The Animated Woman

The Animated woman is a freelance writer, has an immense love for books that have the power to make her cry and is also an appreciator of good food. A day home with her favourite book and a blanket is a day in paradise for her. She is an observer. She looks at the world with the eyes of a hawk but does not get caught. Apart from her love for words, she expresses herself by the means of dance and never misses out on good films.

Signs Of A Controlling Woman

13 Signs Of A Controlling Woman

With the help of psychologist Shazia Saleem, lets try to understand what the signs of controlling behavior looks like and why she’s that way in the first place.

dealing with an alpha male

How To Deal With An Alpha Male – 8 Ways To Sail Smoothly

Is your man assertive and confident? Could it be a sign you have a relationship with an alpha male? If you do, are there a few things you should be doing differently to try and connect with him? Let’s find out all you need to know about the personality in question today, and whether you’ve got one on your hands.

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