5 reasons why extramarital affairs are more open now

by Manjari Pandey

During my web blogger journey of over a year, I have had the opportunity of editing more than 10 blogs that speak of extramarital relationships liberally. I found that people often talk about falling in love with someone other than their spouse, but yet, the traditional and orthodox norms of Indian society pull them back to their marriages even though they are tempted by their personal feelings to pursue pleasure with a new person.

Are we becoming more accepting?

Well, queries and confessions surrounding extramarital relationships are not a novel concept and have been prevalent in society for decades now. Segments on infidelity that document personal problems relating to extramarital affairs have been present in magazines and newspapers. However, queries, confessions, or counselling posts were primarily published as anonymous or with a changed name. Things are changing now though; the shame and secrecy surrounding affairs are diminishing. Could this mean we are becoming more accepting towards these kinds of relations, or is it simply that people are more honest these days?

There are five major reasons for the increased acceptance of extramarital affairs in Indian society.

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1. We’re surer of our desires

People nowadays are more accepting of their desires, and thus are willing to reject the social obligations which force them to curb their desire for love, both mental and physical. Since we are surer of what we want, we make active efforts to go get it. Nobody these days accepts a life full of sacrifices and unfulfilled desires, as they don’t want to have remorse in old age and believe in living life to the fullest. Thus, an infatuation or attraction easily converts into an affair with less hesitation and fewer concerns about what society will think of it.

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2. More spaces for interaction

There are more spaces in society where men and women interact. For instance, one does not need to go to lingerie stores or salons to find women; they can easily be met at places like bars or clubs. Society isn’t how it was 30 years ago, where married women were hesitant to interact with other men at work or outside of it. Couples are more open to their partners meeting someone of the opposite gender in a casual setting now and this can become a breeding ground for attraction.

Couples are more open to their partners meeting someone of the opposite gender in a casual setting now and this can become a breeding ground for attraction.

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3. Women are more assertive

Women have really evolved from the docile and vulnerable stereotype that once dictated what was ‘acceptable behaviour’. Now women are more independent, confident and not afraid to be themselves in public. They are smart, talented and know how to get what they want. Women nowadays are not afraid to voice their opinions and mock those who restrict affairs to something only married man partake in.

affair and cheating

4. More social opportunity

There is increased convenience in connecting socially. We have all the options of getting into contact with anyone. It is easy to locate your high school crush or even meet like-minded strangers. Almost all telecom providers have advertised numbers where women or men with sweet talks are waiting to serve.

party friend

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5. Lifestyle changes

Finally, the lifestyle. Yes, our lifestyle is such that being away from your partner for long durations due to work are now more common than ever. Alcohol usage has increased and you witness high levels of intoxication at parties. Similarly, work can often go on into the night and we have close interactions with people at gyms, offices, clubs, or even while sharing a cab. The ambition, the stress, the loneliness, the search for true love, or unfulfilled needs are easily met.

There are several other reasons that contribute to the rise of extramarital affairs; however, whatever may be the reason there is definitely more acceptance in society.

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KB March 17, 2018 - 8:02 pm

This is true more so due to changed lifestyle and people tend to look out ways to come out of monotonus life and trying to capture the opportunities that gadgets and social atmosphere allows two induviduals to get connected matching the choice and lkings.


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