15 Things Guys Like Their Girlfriends To Do

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Things guys like their girlfriends to do

Is there anything specific guys like their girlfriends to do? Aren’t men supposed to be the uncomplicated gender? ‘Women are hard to understand’ they say, but anyone ever mentioned that men are impossible to understand? You never know what goes on in his mind. He would smile upfront and hide his feelings of anguish. Girls, your guy is never going to express what he needs or likes to your face, but there are many things guys like their girlfriends to do. Guys have a tendency to do that with indirect hints. You have to be smart enough to decode them.

What Do Guys Want From Their Girlfriends?

Men generally are not that demanding. All they want is a peaceful relationship and a reciprocation of their love. They want their space and they wish their girlfriends understood a few things without them saying it. Now, how confusing can that be?

The answer is, a lot! Because communication is not a man’s best friend, it can be tough to gather what he really likes. Men find it difficult to communicate their feelings, so we have come up with a solution to help you understand what your man likes. He might not say it but he secretly wishes for them. Here are 15 common things that every guy likes his girlfriend to do.

1. Guys like their girlfriends to pamper them

While romcoms always show the man going down on his knees with a bouquet of flowers and a ring, we suggest that you should start surprising him every now and then, with the little things he likes. It could be anything from a wallet to a handmade card to an I-pad. Anything can be a gift and he will appreciate it because you took the effort.

Guys like to be pampered too

Guys like to be pampered too Image Source

Men generally never show it but they too, secretly wish to be pampered by their girlfriends.

2. Support him

Supporting him doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to lend him a hand in whatever he does or financial support. Sometimes, it just means that you assure him saying you will stand by his side in his good and bad times. Support him in the decisions he makes. A man feels a boost in his self-esteem when he has someone beside him promising to be there, no matter what.

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3. Send him sweet, romantic text messages

Don’t you love receiving his messages right in the morning when you wake up? Well, he would love that too. While he sends you good morning texts, you could send him other sweet, romantic messages in the middle of a busy day. That would tell him that you think of him even while you are busy.

A guy loves it when he is shown how important he is. You don’t even have to google sweet things, just say whatever comes to your mind. Even a simple ‘I love you’ or ‘I was thinking of you’ would do the trick.

4. Guys like their girlfriends to make them laugh

You need not have the skills of a stand-up comedian nor you need any of those WhatsApp jokes to make him laugh. All you need to do is use your own sense of humor. Guys love it when their girl plays with them. A weird look on the face, tickling him, or making fun of anything around would just do the trick. He will definitely feel special because this is something that only the two of you share.

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5. Guys want their girlfriends to listen to them

He talks, you know! Generally, it is believed that girls do all the talking in the relationship and men nod. While we know that is not true, you need to make him understand that by listening to him when he talks. It is foolish to believe that men don’t vent out because they do and a lot more than women. Men do cry when sad and it is perfectly fine. They just need a patient ear who can nod while they talk.

Most men are good listeners. If he always listens to you, he secretly wishes to be heard as well. So once in a while, let him do the talking.

6. Appreciate his efforts

Let’s admit it, he does a lot for the relationship – from handling your mood swings to pampering you until you feel better. He might secretly wish for it but will never ask for it. The least you can do is appreciate him. Not every day, of course! But once in a while, it wouldn’t hurt to leave a note or a card on his side stand saying how thankful you are to him and how much he means to you. Do that and you will find him blushing all day.

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7. Compliment him

Yes, you read that right. We all know that men look good too. They might not dress up every now and then, but when they do, they do it right. They would be more than glad to know that from you. Like us women, compliments do make men happy! At the same time, it is important that you don’t give him compliments just to flatter him. They should come from your heart. That look in your eyes when you appreciate his looks should imply that you really think he looks handsome. Compliments are very important in a relationship because giving compliments means that you notice the other person and you are still attracted by them.

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8. Dress up for him

‘You don’t dress up for others. You should dress up for yourself.’ Whilst this is absolutely true, he would love it if you take the pain of dressing up for him once in a while. When something as routine as dressing up is done especially just to grab his attention, he surely will go gaga over you.

9. Guys like their girlfriends to take the initiative

“A good relationship is a give and take from both people… a bad relationship is one person giving and another taking.” Taking initiatives from your end would not only impress him but he will also be in awe of you; especially in bed. Men totally love to be dominated in bed. They like it when you begin things and you take charge.

Men really admire women who are courageous enough to take the initiative and sometimes, a change in the role is necessary in a relationship.

10. Make sure he knows you are ‘head-over-heels’ for him

You know you are. Well, he deserves to know too. When you whisper soft nothings in his ear or when you look into his eyes with fond admiration, he is bound to go red in his face. A lot of men like to be reminded by their partners of how attracted they are to them. It works wonders in bed too.

Show your love to your man

Show your love to your man Image Source

11. Respect his sexual desires and fantasies

Men can have the wildest fantasies. All thanks to side flicks! While you may find them gross, or ‘not your thing’, it is important that you respect them and give them a chance. Another thing that you can do is fulfill his sexual needs. Never do that at the cost of your own peace but sometimes, if he has been asking for oral sex, and you don’t mind it, go ahead. It would make him feel jubilant when he realizes that you did something just for him. Also, he would return the favor.

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12. Be communicative

This is very, very important. Most men complain about not being able to understand what their partner wants. Try to be as communicative as possible. If you are upset, tell him that instead of him trying to figure out what went wrong and going all the wrong ways making the situation more miserable. The one thing that guys want desperately from their girlfriends is to tell them their minds directly. They are not up for solving puzzles, simply because they are not good at it.

13. Involve yourself with his friends and family members

If you are in a serious relationship, he would have introduced you to his friends and family. The next step is yours. They are obviously important for him and their opinion about you will matter. You will have to work hard to be liked by them. Try to mix up with his kith and kin and that would make him feel that his relationships matter to you as much as they matter to him.

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14. Take his opinions in important decisions of your life

While you are a strong, independent woman, who is capable of deciding for herself, it would mean a lot to him if you took his opinions and considered them seriously before making any major decision in your life. It would imply that he is a significant part of your life and he would do the same in future. Guys really want their girlfriends to treat them with love and respect. They hate it when you don’t consider them as a part of your team when it comes to fighting battles of life.

15. Make him a part of your personal circle

Just like he wants you to be involved in his social circle, he wants to be a part of your personal circle as well. He would be over the moon if you introduced him to your family and friends as your ‘boyfriend’. The acknowledgment of a relationship is as important to men as it is to women.

Relationships can be very difficult to handle especially if you do not know what your partner wants. Men want a lot of things from their girlfriends but unfortunately, most of them fail to express it.

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