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I had an affair with my colleague at work, but now we’ve broken up. How do I cope?

They had an affair, then he broke up with her with no explanation. How can she go on working with him and cope at the same time?
office romance

We work together, so I can’t even get away from him

Sneha tells her story: “I am a smart and pretty 25-year-old woman in a good job. Success and hard work have been my companions all my life, leaving no scope for any other pastime. Avinash is a handsome 32-year-old colleague and we worked closely in many projects. I always admired him and somewhere along the line he reciprocated.”

“The lunch breaks became more eventful, projects more meaningful and official tours beautiful. Call it a whirlwind romance or throwing caution to the winds kind of once in a lifetime chance, it was all that we could see.”

“As they say, all good things come to an end. Avinash left me suddenly without offering any closure. I work with him closely and the pangs of proximity laced with separation tears up my wounded heart. The smell of his familiar aftershave leaves me feeling heady and needy. How can I go on without him? Is there any way out of my predicament?”

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  1. Stay calm.. don’t do anything. dont try to find solace in trying to find one more boy friend/ lover atleast for a while.treat him like a co worker if you are working in same project.
    Don’t initiate or encourage small may take a while to get out of the intimate feelings. dont allow him again if he tries to come back..With time you will know exactly what to do

  2. Two of my closest friends are struggling with this. The thing is that however much they want they can’t seem to get over it. I also understand why. Their lovers are like a fresh breeze, they feel noticed. It’s a break from the everyday monotony of life. But yes they need help because they are miserable too. Right now their husbands don’t know but once they do, it will be hell!

    1. These same lovers are someone else’s rotten air. It’s all momentary. What matters is what you want out of your life. Short term gains with stress or long term peace with a bit of compromise.

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