12 signs you have found your soulmate

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It is said that our soulmates are pre-decided even before we are born and when we meet them, we just know. When this person makes us feel complete from inside and it feels as if this person has the missing piece to your soul that you were looking for all along, you know that you have found your soulmate connection.

What is meant by a soulmate connection?

If we look up for the word soulmate in the English dictionary, the soulmate meaning in English is the person who is ideal for you. He is the one with whom you spiritually connect. It is as if there’s something from within that drives you towards him. When you are alone, you feel incomplete and everything around makes you feel alone. But when you are with this person, only his/her presence is enough to make everything around you make sense.

You feel complete and your cheerful happy self again. It is maybe because you’ve found your soulmate connection. So, how do you know if you have a soulmate connection? Here are 12 soulmate attraction signs that will help you find your soulmate.
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12 signs you have found your soulmate

Soulmates often come in disguise, you need to be aware of the signs that you have found your soulmate to know.

It may not always begin as romance in movies, but it will have a fulfilling satisfaction and you’d know that you have found someone worthy enough to be called your soulmate, your true soul match. Read on to know the signs.

1. You can feel it

There’s no technical explanation to having a soulmate connection but when you meet him, you just know it. You can feel that he is the one. Deep down you feel a spiritual connection that you’ve never felt with anyone before. Everything just fits with him and you feel complete when he is with you. It is as if your soul is driving you towards him and you know that this is it.

2. The timing is perfect

If you believe in destiny, then you know that if it is meant to be it will happen. Everything has a timing. Even when you meet your soulmate. The soulmate connection power works when it is meant to be. It may happen when you finally realize that you are ready for a serious relationship or when everything in your life like your family, career, friends, etc. are going well and all you need is a partner to complete your life. That is the time when this mystery man walks in and the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

you meet them at the perfect time

You meet them at the perfect time Image source

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3. You connect instantly

You both meet and hit it off instantly. It seems that you are meeting your soulmate for the first time but you both are already talking like old time pals. You both connect like magic and his/her persona is like someone who your dream guy would be. People usually, who have met for the first time begin with small talk, and find it hard to keep the connection going. But two hours with him and you both are already finishing each other’s sentences.

You connect instantly

You feel like you’ve known each other foreverImage source

4. It feels like you’ve always known them

This person has been in your life for maybe a month or two but when you are with him/her, it feels like you’ve known him for years. It doesn’t feel like this person is someone you’ve just met, it’s as if you know everything about them already.

5. The telepathic connection

“I was just about to say that!”

How many times is it that you both have said the same thing together or were going to say the same thing before the other one said it? You both share the same kind of thoughts. It’s only a matter of fact who says it first. Many times you don’t need to talk. You both understand each other’s sign language which no one else can decode. How many times have you wished he did something for you and in minutes he does it without even you telling him? Seems weird but it’s what a romantic soulmate does.

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6. His/her hugs work like magic

Whether you had a bad day or one that had been very tiresome, his/her arms are your “go-to” place. Even a two minute hug takes all the stress away. His/her hugs are more effective than spa treatments. When you are in his/her arms, all the worry related to your work, family, etc. just vanishes and you feel as if you are in a different, more peaceful world.

Hug often

Hugs work like magic Image source

7. There’s no jealousy

When you’ve found your soulmate, you know that he/she is one that is going to stay. No matter how many people come into his/her life and want to sweep him away from you, you know that you are the one your partner wants to be with. The jealousy factor never comes up in your relationship and other men and women are the least of your problems.

8. You feel each other’s pain

Imagine yourself getting hurt and blood is oozing out of your wound. Your partner takes you to a nearby clinic to get it dressed. More than yourself, he is screaming in pain. He just can’t see you in pain. Now think about him getting hurt, will you feel the pain or not? You both feel each other’s pain because of the soulmate connection you both have. You can’t bear seeing each other in pain and hence, feel it too.

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9. Different personalities but similar in so many ways

You feel understood

He understands you like no other Image source

You might either have contrasting personalities or have contrasting jobs. Complete polar opposites. One make like rock music while the other might like jazz. But you both still fell for each other. When you both connect, you find that both of you are similar in so many ways. You both could share the same kind of qualities like empathy, generosity, etc. which you find out about after some time of courtship. But you connected before knowing these things. This is because your soul recognized the real person under all these layers. Even before you knew it.

10. He/She is your happy place

“Home is not a place, it is a person”

When you find your safe spot in a person, he/she becomes your home. You feel safe with that person. You will always want to get to him when you are feeling low or want a break from other things. Just being with him makes you happy and you always want to be with him. He is your happy place.

11. They just get you

All these years you might have been misunderstood and you feel that nobody really gets you or understands how you feel. This person just gets you like almost every time. He/she will always know the right thing to say or do when you are having a bad day. Imagine you both go to a party which bores you a lot, he will know already and will get you out. You don’t need to tell him. He knows!

12. You both have crossed paths before

Soulmates often cross paths but do not meet until many years after. This is because everything has a right place and right time. After many months or years of dating you might catch him in a childhood picture and get to know that you both went to the same event but have never crossed paths. This is how the magic of destiny and your soulmate connection works.

Even after 4-5 breakups you might not find your soulmate. Your soulmate will meet you when the time is right. Finding your soulmate is like finding a part of yourself. You know that this person is going to keep you very happy and just the thought of it makes you smile. Having a soulmate doesn’t mean that there aren’t going to be fights. Fights are inevitable in every relationship. But even after a fight you will feel this hollowness in your heart that will fill only when you make up with your soulmate. If you haven’t found your soulmate yet, there’s no need to worry. Great things are yet to happen.

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