Affair and Cheating

5 reasons why extramarital affairs are more open now

Are extramarital affairs more acceptable now or are they more frequent? And what is the reason for this?

During my web blogger journey of over a year, I have had the opportunity of editing more than 10 blogs that speak of extramarital relationships liberally. I found that people often talk about falling in love with someone other than their spouse, but yet, the traditional and orthodox norms of Indian society pull them back to their marriages even though they are tempted by their personal feelings to pursue pleasure with a new person.

Are we becoming more accepting?

Well, queries and confessions surrounding extramarital relationships are not a novel concept and have been prevalent in society for decades now. Segments on infidelity that document personal problems relating to extramarital affairs have been present in magazines and newspapers. However, queries, confessions, or counselling posts were primarily published as anonymous or with a changed name. Things are changing now though; the shame and secrecy surrounding affairs are diminishing. Could this mean we are becoming more accepting towards these kinds of relations, or is it simply that people are more honest these days?

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Classic excuses to have an extramarital affair, with help from Bollywood!

What is an extramarital affair?

We asked our readers how they defined cheating as a couple and they said

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  1. This is true more so due to changed lifestyle and people tend to look out ways to come out of monotonus life and trying to capture the opportunities that gadgets and social atmosphere allows two induviduals to get connected matching the choice and lkings.

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