12 Real Challenges Of Women Who Date Bearded Men

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Updated On: July 13, 2023
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The ideal man for a woman these days is someone who is confident, sexy and mature at the same time. Not only does he have an intelligent personality but great looks as well. And if the guy has a beard then the woman is sure to be swept off her feet. You ask, “Why?” Well, it is simple: Guys with beards are in demand because of their hotness and cool quotient.

Growing a beard is considered to be a fashion trend. It not only makes them look attractive but also protects their skin, keeping it well moisturized and free of acne.

Why Are Men With Beards Considered Hot?

If you are dating a hot man with a beard, consider yourself lucky because well-groomed bearded guys are rare. Men who have beards assert their masculinity, which makes them even more eye-catching. In addition, a study concludes that bearded men are the healthiest and have the best parenting skills. On the other hand, the same study also indicated that men who do not have a beard or sport light stubble are least attractive to women.

Women opt for men with facial hair because they feel secure with them. Have you caught yourself thinking, “I love my boyfriend’s beard?” Ever wondered why that is? Perhaps because guys with beards look a lot more masculine, leaving most women gushing over them. It gets even more irresistible when you spot a guy with a beard and glasses on, doesn’t it?

They look like they’ve walked out of a movie, somehow. We get it! But there’s more to beards than just the looks. Women believe that bearded guys do not fear commitment because growing a beard also involves dedication from their side and this dedication could reflect in their relationships as well.

guy with beard and glasses
Sexy man with a beard

Another study concluded that guys with beards are more sincere, generous, industrious, confident and masculine, which makes them irresistible to women. When you kiss a hot guy with a beard, the experience will leave a lasting impression on you because it’s a whole different ball game than kissing a clean-shaven guy. This makes it even hotter.

Qualities that bearded men usually exhibit

In short, bearded men are attractive to women because they consciously or subconsciously associate the following quality with them:

  • Patience
  • Virility
  • Strong family orientation
  • High levels of commitment
  • Caring nature
  • Calm and relaxed personality

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12 Real Challenges For Women Dating A Guy With A Beard

While everything might seem rosy and happy when you start dating a guy with a beard, you might find it difficult to deal with some of the challenges that the mane on your partner’s face adds to the relationship mix. Let’s face it girls, dating a bearded guy comes with its fair share of responsibilities that you might not be ready to handle. Hot men with beards come in with some burning requirements that could become challenging for women. Here are 12 such common challenges faced by women dating a guy with a beard:

1. Beard rashes are too common

It is essential that you keep facial and body cream ready at all times when you have a make-out session with your bearded boyfriend because kissing a guy with a beard is bound to give you a nasty rash on your face or body. So you have to give time to your skin to get used to the rough touch of the beard.

2. Having an opinion about his beard is a must

Well, as his partner, the bearded guy will expect you to share your opinion about his beard. Even if you are not interested in how the beard looks or how his current look is different from his previous one, you must express your opinion. And when we say an opinion, we mean that you must compliment him because he is proud of his beard.

3. He will be beard obsessed

You will notice him standing in front of the mirror and admiring his beard. His obsession with the beard will go to such levels that he will compare his bearded look with any random person passing by and need your assurance that his beard is the best. Plus, a majority of times he will be talking about his beard and how to take care of it better.

4. Other women give him attention and he cherishes it

If other women give attention to your bearded boyfriend, then it is a signal that he is truly attractive. However, you might turn into an overly possessive girlfriend, especially if he cherishes the attention he gets from the other women. It’s all right to feel a little insecure but remember your bearded boyfriend is yours and no one could take him away even if they wanted.

5. His beard acts as velcro

This means that pieces of food, tissue paper and other such things keep sticking to his beard and it surely creates a disgusting view for you. Initially, you might find it hilarious, but over time, it’s likely to turn into an irritant.

6. Both your parents and his suggest he shave off the beard

For this, they will probably keep pressuring you to convince him to shave off the beard. But you know that this territory is not to be walked upon, because a guy with a beard loves it more than anyone. It symbolizes his pride and masculinity, which he will not give up.

7. Sinks might get clogged often

A beard requires a lot of maintenance. You might find the sink of your house getting clogged quite often, thanks to the hair your guy cuts off to keep his beard tidy and neat. Unless you have a very responsible guy who picks up the hair after the maintenance spree, be ready to clean the sink yourself. On most days, you might think to yourself, “I love my boyfriend’s beard”, but on days like these, you might not be so sure.

8. Random people will come to stroke his beard

You want to have the sole right to stroke your man’s beard. But guess what? His beard will have other fans and you might find random people stroking it too. This might be disappointing, especially when it happens during a romantic outing. You might tell yourself, “I love my boyfriend’s beard but it keeps getting in the way of our cozy moments.” You can hardly be blamed for these thoughts when there are people lurking in the shadows to pounce and cop a feel!

9. People often confuse him with your elder brother or father

It is a known fact that bearded guys look much older than their actual age. So it is very common for people to not know if your bearded boyfriend is your man, brother or father. This won’t be amusing to you as you would always look much younger to him. If a guy with a beard and glasses walks beside you, it might become even tougher for people to tell.

10. He experiments with his beard way more than you experiment with your hair

You will not be surprised if he tries more than 5 bearded looks in a week because obviously he loves trying out new things with his beard. He will be more excited to experiment with his beard than you are when changing your hairstyle. And you know what? You will have to invest your time and get involved in his experiments as well.

11. Your boyfriend might use your hair products

Instead of buying his own hair products for maintaining the beard, you may find your bearded man utilizing your hair products. This will obviously make you irritated. However, if you’re in love with this man, remember, it’s probably not such a bad thing to share! Don’t forget all those “I love my boyfriend’s beard” moments. Everyone’s got to pay a price.

12. A wet beard is totally a turn-off

Maybe your boyfriend might look attractive in the after-the-shower look, but then touching the wet beard will make you cringe, as it is disgusting, soggy, saggy, and does not feel good to touch. A wet beard is absolutely not hot.

Despite these challenges, we women are totally hopeless romantics when it comes to bearded men, as they have their own charm and attractiveness. Truly you would not want your boyfriend to shave off the beard which attracted you to him in the first place. Hot men with beards are our weakness! So, always remember to compliment!


1. Do guys with beards get more respect?

To say that guys with beards are more manly or macho would be absolutely illogical and baseless. Plenty of men who are beard-less exhibit more “manliness” than others. However, bearded men do seem to be treated with a little more gravity than those who don’t have a beard.

2. What does a man’s beard symbolize?

Looks and appearances which are temporary by nature more often than not, do not signify anything. Unless one specifically intends for their beard to symbolize something, it is almost always just for adding more gravity and intensity to one’s personality.

3. Do guys like it when you touch their beards?

Although the answer to this is highly subjective, most men only allow you to touch their hair or beard if you’re really close or they like you a lot. So if he lets you touch your beard and play with it, chances are you mean a lot to him.

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