15 Cute Ways To Prove To Your Girlfriend That You Love Her

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Prove to your girlfriend that you love her

Girls. They need proofs for everything. Then how can they not ask you for proof when you tell them you love them? So how do you prove to your girlfriend that you love her without really jumping off the cliff. Or maybe, you are in a long-term relationship and deeply love her but the honeymoon phase is over and now, both of you are used to each other’s presence. Sometimes, your girlfriend might feel that you take her for granted. At times, it is important to reinstate your love for her to keep the spark in your relationship alive. Again, all it needs is to prove to your girlfriend that you love her.

15 Cute Ways To Prove To Your Girlfriend That You Love Her

Women, generally like the acknowledgement of love and the little things you do for them. They feel important when you remind them how much you love them without even saying it. Women are keen observers of non-verbal communication and in a relationship, it is imperative that you make her feel loved without being too obvious about it. Here are 15 cute ways to prove to your girlfriend that you love her.

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1. Tell her your deepest secrets

Women always feel an important part of your life when they know your deep, dark secrets. She will feel loved when you share everything with her, because that implies you trust her about everything. Tell her about the time when you were scared or that time when you failed to deal with a situation. Showing her your vulnerable side will make her feel special and loved. To prove to your girlfriend that you love her, make her your confidant even for the things you do not confess to yourself.

Make her your confidant

Make her your confidant Image Source

2. Look into her eyes

Sit with her and look into her eyes truthfully with all the love you have for her. You don’t have to say anything. Moments of comfortable silence can make her feel closer to you. You don’t have to stare at her creepily, but looking at her with fond admiration is one way of saying that you’re head over heels for her. She will feel in love with you all over again.

3. Send her ‘I Love You’ text messages randomly

Messaging might seem old school in the world of video calling but trust us, it works wonders. Short, sweet texts in the middle of the day are a way of telling her that you think of her even when you’re busy. You don’t have to do it regularly but once in a while, out of the blue, send her messages like, ‘I can’t stop thinking about you.’, ‘I love you so much.’ or ‘I miss you.’ These small gestures will assure your girlfriend that you love her, over text.

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4. Hug her from behind and whisper sweet things

It is important to show a woman that you love her more than anything else in this world. Most girls love it when a guy hugs them from behind, catches them by surprise, and whispers things like, ‘I love you.’ It is a way of showing romantic love that cannot be compared with any other form of intimacy. A small peck on the cheek when she turns around would always be more memorable to her than any other act of sexual intimacy.

Not that sexual intimacy is any less important in a relationship, but this is one of the ways that can help you convince her that you love her without saying it.

Hug her often

Hug her often Image Source

5. Surprise her

You don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to surprise her. Surprising her could mean doing any of the little things that would make her feel special, like cooking dinner for her when she has had a long, tiring day at work or showing up at a date with a bunch of flowers or gifting her little things like a pair of earrings without any occasion. Such surprises will let her know that you think of her when she’s not around and reassure her that you love her a lot.

6. Appreciate her efforts in private as well as in public

Always appreciate her efforts, not just when you both are alone, but also when you are out with your social group. Leave no chance to brag about her whether she is present or not. She will be on the seventh heaven when she realizes that you cannot stop talking about her.

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7. Listen when she talks

Women like to share things with their significant other. Pay attention to what she says, even when you don’t think it concerns you. She is sharing something with you because she is comfortable in doing so and wants your opinion about something. She feels she can share her stuff with you, which is a big vote of confidence. You might not be interested but if it is important to her, listen to her attentively. This will make her feel that you care for her and want to have conversations with her.

Listen when she talks

Listen when she talks Image Source

8. Kiss her on the forehead

This is another very small, but extremely effective way to show her that you love her. Forehead kisses signify your respect and affection for her. Girls feel extremely special when kissed on the forehead. Forehead kisses show that you care for her.

A simple kiss on the forehead on certain occasions would be enough to convince her that you love her unconditionally.

9. Get involved in the things she likes

It is okay to have different interests but your girlfriend will definitely appreciate you making an effort to be a part of the things she likes even when you don’t like them. If she has been wanting to go to that play accompany her even if you don’t like it. The fact that you try to make her happy by doing things she likes, will mean a lot to her.

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10. Leave a sweet note for her which she can find and read later

After a passionate night of love, when you have to leave early while she is still sleeping, it is always a good idea to leave a small note for her which she can read after she wakes up. She won’t stop blushing the entire day. Although this is a very small gesture, this is something that she’ll cherish forever. Women never overlook any tiny, little things that you do for them. And these small things prove to your girlfriend that you love her making her love you back even more.

11. Prove to your girlfriend that you love her by pampering her

Pampering her does not mean that you have to run after her and get her everything on the plate. It means that at times, you could bend over and tie her shoelaces for her or get her the coupons for a relaxing spa. It could mean that you cuddle with her while watching a movie together or just picking her up or dropping her off at office someday would do the thing. All individuals are independent enough to manage things for themselves but everyone craves for a little love and attention from their significant other and these things could make your girl feel that you love her.

Pamper her to the core

Pamper her to the core Image Source

12. Make her a part of your world

She is your girlfriend and she is obviously a part of your world, but she would feel like it if you commit to her. Make plans with her and your friends together, or make her meet your parents over lunch or dinner. Tell her about your future plans and the problems that you have been facing at work. Make her feel that she is living your life along with you, and you are not just two people in love. Tell her that she is going to be with you in the rest of your journey.

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13. Prioritize her

Prioritizing is a significant part of any relationship. A lot of girls secretly wish to be their partner’s top priority. That does not mean that you have to rush to her at every call but it surely means that whenever you make any major decision, you will think of her first. You will discuss things with her before deciding on something big and you will choose her over other people. It might seem like a tough job to do, but women like the fact that they are somebody’s priority.

14. Give her the space she wants

Every girl needs some personal space – the right to decide what is right for her or spending some days alone, by herself. It is important that you shower her with love but at the same time, it is also important that she doesn’t feel bombarded with your constant presence. Give her some time to spend with herself. It is important that she loves herself before she loves you.

Give her space

Give her space Image Source

15. Respect her

Last but not the least, any relationship stands on the pillar of mutual respect. You MUST respect her as an individual. You must respect her decisions, her choices and her boundaries as well. Respect is one of the best ways to show her that you love her for who she is. Respecting her doesn’t mean putting her on a higher pedestal. It simply means that you should never be rude to her or abuse her in any way. You should not be dominant or controlling. You must respect her for the individual that she is.

Women can be hard to please. You might find it very difficult to find new ways to express your love, but what you need to know is that most women see the love in the little things that you do for them. They don’t desire huge presents or a lot of flattering. What they yearn for is a bit of romance irrespective of how old the relationship is. Time and again, with these easy tips, prove to your girlfriend that you love her, just as much as you did earlier.

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