Vachana Shah

A 21-year old Psychology major, at last following her penchant to write. In a constant state of deliberation about gender equality, human rights, and occasionally on how The Office is far superior than Friends. Always has a bomb time talking about taboos and stigmas that the society would prefer much more suppressed than expressed. Tremendously excited to write on relationships, feelings, and everything ignorantly labelled as 'superficial'.

what to do when he ghosts you and comes back

What To Do When He Ghosts You And Comes Back

Ghoster tend to come back either for the better or usually for the worse. Luckily, we have made a list for you on why they come back and what to do once they come back. Ready carefully and pick your choice.

Wedding party gift

16 Wedding Party Gifts For Both Bride And Groom Squad

If the bride and the groom are looking for a way to show how their hearts are filled with gratitude, here’s an idea – a wedding party gift. It’s your time to give back, show them how much you truly appreciate their help and more importantly, their friendship. Without them, you probably would have ended up having cold feet or worse – panic attacks, when you thought you would end up cutting a pizza on the big day instead of the 4-tier snow frosting, Belgian chocolate cake.

Honeymoon gifts

12 Best Honeymoon Gifts For Couples They Will Love

After receiving countless gifts on their wedding from their loved ones, it’s the couple’s turn to express the love they feel for each other. Do this with thoughtful and sweet gifts that your other half isn’t expecting.

Seeking Arrangements reviews

Seeking Arrangements Reviews (2022) – Is It Worth Your Time?

We have performed a detailed review of the dating app Seeking Arrangements. We believe that the Seeking Arrangements app has broken through preconceptions and is catering to the actual needs of a large number of people for whom love might not be the only priority. 

relaxation gifts for her

20 Best Relaxation Gifts For Her To Relieve Stress

Buying something that might soothe some of that mounting tension on her shoulders is your way of showing they matter to you, you care for them and are consciously making an effort to lessen the stress. Hence, to help you out we have curated a list of relaxing gifts just for you.

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