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Creative ways to ask your girlfriend to move in with you

Looking for a surefire and creative way to ask your girlfriend to move in with you? Here are some suggestions

How do you get her to move her toothbrush into your bathroom?

We all crave to live with the love of our lives, right? But do we get to do that? At least in Indian culture, a girl only gets to move out when she is married “off” to the guy. They call it tradition, but that’s sexist, we all know that. But things have changed and in spite of being a “Western import”, people are currently moving in together. But problems do persist, don’t they?

If you are someone who wants their girlfriend to move in with them, I might have some ideas that will definitely blow her socks off. Being romantic takes effort, but what if you aren’t? Don’t feel embarrassed, you will learn, but just to save you some time, go through the ideas iterated here and you’ll do just fine.

Fair warning, you might want to check up your diabetes after this read, because this is going to be a “sweet sweet ride in the funk town!”

The situation is a bit too complicated because you are probably paranoid about whether she is going to yes. That is a nightmare and it should be, but there’s no harm in trying, right? What’s the worst that could happen? You getting killed by her that same night? Or she chopping off your head while you are asleep.

Well, all jokes aside, here we go:

“The half of my heart” kind of way

When you are asking someone to move in with you, you need to understand that everything’s going to be equally divided, except personal space, of course. Invite her over, but before that, clean out half of your closet, refrigerator, showcase, and anything that needs to be shared. Then once she enters, she’ll slowly notice these things. Before she says anything, give her half of a key and say “I have the other half and it is the key to our entrance door, so would you like to move in with me?”

Also, don’t use the original key, use a spare one.

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The “dinner” proposal

Take her out to someplace expensive and posh. Somewhere which will give off a vibe that you are about to propose to her. Make sure you carry a box with a copy of your apartment key inside. Order expensive wine and then get down on your knees and propose. You’ll see her getting all worked up because she is probably thinking that you are asking for her to marry you. Don’t flinch, go with the act and reveal what’s inside that box.

Okay, so this can either make her mad or extremely happy, but then again love is all about these little bargains, right?

The “popcorn” proposal

Ask her to hang out at your place for a movie night. Get the best popcorn in the town and start watching a very scary movie. Put the key in a bowl and pour popcorn over it. Make sure that the key is clean, otherwise, it will be a bit too disgusting. Let her have the bowl when it’s almost empty. She’ll definitely find the key and you can just say “So, let’s make this movie night a permanent thing”

One downside to this proposal is that she might end up swallowing that key. Just make sure nothing like that happens.

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Scavenger hunt

So, you set a date for a house game at your place and plan out a route for a scavenger hunt with clues that will lead her to the key. But before that, hide the key with a small gift or a sweet token which will remind her of your first date. Then, start playing the game. Eventually, she will find the last clue that will lead her to the end of the game and when she finds it, look into her eyes and say “This scavenger hunt game should be our weekly thing, so move in with me?”

Don’t make those clues very hard, because it might end up irritating both of you. So, keep it simple and doable, unless she is a huge scavenger hunt nerd.

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A step towards the future

This is a step towards the future and you have to be very sure about before you decide on things like these. It will almost be like a marriage except that you won’t be married at that point. Moving in is still looked down upon in our Indian culture so be ready to answer a lot of questions like “Beta, when are you getting married?”

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