5 Things Men Should Know About A Woman’s Vagina

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The vagina is special, talented and kind of spell-binding. Not many men/women can guarantee they know their way around a va-jay-jay. A women’s nether regions have been a matter of speculation and are not as simple as their male counterparts. However, there are less known facts that men are often surprised to learn.

1. Not all vaginas are ‘smelly’

Have you ever had a man who cringes while talking about the smell of a vagina? Often men say “Women have this fishy smelling vagina” (what!). Well, you ignorant minds should read up or at least scope out your area before spouting and establishing permanent cynicism on the female genitalia. Not all women have a fishy smelling vagina. The smell differs from woman to woman. True, there is a faint smell (as with a penis *insert straight-faced smiley*). It depends on the pH of the vagina (yes, vaginas are pH balanced), the average being 4.5, which makes it acidic, which in turn allows your swimmers to survive there.

2. Women can get aroused without getting wet

Haha! If she isn’t getting wet, that doesn’t mean she isn’t aroused. The ‘wetness’ depends on the time of her cycle. If the woman is ovulating, she is more likely to get wet.

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3. Women can get aroused too

This often comes as a shock to even women, but women get erections too. The clitoris, like the penis, has a pair of corpus cavernosa which swell up when aroused. The clitoris itself, hidden under mounds, is often hard to locate and the erection goes unnoticed. But there you go, women get erections too.

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4. The mythical G-spot

There are still vigorous arguments over the existence and location of the G-spot. While many claim it is a small spot located on the front wall of the vagina, others argue that the G-spot is the extension of nerves at the end of the clitoris. Many women have their most pleasurable spot named as their G-spot, and this differs from woman to woman. Speculation, speculation!

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5. Peeing after sex

Women pee after sex to avoid contracting urinary tract infection (UTI). The anus is located pretty close to the urethra. During sex, fecal bacteria might come closer to the urethra and it is a mechanism of the body to pee it out. Peeing after sex flushes out the bacteria.

There you go. Less known facts about the vagina.

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Priya Jindal
Priya Jindal May 18, 2018 - 8:55 pm

These are definitely less known facts. I didn’t know a couple of them. Keep sharing such information.

Swati Mehra
Swati Mehra May 18, 2018 - 5:46 pm

This one is definitely a life saver. Forget men, I bet even most women don’t know these things about vaginas.

Ishita Roy
Ishita Roy May 18, 2018 - 12:13 pm

Also, going from anal sex to vaginal is bad bad bad.

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