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5 myths associated with the vagina that need to be cleared

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Let’s face it ladies, we know what we all have got down there but there is still so much we don’t know about our vagina. It’s still considered mysterious and there is so much misconception out there regarding vagina that it’s just baffling. We know most of us are not comfortable to talk about our lady parts, but it’s time to break the taboo. Let’s debunk the biggest myths about vaginas right here, right now.

1.  Vaginas naturally smell bad

This is the most common misconception women have about their lady part. But we have news for you. Your vagina DOES NOT smell bad. That is, unless you have an infection or you’re menstruating. The vagina has a distinctive taste and odour, and it varies from woman to woman. Your diet, pH level, hormonal changes, etc. decide the smell of your vagina. So no, vaginas naturally don’t have a foul smell and it’s time you should stop freaking out about it.[restrict]

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2. The more sex you have the less ‘tight’ you become down there

This myth is utterly sexist, insulting and incorrect on so many levels. Vaginas are designed to be incredibly elastic and no matter the number of times you have had sex, your vagina naturally contracts after sex. Intercourse DOES NOT make your vagina less ‘tight’ permanently.

3. Yeast infection is an STD

It’s another ridiculous myth. Yeast infection is incredibly common even if you are NOT sexually active. The infection is unpleasant to have, but it’s no big deal and it can be easily treated and avoided by maintaining a proper hygiene routine. Using condoms can save you from STDs and unwanted pregnancy, but it’s no protection against yeast infection.

4. Eating yogurt cures yeast infection

Eating yogurt can help your immunity, skin and hair texture, but sadly it’s NOT a cure for yeast infection. Only antifungal medicine and a proper hygiene routine can help you get rid of yeast infection.

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5. All women have vaginal orgasm

Despite what your man tells you, this is NOT true. His penis can win the world, but female orgasm is tad more complicated than that. Most women don’t experience vaginal orgasm at all. But that’s fine. For most women clitoral stimulation is more natural and pleasing. Try it!

It’s time to free your vagina from all the lies, ladies

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