13 Creative Things To Do In Bed To Spice It Up

Creative things to do in bed
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There are so many creative things to do in bed that will spice up your sex life instantly. This article is especially useful for couples who have been wanting to do something different in bed, but are unable to figure out what to do or how to do them.

Don’t be shy, and share everything with your partner- from what you like to what you don’t like. Unless you don’t experiment and communicate, you’re not going to be able to spice up your sex life.

When It Comes To Sex, Get The Best Out Of Your Man

It’s funny how men are expected to perform in bed, and yet most women don’t open up about what gives them maximum pleasure and what it is that they would rather do or not do or is a red zone for them inside a bedroom.

Remember, good sex is all about being honest and authentic and true intimacy is all about being vulnerable. Nothing is more seductive for a man than to have an honest, vulnerable woman next to him to make love to.

We’re giving you a list of things to do in bed to spice it up! So put on your thinking hats, and go crazy!

13 Things To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Confused about how to make thing exciting for you and your partner in bed? Remember, there are no restrictions and there’s no such thing as ‘too crazy’. So here are 13 creative things to do in bed that will give you many unforgettable (and sleepless) nights!

1. Share your feelings

Share your feelings honestly to help him give you his best and get access to his vulnerable self. There’s nothing more sexy than intimacy and opening up a new part of yourself to your partner. Once he truly knows you completely, inside and out, he will treat you and your body differently. In a good way.

2. Let yourself loose

Do not be afraid of being judged for your looks or body (shape and weight) or your behavior in bed. Let yourself loose. Lay out all your insecurities and learn to be comfortable with your body. If you can’t learn to love yourself first, you can’t expect others to love you.

So, get in some self-love, tone down your fears as far as possible, and turn on the heat. Your body will thank you for it, and so will your man!

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3.  Guide him

Guide him towards your erogenous zones and express your present mood clearly: are you up for calm, soothing sex, a quickie or wild, animal sex?  Speak up. Be uninhibited about what gives you maximum pleasure. Tell your man where to focus more.

Yes, there are many creative things to do in bed, but if you’re not enjoying something or would prefer something else, it would be better if you let him know rather than pretending. Who knows, maybe he doesn’t enjoy it too, and is only doing it for your sake?

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4. Communicate

You don’t want things to fall in the “I didn’t know you wanted that” zone by error. Discuss all your likes and dislikes shamelessly. There’s nothing worse than the feeling of regret when you knew you wanted something but were too embarrassed to ask for it.

All the things you did in bed to spice up your sex life would be pointless if you didn’t enjoy them, and worse if they didn’t enjoy it either. Speak up. Think out loud.

Creative things to do in bed
Speak up about what you like and think out loud

5. Know your body well

Explore your body when alone to know what gives you more pleasure. Don’t be shy to masturbate to find out what your body loves. It’s the 21st century- the stigma around masturbating is gone. Before exploring all the things to do in bed with your partner, explore your body first. And be sure of what you like.

6. Be vocal about your desires/fantasies

What pleases you, what turns you on, what makes you horny, how much time you need for foreplay, after play and pillow talk. If you’re into costumes, or if you like it loud, let them know. Brace them for the animal that you are in bed and allow them to have a great experience too.

Also, give them a turn to speak. Maybe your preferences don’t align. Talk it over and figure things out – meet somewhere in the middle. After all, relationships are all about compromise.

7. Tell him what you want

Without fear of being rejected. Don’t expect him to understand your silence magically and fulfill you sexually. If you want to try some creative things to do in bed, explore them together. You can’t just dwell on them alone and hope for something exciting to happen in your sex life.

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8. Love yourself

Give yourself some self love regularly: massage, touch, feel yourself, play with yourself when alone. Stand in front of the mirror, admire yourself and explore. Experiment with your own body before you explore it with your man.

If you really don’t like something about yourself, change it. Try a new hairstyle, or a new attire, maybe even change your makeup routine. Do whatever will give you satisfaction and peace of mind.

Spice up your sex life
Give yourself some self love regularly

9. Be clear about where you like it

Explore your erogenous zones and learn your most sensitive body parts. It could be your toes, or the backs of your knees, or your neck!

Discover your G spot and the clitoris particularly. If there are any other sensitive spots that you like being played with, go ahead and tell him. He probably likes it more than you.

10. Research

Read. Google. Talk to your gynecologist or your close friends. There’s nothing you need to be embarrassed about in front of your girlfriends. As them all the things they’ve been doing to get nasty, and take some pointers on how to spice up your sex life ASAP!

11. Be active in bed

Talk, perform, respond in bed. Don’t be a passive receiver but an active partner. Give back the pleasure he gives you. Nothing boosts a man’s ego more than validation. Be vocal when he does something that you particularly enjoy.

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12. Ask him

What he likes, what makes him feel wanted, what turns him feral and just give it to him. He does so much for you, the best way you can pay him back is by giving him an enjoyable night. Follow his command and give him what he’s been craving.

13. Make him feel desired

Look ravishing each time you come to bed and stop taking sex for granted. He’s probably bored of seeing you in PJ’s all day and wants you to put in some effort. Flaunt your curves and show off your body, nobody loves seeing you all sexed up more than your partner.

Have you tried any of these creative things to do in bed before? Hopefully this article was helpful in helping you find a way to spice up your sex life with your partner. Take our advice and go wild, sister! Life is too short to have bad sex.


1. How can I spice up my relationship in bed?

Explore your body, and be vocal about all the things you like. Ask him too, and come to a conclusion on all the new things you may want to start doing in bed, and then start your research together.

2. How can I be interesting in bed?

By being confident. Unless you love what you see in the mirror, no one is going to love you.

3. Which type of girl is best in bed?

Every guy likes a girl who communicates, and lets them know if they are enjoying or are uncomfortable. So know what you like, and tell them once you’re in bed.

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  1. Indeed a well written article. I convinced my partner to do all this and we started doing around an year ago. She is great at bed then and now, but it opens up our relationship. We are more into each other now. Its a bucket full of ideas for the people now.

  2. While one’s sex life might be great but then, yes there are things that we never talk about or we don’t seem to notice.

    Thank you so much for the piece. We actually need to take care of these things!

  3. Helpful and point to point article which will help many couples.
    Se x being a taboo in India yet explored and well informed by many women yet is not expressed.

    Thank you for the article

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