Seeking Arrangements Reviews (2022) – Is It Worth Your Time?

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Updated On: July 16, 2022
Seeking Arrangements reviews

If you’re looking for practicality in love, Seeking Arrangements is the answer for you. You start looking for pragmatism, honesty, and truth after you step out of the fairytale notion of love. Based on our Seeking Arrangements reviews, we believe it’s got it all. Sugar relationships have been gaining immense popularity despite their non-traditional and unconventional ways.

However, why is there still so much stigma around it? If one partner is looking for financial stability, and the other is looking for companionship, aren’t they just the right match for each other? We believe that the Seeking Arrangements app has broken through preconceptions and is catering to the actual needs of a large number of people for whom love might not be the only priority. 

Seeking Arrangements, which has now officially rebranded to Seeking, has become a major mainstream dating website. The tremendous amount of growth in its user base has certainly caught the eye of many singles looking to mingle. We can only hope that our Seeking Arrangements reviews will help you decide whether this was the app that you were looking for all along. 

What Is Seeking Arrangements?

Due to its relatively new, and might I add, a bold concept, you might find yourself trying to figure out: What is seeking? Is Seeking Arrangements legit? How does Seeking Arrangements work? We ask you to sit back while we introduce you to this modern-age dating website. 

Seeking is a high-end sugar dating site for attractive and accomplished singles. Seeking assists members in finding partnerships that are tailored to their personal interests and goals. Some individuals desire financial stability while other make use to this platform for seeking sexual relationships. Overall, it provides a secure place to explore, discover, and evolve what love truly means to you, with a varied range of people and passions.

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If you want the Seeking app to be described to you in the simplest possible manner, it is best to turn to its website which puts it as – ‘Start dating up’. Now, the definition of ‘up’ is for you to decide, but we’re sure you will find the right person from the various Seeking Arrangements profiles.

How To Sign Up On Seeking Arrangements?

Due to the plethora of dating apps available nowadays, the process of joining them might be perplexing at times. In our Seeking Arrangements reviews, we’ve made sure to let you in on the step-by-step process of signing up for the app, so you’re not caught off guard at the start of your dating adventure.

  1. Seeking can easily be downloaded from Apple or the Play Store
  2. Like any other dating app, you start off by revealing your gender and your gender preference
  3. The follow-up question requires you to fill out what exactly it is that you seek in a partner 
  4. The next step asks you to provide an email address and your birth of date. You are also welcome to sign up using your Facebook profile if you like 
  5. Later, you will need to upload a profile picture, a username of your choice, and basic information such as location and qualifications
  6. Sugar babies only need to complete their profiles and wait for verification before sending messages
  7. Sugar daddies need to upgrade their accounts to premium before sending messages
seeking arrangements reviews
Relationships based on honest desires have a higher chance of working and feeling satisfied

Pros And Cons

We’ve compiled a list of pros and cons for our Seeking Arrangements reviews so you can make an informed decision. Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages to discover if this is the dating app you’ve been looking for.

Pros Cons
While the existing users are quite active, the number of new members also keep growing which adds to the variety of the lotIn comparison with other dating apps, Seeking Arrangements can seem more expensive
You can view all members and photos for free during the trial periodAt times, fake accounts and bots can slip through and create unnecessary disturbance 
Background and income verification process is thoroughInactive profiles are still visible
You can share and save private photos consensuallyUsers are warned about matching with escorts and sex workers
Global availability (various language options also provided)Only preferable to those who are not looking for a traditional relationship bur rather modern ones

Quality Of Profiles And Success Rates

In our Seeking Arrangements reviews, we have made sure to provide as much information as we can about the quality of profiles on this app. We understand that when a user registers on these online dating apps, the most basic expectation they seek to meet is the quality of their matches.

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It is quite easy for a user to turn the app off and go straight to the next best option if the matches are not up to your standards.

This should go without saying but the female users on this dating app are extremely beautiful. We did expect to see a lot of appealing faces, however, the actual result from the Seeking com review managed to blow our minds and we hope it does the same for you. If you’re a sugar daddy looking for a sugar baby, this is the place you need to be. 

Coming to the quality of sugar daddies, the huge plus is the verification badges all over the profiles. You want to make sure that all the energy, time, and pickup lines you’re using are on a real person, right? If you’re someone looking to meet a sugar daddy who will not only shower you with gifts and compliments, but also has an amazing personality and style, we suggest you hurry up your sign-up process. 

Is Seeking Arrangements legit? An app that has been doing so well in the recent years will inevitably raise such questions. How is it possible that such an app actually exists, and that people end up getting real lucky and find their desired match? Our Seeking app review talks about the success rate of this new-age app.

Recently, the popularity of Seeking has skyrocketed. They had almost 20 million members just a few months ago. It is no surprise that their user base has doubled, and they now stand at 40 million users! When you consider that Seeking is used in 130 countries, it’s clear that this is a dating app that might just end up crushing the market competition. 

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I think you will feel quite content and relieved to know that on an average, it is reported that a user is able to find a match of their liking in no more than 5 days. For most people, it takes a lifetime to find their true love, one person who meets their requirements, and here, there is a possibility you might just find them in 5 days or less. 

Best Features Of Seeking Arrangements

If you’re still hesitant about whether you should give this a shot or not, we suggest you keep reading our Seeking Arrangements reviews. To put your mind more at ease, we are here to tell you about the best features of this app so you can make an informed decision.

1. Hassle-free sign-up

The section on how to sign up has already been covered above, however, we just want to take a minute to explain just how convenient it is. A lot of sugar daddies will be signing up on Seeking Arrangements com, hence it needs to be easy to use. We can positively say that the users will not be alarmed or overwhelmed by the tech style and will find it relatively easy to navigate.

2. The sugar blog

The SeekingArrangement firm also has a blog where they cover interesting sugar dating issues. The blog provides practical advice on how to quickly generate leads. It also provides users with safety advice on how to make the most of the sugar dating platform. 

Not only will you find comfort and familiarity in the stories of other people very much like you, but you also gain tips on finding the correct match for yourself. For those who are interested, Seeking Arrangements events are also publicized on the blog.

3. The search function

Seeking Arrangements does not believe in wasting your time. One of their core strengths is the powerful search engine that helps the users find exactly who and what they’re looking for. 

Checking out multiple profiles can be interesting and fun at first, but unfortunately, you’re bound to get frustrated if you feel it is taking up an immense amount of your time without a fruitful outcome. The search engine gives you the privilege of screening anything – from age, weight, and hair color to lifestyle, education, and children.

4. Private images

From the information we gathered for our Seeking Arrangements reviews, we think this feature could end up being your favorite one. You can create private albums on the site that contain your naughty photographs. You can give certain members access to these photos if you desire. 

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This is an excellent technique to spike anyone’s curiosity while revealing very little and leaving the rest to one’s imagination. However, if you have concerns such as “Is Seeking Arrangements safe for users to upload such private data?”, then we assure you that it is. The app will protect your images; they will only be shared to the desired match of your choice once you give consent.

5. Gift list

Sugar babies can create a gift list, like a shopping cart, for themselves based on what they would like to be gifted. Sugar daddies, on the other hand, can use this opportunity to put in a good word for themselves. Buy your sugar baby a gift of their liking and strike up the first conversation.

seeking arrangements app
Whether it is looks that please your eyes or financial stability, Seeking has got it all

6. Customer support

One of the advantages of this app is their customer support. They have an extensive list of FAQs that a user can choose from, and they also guarantee to get back to you within or less than 24 hours. The FAQ list is quite thorough and any of the user’s query should be found within the existing questions.

Features as helpful as these sure will make it easier for you to find your match

Subscription Pricing

A Seeking Arrangements membership is very straightforward to understand. Premium and Diamond memberships are available. Furthermore, as is usual in the online dating sector, memberships get less expensive as time goes on.

Membership Type Length Cost
Premium subscription30 days$99.99 monthly
Premium subscription90 days$90.00 monthly
Diamond subscription30 days$249.99 monthly
Sugar babies UnlimitedFree

Our Verdict

And here comes the final verdict. If you’ve been with us so far on our Seeking Arrangements reviews, you have probably figured out our verdict. The answer to the long-awaited question “Is it worth my time?” is a resounding yes. If you’re someone who is very sure and clear-minded about what you want from the partner you choose, then this is the dating site for you. 

Sugar relationships have grown in popularity over time for a variety of reasons, but one of the most appealing reasons is the transparency that the two individuals share. There are no subliminal messages, motifs, or manipulation. Users that sign up for this app will make their priorities obvious to everyone. 

If you’re still speculating on questions such as “Is Seeking Arrangements safe?” or “Is Seeking Arrangements legit?”, we are here to answer yes to both of these questions. Nobody is immune to catfishing, and everyone wants to avoid being a victim. There are a few bots that currently disturb the website, however the Seeking Arrangements website is making sure to minimize the frequency as much as possible. 

Another major eye-catching advantage is the globalization of Seeking Arrangements. With the existence of diverse languages and countries, users will have a chance to expand their horizons a lot more. Why should you be restricted to your area or your country when you can have the whole world?

Will this app receive a lot of backlash due to its defiance of the society’s idea of relationships? Yes, most likely. We urge you to ask yourself what holds more importance to you – how society views you, or getting what you want from your life.

If you ask us, the only thing that the app needs to work upon is having an actual telecommunicator or an email address for customer service. Though it has an extensive FAQ list, it is best to have an actual person on the other end for the users to chat with and to feel safer. 

Overall, Seeking offers a large global consumer base, an intuitive and user-friendly layout, and a reasonably affordable price (especially for a sugar daddy). It also contains powerful filtering and searching options, as well as VIP rooms, verified profiles, and other helpful features.


1. Does Seeking Arrangements have fake profiles?

Overall, Seeking is a legitimate dating site. Like many dating sites out there, you will find scammers, bots, and inactive accounts. Fortunately, the app is working on resolving or minimizing such issues as much as possible.

2. Does Seeking Arrangements have a free trial?

Yes, with a free trial, you will be able to view numerous profiles and get a good grip on how this dating app works.

3. Does Seeking Arrangements have an app?

Fortunately, yes! The Seeking app was launched in 2017 making it convenient to find matches for users who are constantly on the go.

4. How long does Seeking Arrangements take to work?

On an average, new members find their desired arrangement within 5 days.

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