Kavita Panyam

Kavita is a certified counseling psychologist based out of Hyderabad, India. She is a, Masters of Psychology with specialisation in counseling. Kavita has exclusively trained in psychological counseling at CCC Vellore. She is the recipient of Vokal Expert award 2018 and India Star Icon Award 2019 for Psychological counseling. Kavita is a, life member of Bharatiya Counseling Psychology Association and an International Affiliate with the American psychological Association. She is a leading expert on several online mental health portals. Kavita has 18 years experience in psychological counseling in the areas of, Relationships, Stress and tension, Anxiety and depression, Teen issues, addiction, sadness, and more. Kavita is a columnist, and writes on psychological issues, shares tips and techniques on several leading online platforms and print magazines. More on her personal blog Kavitapanyam.com.

how to help depressed wife

7 Expert Backed Ways To Help A Depressed Wife

Healing your depressed wife is not your prerogative. Nor are your equipped to do so. But you can definitely help them get better by offering the right support at the right time

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