents too. He tells you how the setup at home works and talks about his family, sharing both the good and bad. He has invited you home at family get-togethers so that you get to know them better. You are the first one he calls for help if there is an emergency at home.

If you have a good relationship with his parents and siblings and are able to hold a conversation with them, he values this bond and wants you to be involved with your future in-laws.

6. He sees the crease in your eyebrow

You may have a subtle frown on your face, something not that noticeable. But even with a fleeting glance he would notice it and ask you what’s wrong. A twitch in the brow, a vanishing smile or the 5 seconds taken before typing out a text never go unnoticed by him.

He understands you in and out and knows your mind well. He catches your discomfiture about anything as quickly as he understands your happiness.

Signs he wants to marry you
He would take one glance at your face and know something is wrong

7. He wants to claim you in bed

Sex with him is all-consuming. He behaves like he can never get enough of you and initiates love-making with the same passion each time. He makes love and ensures you are satisfied in bed. He wants to try new things and when you cuddle up after, he strokes your hair and looks into your eyes deeply.

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8. He shares your vision

When a man wants to marry you he will share your vision. His 5-year or even 10-year plan would be very similar to yours or he has made it so to make sure that when you get married it would work out perfectly for the two of you.

He discusses his dreams of buying a home or traveling the world with you and you feature in all and any plans he has for the future.

9. He wants to spend time with you

Signs he is thinking about marriage

He makes time in his busy schedule to spend with you. If you had mentioned three weeks back about an upcoming movie you wanted to watch, he would remember that, buy the tickets and take you to the movies without you having to say it twice.

He could spend hours with you simply chatting at the coffee shop, talking about nothing in particular. Sometimes you don’t even need to speak, just laying back and binge-watching romcoms is enough for both of you to strengthen your bond.

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10. He drops hints

When he talks about marriage and constantly brings up details of married couples, you know he wants to wife you. If you are trying to find out how long it takes a man to know he wants to marry you, then you just have to keep your eyes and ears open because the signs are all there.

If marriage with you is on his mind then he would ask you things like what’s your ideal wedding dress? Do you believe in a conventional wedding or a court marriage? He would casually bring up ideal honeymoon locations in conversations. These are all the tell-tale signs that a man wants to marry you.

When a man wants to marry a woman, it’s usually from his instincts that he knows she is the one. He would make that extra effort for her. He may not be talking about marriage directly yet but it is on his mind and he would propose sooner or later.

These are all the signs a man is ready for marriage, and if you really think about it, they couldn’t get any more visible. If he’s showing all these signs, get ready, because he’s going to pop the question anytime now!


1. How do you tell if he’s going to propose soon?

If he’s constantly talking about marriage and asking you questions about starting a family together, he’s going to pop the question soon.

2. How do you know if he’s serious about you?

When he’s involved with your family, and ensure you get along with his family. If he’s sharing personal details with you like his finances and career plans, he’s definitely serious about you.

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