Sexless Marriage

A portal did a survey in Indian cities on sexual satisfaction in marriages. 72 per cent women said that they were sexually dissatisfied while 98 per cent men said they were happy with their sex lives.

Sexless Marriage is a glaring reality in India, a reality that is rarely talked about openly. At Bonobology we have articles and confession stories where people talk about their dead bedroom. Wives talk about how they remained virgins even after two years of marriage and men talk about how they started looking for sexual gratification outside the marriage because they were so fed up with their unresponsive wives in bed.

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Sexless marriage

8 myths about Asexuals (ASE)

Contrary to popular belief, asexuals are not repressed homosexuals, products of sexual trauma or people with physical disabilities around performance or sex, but absolutely normal individuals who experience little, or no sexual attraction to other people. They are also a part of the sexuality spectrum, even though they happen to be the least spoken about.

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