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I tried to seduce my husband by following YouTube tutorials. Well, here’s what happened

From watching X-rated movies to buying new lingerie, women are known to try a myriad things to reignite the spark in sexless marriages. Here is what happened when one woman tried out YouTube advice to seduce her husband

(As told to Priya Chaphekar)

Why I thought I should take tips from YouTube

Sandeep and I had an arranged marriage. So it goes without saying that we took really long to explore each other’s sexual desires. Post childbirth, I was averse to any kind of sexual activity for a good six months. But I eventually made up my mind to bounce back – dump those maternity pants and redo my wardrobe, wake up with a smile even after breastfeeding a crying baby five times in the night and go for a regular walk while acknowledging my priorities. Slowly and steadily, the occasional sex took away my stress and made everything fall into its designated place. However, it still lacked that deep passion. That’s how I began taking tutorials on ‘how to seduce your husband’ on YouTube. I really wish I hadn’t.

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