Vachana Shah

Vachana (MSc Counselling Studies) is a prolific wordsmith whose passion for exploration and curiosity is best expressed when putting pen to paper. With a background in Psychology and literature, she thoroughly enjoys reading and writing about family dynamic, power equations, and relationships in general. Recently, Vachana submitted a thesis, on navigating healing when it comes to intergenerational trauma, for publication at the esteemed University of Edinburgh.

Wedding party gift

16 Wedding Party Gifts For Both Bride And Groom Squad

If the bride and the groom are looking for a way to show how their hearts are filled with gratitude, here’s an idea – a wedding party gift. It’s your time to give back, show them how much you truly appreciate their help and more importantly, their friendship. Without them, you probably would have ended up having cold feet or worse – panic attacks, when you thought you would end up cutting a pizza on the big day instead of the 4-tier snow frosting, Belgian chocolate cake.

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