Live-in and Open

Physical intimacy and premarital sex have become mainstream over the past few decades, giving rise to live-in and open relationships. The concept of ‘live-in relationships’ has received noticeable approval from the youth as well as from a small broad-minded section of the generation preceding ours.

Even a decade back a live-in couple in the neighbourhood would make the neighbours curious but now it is more accepted. Indian youth are also more open to test the waters in a relationship through living in first, before committing marriage.

The biggest change we can see in relationships today are most likely the slow but steady acceptance of ‘open marriages’ in the minds of the masses. Men and women are today openly accepting their views towards open marriages and live-in relationships and continuing to live life normally. Jump to our Live-In and Open category to read inspiring pieces that talk about how live-in and open relationships give us freedom to experiment, keep us happy and probably also help reduce the number of failed marriages, as compared to traditional ‘blind’ marriages.

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