Sex and Passion

Our marriage wasn’t loveless, just sexless

They had everything a couple could want in a relationship, except sex

(As told to Pulkit Vasudha)

Not now, darling, he said

I felt a familiar thrill as I wrapped my arms around his waist and brushed my lips against his neck. He looked into my eyes with sadness, pecked me chastely and turned away.

The days when my whole body tingled with sexual tension were long gone. After seven years in a nearly sexless relationship, I had given up. I still loved him, yearned for him, and desired him like I did in the heady days of early romance. Only a few weeks after we started dating, our sex life had started to dwindle, until three months in, I was begging him to make love to me, to hold me like he wanted me. Now, we had awkward sex once or twice a year.

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  1. That’s a very positive piece that I’ve read in a long time concerning marriages. Gives a lot of hope to other couples in similar situations. Communication, that is smooth and progressive is the key I believe that helped to solve the issue…Happy to see that its resolved.

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