The Animated Woman

The Animated woman is a freelance writer, has an immense love for books that have the power to make her cry and is also an appreciator of good food. A day home with her favourite book and a blanket is a day in paradise for her. She is an observer. She looks at the world with the eyes of a hawk but does not get caught. Apart from her love for words, she expresses herself by the means of dance and never misses out on good films.

alpha males in relationships

Alpha Males In Relationships: Characteristics And How To Deal

Alpha males in relationships take greater risks, reveals a new study from Concordia University. In fact, Concordia doctoral student, Eric Stenstrom explained, “Since women tend to be attracted to men who are fit, assertive and rich, men are apt to take risks with sports, people and money to be attractive to potential mates. What’s interesting is that this tendency is influenced by testosterone exposure — more testosterone in the womb can lead to more risks in the rink, the bar and the trading floor in later in life.”

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manipulative wife

11 Signs Of A Manipulative Wife

Picture this: your manipulative wife keeps abusing you in private and raises hell if you retort. She plays the victim often, and neighbors believe you’re being an abusive partner. And you have no way to make people understand that you’re the one who’s at the receiving end of this toxic behavior. This sort of behavior

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