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Both husband and wife share a secret but haven’t discussed it for 56 years

Despite being married for over 50 years and raising 5 children together, there is still one subject she does not dare to talk about with her husband
Secret between husband wife

(As told to Joie Bose)

With time, my memories fail me and I don’t clearly remember a time without my husband, but some things you can never forget. We’ve been married for 56 years. He is still as quiet and reserved as he was when we got married. If I said I am in love with him, it would be wrong. I have a deep respect for him for what he did for me. We don’t talk about everything, as couples do now. I have never been able to cross some barriers with him, despite having raised three sons and two daughters. My daughters make fun of me, for I have never raised my voice against their father and this is strange, I know. But I can’t.

An old-fashioned affair

In our times, it was a little out of fashion to meet your groom on the day of your marriage, but that is how it happened with me. In fact, my story is strange. I was poor in English and our neighbour, just a few years older to me, would come to teach me. He being the only man outside our family I was in touch with, we developed an affair of sorts. I had even on two occasions run away from my house to meet him and his friends. The moment my family got a whiff of it, they got me married off. His family sent him off to London to study. I was devastated but I did expect something just like that.

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  1. There are certain parts of a relationship that shouldn’t be discussed with anyone not even with your partner. Somethings should be kept as a secret as that’s the best for a relationship. So, if you haven’t talked about it, let it go! Do not overthink about it.

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