6 Things Every Girl Should Do For Maintaining Hygiene Down There

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Updated On: February 15, 2024
women have to take care of their vaginal hygiene more than men

Nobody is fully confident about vaginal hygiene. In a country as rigid as India, the talk of vaginal hygiene is an extreme hush-hush. Everyone needs an oven to bake but nobody wants to discuss cleaning it. Like always, it is up to us women to get things done on our own. Our queries for vaginal hygiene begin with Google offering myriad tips. But how to have good hygiene down there is a question that every woman should ask.

Vaginal hygiene is not a joke. Apart from being a matter of the sexual appeal, keeping a steady, healthy vagina is mandatory to have a non-irritable day cause an itch or a burn down there can ruin a perfectly good day. Vaginal hygiene is important for a girl.

6 Personal Hygiene Tips For A Girl

How to have good hygiene down there is a question that often comes to a girl’s mind? Yes, it is important to maintain hygiene down there are here are a few tips you can follow to have good personal hygiene.

1.   Wear cotton panties

A sexy lingerie makes you feel sexy in the outside as well. But with the huff and puff of a long day, Victoria’s Secret might not be a wise choice. Opt for cotton undies. They soak up the perspiration down there, not leaving in any foul odour. Fabrics apart from cotton blocks air circulation and is bound to leave a stinky vagina at the end of the day. It doesn’t mean you cannot EVER wear sexy lingerie, but avoid wearing it on a daily basis.

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2.  Use intimate washes

There are multiple personal care products available on the market. Do not use your body wash or hand wash down there. The use of milder soaps is recommended. These washes help to keep the PH balance in your vagina intact and so controls any kind of odour or infection.  Using these intimate washes are ideal for maintaining personal hygiene of a woman.

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3.  Do not douch

Vaginal hygiene depends quite confidently if you douche or not. Yes, the word ‘douching’ has its origin in French which means washing or soaking. Douching involves washing your nether regions with an acidic substance, mostly post-coitus, as a contraceptive measure. Well, surely, this kind of contraceptive is a myth and changes the pH level. Ladies, avoid douching. It doesn’t help in any way. Also, it’s time for us to aware ourselves of UTI. Understand you body before using any care products lest you should risk UTIs.

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4.  Do not delay the change of tampons or pads

Vaginal care during menstruation determines the health of your vagina. How you take care of it (or don’t!) determines how hygienic you can be. Let’s face it, menstruation is messy. There is that chance of you staining the seat on your heaviest-flow days. Among all the planning and taking care, make sure you do not wear the same sanitary napkin for more than 5-7 hours. If you use tampons, change them within a few hours. It reduces the stress of leaking and measures up to a good vaginal hygiene. Changing pads is really very important for maintaining hygiene and avoiding any infections.

5.  Trimming

Yes, pubic hair maintains the pH down there (maintaining the pH is actually a big thing!) so even if you are tempted to remove the entire carpet of pubic hair, trying trimming it. Many women find it extremely gross, especially during their periods (ugh!). Trimming your pubic hair actually reduces the odour and your vagina stays clean during menstruation as well.

Trimming is a must

6.  Avoid using scented products

A lot of women use scented products down there to smell more flowery. Well, flowery products are a shortcut to inflammation and sends you on a highway to yeast infection. Just because they are scented, doesn’t necessarily mean they will leave your vagina smelling like a lavender field. Scented tampons are a big NO-NO! Essential oils are helpful. Coconut oil softens and reduces irritation. But other than that, scented products are mostly inadvisable.

If you have been careless in taking care of your ‘flower’, it is high time to educate yourself more about your own body. Get information about diseases like different types of STDs. It is up to you to keep your vagina clean and fit. A little knowledge about a day can keep the gynecologist away (and also, a yeast infection!). Just follow these personal hygiene tips.

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