25 Uncommon But Useful Housewarming Gift For Couples

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Housewarming gifts for couples

How frustrating is it when you can’t seem to find the right housewarming gift ideas for couples that are uncommon, affordable, send some sort of a message, while also being exorbitantly classy? Extremely. No matter what housewarming gift you get the couple, you know they will be thankful for the gesture, but mainly out of politeness and obligation. Is that really how you want to start off your loved ones’ new beginning in their lovely house? 

25 Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas For Couples 

Thinking up the perfect housewarming gift ideas for couples can seem like an effortless task at first, that is until you realize that your gift will probably end up being a replica of many others at the same party. When you present a couple with their housewarming present, it is your way of congratulating them and letting them know you wish the best for them. Keep reading if you want to make sure that not only will your gift stand out due its uniqueness and usefulness, but also for not leaving you broke for the rest of the month. 

1. Dream catcher 

Housewarming gifts for couple - Dream catcher

Whether you believe in dream catchers or not, everyone knows the intention behind it; aside from being gorgeous, it is said it helps one to sleep peacefully and filters out bad dreams. This housewarming gift is especially a great idea if you’re buying it for a young or a newlywed couple, showing them that you care for them and their peace of mind.

  • Beige white color adds elegance to any space
  • 100% cotton 
  • Comes with LED light 
  • Item dimensions: 37.8 inches / 96 cm (Diameter : 7.9 inches / 20 cm)


2. Customized pillow covers 

good housewarming gifts for couples- customized pillow covers

As exciting and adventurous as shifting houses can be, it can also instill a sense of uneasiness, because of all the changes one experiences. At a time like this, who wouldn’t like customized pillow covers which makes them feel a little more at home. Not only are these pillows great as housewarming gift ideas for couples, but they’re also ideal for all types of home décor and the lovebirds can also carry them wherever they go. add a personal touch for them. This is the type of a housewarming gift that people will remember and frequently mention.

  • Customizable print in beautiful font
  • 100% cotton canvas 
  • Neutral colored covers to go with any decor theme 
  • Covers are washable and easy to clean 
  • Dimensions : 16 x 16 x 0.1 inches 

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3. Cheese Board 

housewarming gifts for newlyweds

Nothing says elegance like a beautiful cheese board! When it comes to giving housewarming gifts for newlyweds, it is always wise to give them something that you know they will use a lot. The best thing about this luxury gift item is that it will never go out of style. Serving different varieties of cheese and accouterments with a glass of white wine can look as fancy as serving caviar. 

  • Made from natural bamboo wood; durable with touch of natural freshness 
  • Easy to clean and even easier to use – assigned spaces for knives and forks with enough room for meat, cheese, fruits, brie or crackers
  • Water resistant with perfect dimensions: 14.53 x 11.38 x 1.65 inches

4. Monogrammed coaster 

Housewarming gift ideas for couples - Monogrammed coaster

Coasters with my initials on it? Yes please! It does not matter if this housewarming gift is for an older couple or newlyweds, you can rest assured it won’t disappoint. It is an amazing feeling to look around your house and see parts of yourself in it, whether in a painting, in the way you have designed your sofa set, or in monogrammed coasters. 

  • Made from slices of genuine acacia wood, known for its unique and natural contrasting patterns
  • Back of coaster covered with cork – prevents scratches on furniture
  • Coasters suitable for all types of glasses: whiskey glasses, coffee mugs, tumblers, flasks or even mason jars

5. Ice bucket 

Housewarming gift for young couple

You may find yourself wondering whether an ice bucket is a good housewarming gift for couples. An ice bucket might not be the traditional way to go, but it sure is a useful present. Ice buckets are an extremely essential housewarming gift for younger couples and will come in handy when they have guests over to entertain. 

  • Has the longest chill time; thicker double-wall stainless steel with a matching airtight lid for quality ice cube insulation upto 24 hours
  • Guarantees to keep your whiskey, beer, soda and other drinks at optimum drinking temperature for 6 hours
  • Includes a tong to make your life easier
  • Unconditional return guarantee within 365 days if unsatisfied with product
  • Dimensions: handle ice bucket with lid: 6.3×6.1×6.1 inches, tongs: 5.5×6.5 x 0.6 inches
  • Capacity: 1.7 quarts; Weight: 0.8 kg/1.7 pounds

6. Travel mug 

housewarming gift for young couple - Travel mugs

Travel mugs are presents that tend not to get a lot of attention, however, they can be quite useful. This is a great housewarming gift for young couples who are on the go and if you’re wondering why they are the best housewarming gift ideas for couples it’s because you know whenever they use it, they will think of you.

  • Stainless steel slim tumbler with double-wall vacuum technology to keep drinks hot for over 3 hours and cold for 8 hours
  • Suitable for all seasons; good for storing any beverage such as wine, beer, coffee, drinks, Champagne, cocktails and even ice cream, etc.
  • Dimensions: 12.95 x 10.31 x 4.21 inches 

7. Chocolate fountain 

Housewarming gifts for couple - Chocolate fountain

What can be a better housewarming present than a machine that produces smooth, yummy melted chocolate? A chocolate fountain could quite possibly be one of the best housewarming gift ideas for couples anyone has ever had. A product that truly epitomizes good times, your friends will love whipping this out every opportunity they get. 

  • 3-tier fountain creates beautiful cascading effect and is easy to assemble and disassemble, making setup and cleanup a breeze
  • Chocolate can be enjoyed with strawberries, apple wedges, cherries, marshmallows, popcorn, pretzels, wings, vegetables, and more
  • Not just a chocolate fountain – it’s perfect for Nacho cheese, BBQ sauce, ranch, liqueurs and more
  • Dimensions: 7.5 x 7.5 x 12.75 inches 
  • Product weight : 2.8 pounds

8. Welcome mat

housewarming gift ideas for couple

This welcome mat is a perfect idea, especially if you are a dear friend of the couple and have already had the chance to see the beautiful house. This edgy and abstract design can assimilate into any household. Imagine entering your loved one’s house and this being the first thing you see. Yes, this is definitely a good housewarming present to give. 

  • Reinforced edge design ensures that door will not jam or door carpet will curl
  • Quickly absorbs moisture and it’s surface helps to scrape off dirt, water, dust, grit, mud, sand, sleet, grass, slush, rain, snow from shoes instantly, keeping floors clean and dry
  • Underside of mat has durable TPR (thermoplastic rubber) backing so that it won’t slip or scratch the floor

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9. Rechargeable salt and pepper shakers 

Housewarming gifts for newlyweds

No matter how much people tend to complain, technology does make your life easier. Make the life of your loved one’s less stressful and gift them these amazing rechargeable salt and pepper shakers as a housewarming present. These one-touch electric models are ideal for anyone looking for convenience and elegance so that’s why this makes it to our list of housewarming gift ideas for couples.

  • Gravity activated electric pepper grinder; simply turn upside down and get fresh ground salt or pepper 
  • Comes with 3 white LED lights – easy to see how much salt or pepper is coming out of the grinder
  • Ceramic grinder is on top to keep your table or counter free of residue 
  • 100% satisfaction; money back guarantee 

10. Dried flower bouquet 

Housewarming gift for older couple

A naturally dried bouquet of flowers could be one of the more innovative housewarming gift ideas for couples. These naturally dried plants instantly add a luminous element to any house. And the best part? It has no deadline. How great is it to receive something that one doesn’t need to take care of, at all. This is a great housewarming gift for older couples as it doesn’t require much after-care or maintenance. Pair this bouquet with a beautiful vase and voila – you have a stunning, eye-catcher of a gift!

  • Has 7 varieties of grasses, including 10 pcs white pampas grass, 5 pcs white reeds grass,5 pcs reed grass in natural color, 5 pcs natural dried bunny tails, 5 pcs dried phalaris grass, 3 pcs green eucalyptus and some branches of dried preserved grass
  • Vase not included
  • Naturally dried in the sun, giving you an original to touch, non-toxic and harmless bouquet
  • Perfect for home, office, party, garden, festival, wedding, balcony and DIY boho flower arrangements

11. Coffee maker 

Housewarming gifts for couple - Coffee maker

When you have a bad cup of coffee first thing in the morning, your whole day seems to go wrong. This is believed by many. After a crazy night out or even a romantic night in, if there is one thing that people look forward to when they wake up is coffee. Hence, a coffee maker as your housewarming gift to the couple would make them not only fall in love with you, but also thank you repeatedly. 

  • Space-saving coffee maker brews up to 5 cups of drip coffee at a time (25 ounces or 740 ml)
  • Removable filter basket with reusable soft mesh filter (no need for paper filters)
  • Anti-drip function allows you to pour a cup while brewing; features auto-shut off if carafe becomes too hot
  • Hand wash carafe and reusable filter (not dishwasher safe)
  • One-year warranty 

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12. Woven baskets

Housewarming gift for older couple

When you’re cleaning your room or your living area and there’s that extra stack of books, or laundry, or old photos that you’re just not ready to get rid of, wouldn’t you want something cute to store it in? There is no doubt that this housewarming gift idea for young couples, or newlyweds, or even an older couple, is a great and useful present. But be careful though; instead of giving this woven basket as your useful housewarming present, you just might end up keeping it for yourself. 

  • Elegant 15″ x 10″ x 9″ woven baskets will help to keep things organized and provide a modern look to your bathroom, bedroom, and living room
  • Comes with 3 x erasable hanging chalkboard tags and a chalk pen to help you label your baskets
  • Delicate, yet compact rope baskets will help keep floor and walls free of scratches, while maintaining a modern and adoring look for your house

13. Key holder 

Housewarming gifts for newlyweds

What could be a better housewarming gift than a key holder? It’s practical, it’s affordable, it’s smart and it’s durable. Instead of having to put all the keys, and even face masks, in a bowl, I am sure the couple would be relieved to receive a gift where they can hang up these necessities just as they were meant to be. 

  • Enough space for sunglasses or even face masks 
  • The Lwenki Hanging Mail Organizer and Key Holder for wall with shelf, holds up to 20 pounds without warping, bending or splintering
  • 3 upgraded hooks that allow mail organizer to hold heavy objects such as winter coats, bags, umbrellas and dog leashes
  • Four key hanger hooks and a shelf keeps sunglasses handy too

14. Fur throw blanket 

Housewarming gift ideas for couple - Fur throw blanket

Be it for a cold winter night or just as a cozy home décor item, fur throw blankets can never go wrong. Fur throw blankets are basically like receiving a gigantic hug and never wanting to get out of it. If you keep wondering what the best housewarming gift idea for a couple could be, then this fur blanket is the answer. 

  • Made of 100% high quality polyester microfiber
  • 4cm long hair fabric and skin-friendly mink fleece reverse are seamlessly sewed together with durable seam
  • No fading, no deformation and no fiber shedding at the drop of a hat
  • Comes in rich colors
  • 30 days full refund if customer satisfaction not met

15. Guest soap 

Good housewarming gifts for couples

Guest soaps as housewarming gifts for newlyweds? Why not? Guaranteed they would never consider buying something so fancy on their own, so when they have guests and they take these out, they’ll be heaving a sigh of relief. Their guests will love the fragrance and colors while feeling touched that their hosts went the extra mile for them.  

  • Set includes 7 x 25 grams soaps in 7 beautiful scents – lavender, starflower, ocean air, wildflowers, rose petal, milk and linden
  • Pré de Provence luxurious soaps create a rich, creamy lather to moisturize and soften skin
  • Made with quality ingredients the scent stays until the very last sliver

16. Breakfast tray 

Housewarming gift for young couple

Coffee, croissants and oodles of care all in one package? Sign me up. A breakfast tray is the perfect gift to give couples so that they get to spend quality time together. They can have breakfast in bed, evening tea and snacks in bed, maybe even wine and cheese in bed – mmmm, how romantic! When you think about housewarming gift ideas for couples that will make them closer together, nothing will check all the boxes like this breakfast tray. 

  • Bamboo construction – simplistic and natural
  • Includes handles for easy mobility; legs fold for easy storage; – measures 18 inches by 12 inches by 8 inches, when folded its 3 inches thick
  • Folding bed tray is perfect for breakfast in bed or TV dinners

17. Bath towels 

Good housewarming gifts for couples - Luxury towels

Giving towels as a housewarming gift for newlywed couples taking that next important step of their lives together as they set up home, is a sign of great affection. Help your loved one’s create a bath experience centered on comfort and relaxation with these soft, fluffy towels.

  • 100% pure cotton for softness, absorbency and durability
  • Great for daily use, hotel and spa, quick drying and multipurpose usage
  • Perfect for all skin types

18. Face masks 

Housewarming gift ideas for couple - Face masks

After a long day of greeting, entertaining and feeding everyone at the housewarming party, the couple will probably have no energy left to make conversation with each other. But you know what might just make the couple feel relaxed and rejuvenated? The face masks that you bought them as their housewarming present. They can put these on and sit in comfortable silence while nourishing their skin at the same time. What a cozy, little activity for couples!

  • Face masks use natural ingredients like shea butter, aloe, tea tree oil, peppermint, green tea, lemon and other beneficial ingredients
  • From acne to dryness, this combo is perfect for every skin concern
  • Cruelty free face masks 

19. Bath bombs

Housewarming gift for young couple

Bath bombs clean, deodorize, repair damaged skin and strengthen blood vessels. Why would anyone not want them? These bath bombs and their aromatic cascade will transport the couple into their own, private, sexy even, fantasyland and they’ll have you to thank for that. Bath bombs are the most fun housewarming presents one can think of – they’re great for couples to unwind with each other and relax in the tub together with wine and music playing in the background. Sounds like heaven to me!

  • Gift set includes 4 bath bombs and 2 scented candles 
  • Four, colorful large bath bombs rich in essential oils to moisturize your skin
  • Scents are rose, lavender, tea tree and lemon
  •  Weight of each bomb is 4.1 pounds (115 g), diameter 2.36 inches

20. Photo frame 

Good housewarming gifts for couple

No house decor is complete without a photo display of your favorite people and memories of special moments. Regardless of age or how long they’ve been together, a couple will always have a photo of themselves that they would love to put up and that’s why this photo frame would genuinely make a good housewarming gift for a couple, because it is a showpiece for you to celebrate your love. Create a heart to last a lifetime with Pearhead’s thumbprint frame – simply press your thumb on the clean-touch ink pad, ink side down, onto the white beveled mat; have your other have do the same and voila…your own, special heart bonded together forever!

  • Decorated with silver designs and “Mr & Mrs”
  • Includes one clean-touch ink pad, acid-free white beveled mat, silver background mat, easel and triangle hanger
  • Product dimensions: 8 inches W x 8 inches H x .63 inches 
  • Dimensions for photo insert: 4 inches x 6 inches

21. Fruit basket 

Housewarming gift ideas for couple

Fruit baskets are always an appropriate present, no matter the occasion. You can fill the basket with fresh tangerines, strawberries, cherries or oranges, and people will love it. As the couple begin setting up their new home together, your housewarming present will make sure that they’ll always have a healthy snack at hand. 

  • 3-Tier bamboo countertop fruit basket; each level can hold more than a dozen fruits and vegetables
  • Breathable bamboo structure, suitable for organizing fruits and vegetables, keeping them fresh and lasting longer
  • Total height: 16 inches

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22. Keepsake box 

Housewarming gift for older couple

Give a keepsake box as your housewarming present to the couples so they can safely store things that are significant and meaningful to them, as they set up their place; things like ticket stubs from a movie or rock concert, memorabilia from their first vacation, love notes, etc. Twenty years from now, when they look back and open the keepsake box, they can take a trip down memory lane, going through every significant milestone and the memories they created. 

  • Can store photographs, plane tickets, stubs from concerts, etc.  
  • High quality UV print; inks are absorbed into the wood, making picture durable and unerasable 
  • External dimensions: 8.5 x 6 x 3 inches; Internal dimensions: 7.8 x 5.37 x 2.5 inches

23. Mortar and pestle set 

Housewarming gift ideas for couple - Mortar and pestle set

Apart from being a classic and traditional housewarming present, a mortar and pestle set can be a great gift for couples who love to cook. Grinding and smashing the ingredients to create a hearty stew or a fiery curry, can be as therapeutic as a massage for a young or an elderly couple. 

  • Durable and traditional manual grinding method ensures full flavors and aromas of the ingredients are brought to the fore 
  •  Use to pulverize nuts, seeds, ginger root and garlic; make homemade salad dressing, sauces and condiments, such as fresh mustard, guacamole, pesto, salsa, chutneys and more
  • Full refund available if customer doesn’t feel satisfied with the product

24. Hanging sign 

Housewarming gift ideas for couple

Positive affirmations that are hanging around the house will spread optimism. This wall hanging can be a sweet housewarming present to the lovely couple to remind them that you only wish the best for them and hope their new home is filled with many blessings. What a beautiful thought indeed. 

  • Measures 5 inches x 10 inches
  • These Honey Dew Gifts positive decor signs are in simple and classic monochrome 
  • Sure to last and easy to maintain – just use soft damp cloth to wipe clean 
  • Can fit in with any type of home decor – from modern decor to rustic and anything in between

25. Couple’s apron 

Housewarming gifts for couple

These matching aprons are the ideal housewarming gift for newlyweds. Not only are they great for foodie couples who enjoy making meals together, but they also guarantee a nice chuckle. This housewarming present is a great idea for couples who love kitchen romance. Cooking together and looking adorable too – that’s a win! 

  • 65% polyester; 35% heavy-duty, thick cotton
  • Perfect to use while barbecuing, grilling or baking
  • Easy to wash without fading or peeling
  • Do not use a dryer or dry-clean or spin-dry, lay flat or hang to dry 

I hope this list has been mighty useful and you’ve been able to pick which housewarming gift ideas for couples you liked the most. So what are you waiting for? Carry on and click on the best, useful and most thoughtful present you can give the happy couple. 


1. What should you consider when finding a gift for the couple’s housewarming party? 

You should consider a number of things like how is your relationship with the couple, what kind of a couple are they, what category of presents they would appreciate based on their hobbies and, lastly, what do you think they must need the most. 

2. What is the traditional housewarming gift?

The most traditional housewarming gift is cutlery. People generally tend to give some sort of acrylic or glass bowls, spoons or glasses or plates. 

3. What is a good last minute housewarming present? 

are plants. They are available easily and are affordable. They signify nature and freshness which the couple will surely appreciate. 

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