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I’ve been married for two years but I’m still a virgin

It was an arranged marriage and he was away most of the year on work. Two years later she is still a virgin
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(As told to Joie Bose)

I hardly knew my new husband

I was terrified about the wedding night, for that’s when most women lose their virginity to a strange man whose sexual hunger they have to satisfy till their dying day. Before I got married, I had met Jatin twice. He was in the Merchant Navy and was on land for only two months a year. I had chatted with him on the phone, but the connection was not great and used to get disrupted. Thus, despite knowing him for 20 months, it had seemed as if I was marrying a stranger.

Thus, despite knowing him for 20 months, it had seemed as if I was marrying a stranger.

Akash, my best friend from school, said it was nothing to be terrified of. In fact, he taught me how to kiss by showing me how to do it by kissing my palm. I often wished it would be the chatty Akash who would ask me to marry him but Akash never stuck to one girl. When I told him my family has fixed my marriage with Jatin, he was so happy for me. I wished he would have been sad but he wasn’t. Jatin would be romantic and he would respect women, I had thought and that is why he is so reserved. I had imagined an intense lover in Jatin. Akash said probably he was like that and I believed that, for Akash was the sort of guy who knew everything about everyone.

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